Virtual Client Gifting: 8 Unique Ideas For A Remote Business World

Editorial Team

Virtual Client Gifting

Finding the perfect gift to show appreciation for a client can be challenging, especially in today’s increasingly remote business world. While tangible gifts like gift baskets full of gourmet treats may have sufficed in the past, virtual gifts allow for more personalization and convenience when connecting with clients from afar.

The best thank you gifts for clients are those that align with their unique interests, preferences, and values. With some creative thinking, you can find meaningful virtual gifts to surprise and delight your clients.

After the disruption of normal routines over the past couple of years, virtual experiences have exploded in popularity. This opens up an exciting new world of gift possibilities you can directly deliver to a client’s email or mobile device, regardless of location.

1.    Entertainment Service Subscriptions

If you have a client who loves movies, TV shows, eBooks, or music, gift them a subscription to a premium streaming service. Top platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Kindle Unlimited, Spotify, and Apple Music all offer gift options. This allows the recipient to enjoy unlimited access to their entire content library.

With countless options to choose from, the hardest part is selecting the right streaming platform catered to their entertainment preferences. While a movie buff would appreciate Netflix or Hulu, an avid reader would love Kindle Unlimited for unlimited access to over a million eBook titles.

2.    Digital Tickets For Concerts

Does one of your clients love going to concerts? Gift them virtual concert tickets to surprise them with VIP access to a livestream performance by their favorite band, musician, or comedian. Livestream concert platforms like StageIt host shows across all genres, from pop to country to heavy metal.

Many artists got creative during quarantine by hosting online concerts on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram Live, and TikTok. So you can easily purchase virtual tickets as a gift on various platforms granting special interactive access like behind-the-scenes footage and digital meet and greets.

3.    Online Class Tickets

Gifting tickets for a virtual class related to a client’s hobby or skill they want to develop can make for an extremely thoughtful gift. For example, sites like Skillshare and CreativeLive offer expansive catalogs spanning everything from watercolor painting to marketing strategy to mastering Microsoft Excel.

No matter what a client is passionate about or hoping to learn, you’re sure to find an engaging online class they’ll love.

4.    Travel Company Gift Voucher

For a truly memorable virtual gift, consider getting a client a travel voucher for a specific excursion or destination. Many reputable tour companies and hospitality brands now offer gift cards that can be used for future in-person trips or online virtual experiences.

Or you can gift cards for specific online experiences like virtual wine tastings from vineyards in Napa or interactive cooking classes with European chefs. This provides them with something exciting to look forward to.

5.    Wellness Subscription Membership

Personal health and well-being have become top priorities over the past couple of years. Treat a client to elevated self-care with a gift subscription to a virtual wellness service.

Popular options like Gaia and Calm offer guided meditation, breathwork, sound baths, and other healing modalities online. By gifting sessions from services like these, you give clients permission to dedicate time to nourishing their mind, body, and soul amidst busy schedules. This supports them in reducing stress while boosting mental clarity and wellness.

6.    Virtual Gift Card

For maximum flexibility, virtual gift cards make wonderful client presents. Rather than limiting them to a specific brand or activity, virtual gift cards empower recipients to choose what delights them most.

Popular customizable gift card options from merchants like Amazon, Visa, and Mastercard allow you to select the exact dollar amount you’d like to gift. Or choose category-specific gift cards for coffee shops, restaurants, travel, and more. Virtual gift cards provide clients the freedom of choice within your budget.

7.    Virtual Coffee Or Tea Subscription

Coffee and tea lovers alike will adore the gift of a specialty virtual subscription box. Services like Trade Coffee and Atlas Coffee Club allow you to customize interval and selection preferences.

Recipients fill out taste palate profiles so expert tea and coffee curators can hand-pick premium loose-leaf teas, fresh roasted coffee beans, and goodies to match their preferences. Surprise coffee-drinking clients with fresh artisan roasts shipped right to their door every month.

8.    Virtual Wine-Tasting Experience

Both wine connoisseurs and casual drinkers tend to love and appreciate wine. Gift clients a one-of-a-kind opportunity to develop their palates with virtual wine-tasting classes.

Virtual Wine Tasting Dinner Event Online Using Laptop

Online wine experiences from companies like Vinome and Winc partner you with a wine expert digitally over Zoom. They walk you through tasting and properly assessing an array of wines. This makes a refined yet playful virtual activity shared with others.

Final Thoughts

The most meaningful gifts reflect a genuine understanding of what makes the recipient light up. So, take time to listen and learn about each client’s preferences when selecting virtual gifts specially chosen just for them. These curated experiences will forge deeper bonds while empowering their growth, passions, or priorities on their own terms.

That’s the beauty of purposeful virtual client gifting in today’s digital era!