Top 20 UnitedHealth Group Interview Questions and Answers in 2023

UnitedHealth Group Interview Questions and Answers

This article will give you a snapshot of what to expect in a UnitedHealth group interview. It provides you with 20 questions along with the best way of responding to them to help you prepare for your upcoming interview. Let’s get started!

1. Briefly, Tell Us What You Know About United Health Group

The recruiting manager asks this question to assess your research on the company prior to the interview. Researching on the company may signify that you have an interest in the company. In your answer, tell the interviewer a few things regarding the UnitedHealth group.

Sample Answer

“UnitedHealth Group is an American multinational company that operates as two health care platforms including Optum and UnitedHealth care. These two platforms are incorporated but Optum focuses on offering technology and information-based services while UnitedHealth care focuses on benefit services and healthcare coverage. I was impressed by the core values that guide this company since they are a match to what I value. This is one of the things that makes me want to be part of this company. Additionally, the way this company promotes volunteerism within its employees is at a very high level. I am looking forward to learning about how to get involved as well.”

2. Why Did You Apply For This Job?

The interviewer wants to know why you are interested in working for this company. Demonstrate your passion to work here.

Sample Answer

“My love for technology makes me want to be part of this company. I love the way this company uses information and technology to transform the health care sector as well as improve the lives of people. I would like to be part of you in creating the best ideas that are easily applicable in improving the quality of healthcare. Getting an opportunity here will impact my life positively since I will also have an opportunity to work alongside the brightest minds in the world.”

3. How Does Your Education And Training Relates To This Role

Here, the hiring manager wants to find out whether the training you have received is relevant to the job you have applied for. The best way for responding to this question is to walk your interviewer through your formal training and relate to the job at hand.

Sample Answer

“I have a bachelor’s degree in nursing with 6 years of serving as a nurse in a health facility in my district. However, I developed an interest in working in the business side of health care. The desire pushed me to study for a business degree. After graduating with my second degree( business and management) I secured an internship of one year in the corporate office of a local health facility. I believe that all these experiences combined will enable me to make a success in this role.”

4. What Qualities Do You Need To Succeed In This Role?

The interviewer asks this question to find out whether you are aware of the qualities that you should be effective in the role you are seeking. The best way of responding to this question is to state the qualities highlighted in the job posting.

Sample Answer

To succeed in this role, one must have excellent interpersonal skills, patience, compassion, and empathy. He or she must also have solid communication skills including writing, active listening, reading comprehension, and speaking. It is also important to have a problem- solving, teamwork, and good collaboration skills. Other qualities include physical stamina and strength; attention to detail; understanding of patient care, regulations, and policies as well as having strong computer skills.”

5. Why Do You Feel You Are The Most Suited For This Role?

The UnitedHealth group recruiting manager asks this question to find out more about you. This is the time to prove that your personality, traits, skills, experience, and education match the need of the company.

Sample Answer

“I am a self-driven, critical thinker, problem-solver, and physically fit individual ready to work in a challenging environment under minimal supervision. I hold a bachelor’s degree in medicine. Previously, I have worked as a clinical officer in a hospital setting for four years. In the course of working, I have also received other on-job training that has helped to improve my skills in this industry. I am very flexible and I can work under pressure. My duties involved responding to 911 calls to attend to patients who need wound bandaging or cardiopulmonary resuscitation. I would also assess the condition of a patient and administer treatment or first aid depending on the magnitude of the issue. Given a chance, I will use my competence, skills, education, and experience to make this role a success.”

6. What Keeps You Motivated?

This question helps the interviewer to know what your interest is. The best way to answer this question is to state some of the things you value in your profession and demonstrate how that makes you fit for the job.

Sample Answer

“Meeting the set targets within a given deadline keeps me motivated. It brings about a sense of accomplishment. It leaves me with something that when I look back I can say,“ I achieved that”. I am so motivated by visible results. Additionally, doing what I love makes me stay motivated. It gives me satisfaction to know that I make a huge difference in the world using my skills, education, and expertise. This is what gives meaning to my life. Caring and showing empathy are my nature. It gives me much joy to care for patients in their most vulnerable situations”

7. What Is Your Ambition In The Next 3 To 5 Years?

Here, the hiring manager asks this question to know whether your ambitions and future goals are in line with this role. The best strategy is to show that you hope to be a better professional in your roles and you see this position as a long-time fit.

Sample Answer

“In the next three to five years, I would want to be fully grounded in this company. I am looking forward to growing with the company. I believe that this company will offer me an environment in which I can grow and improve my skills to enable me to hold a more senior position within the company.”

8. What Is One Of Your Greatest Accomplishments?

The recruiting manager wants to understand your past job performance including how you measure success. This question allows you to brag about yourself and share what you’re truly proud of professionally.

 Sample Answer

“My greatest achievement happened in my current role as a medical research coordinator. I discovered that my team members had difficulties in accessing files which reduced productivity at work, especially during busy periods. I initiated a team filing system where we scanned every important document and saved it to a shared folder on our computer system. This drastically reduced the time spent looking for files “.

9. At UnitedHealth Group We Value A Diverse Workforce. Do You Have An Experience Working With A Diverse Group Of People?

This question is asked by the recruiting manager to assess your interpersonal skills. The best strategy for responding to this question is to demonstrate your ability to embrace diversity in the workplace.

Sample Answer

“Having worked on the hospital customer help desk for two years, I interacted with a different group of people including patients, staff members, and other guests. During this time I learned many unique opportunities and cultures. Since that time, I really enjoy an environment that embraces diversity because it creates a healthier atmosphere.”

10. How Do You Communicate Sensitive And Complex Messages To Your Clients?

Here, the hiring manager is evaluating your communication skills to know whether you are capable of delivering sensitive information to patients. The best strategy would be to explain how strong your communication skills are.

Sample Answer

“Having worked in a healthcare environment for six years now,I have learned to deliver both complex and sensitive messages in very simple language and even demonstrate complex information using practical examples. when communicating complex messages, I repeat the same thing over and over until it is understood. This has made me develop patience and persistence and this has resulted in working well with teams.”

11. How Do You Handle The Stresses And Pressures At The Work Place?

Here, the UnitedHealth recruiting manager wants to know if you can stay calm under stress.  The best way of responding to this question is to define the stress-reducing techniques that help you keep your stress levels down.

Sample Answer

“I work well under pressure and I rarely get overwhelmed by pressure. I understand the potential stress of this position and I incorporate stress-reducing techniques into my life. I spend 30 minutes in the morning planning my day to keep myself organized. I also exercise every evening. This way, I can keep my stress level down.”

12. What Kind Of Strategies And Mindset Is Required In The Role You Are Seeking?

Your response to this question to this question will help your interviewer to find out your attitude toward the job. Illustrate that you are excited to perform the job by indicating the strategies and mindsets you will hold as you perform the job.

Sample Answer

“This role requires one to be quick problem solvers and swift responding to clients’ needs. This role is quite demanding and may require one to work odd hours and off shifts. One must therefore prepare to work under pressure yet produce excellent performance. Additionally, one must be mentally and physically strong to be able to perform duties effectively.”

13. Explain How Do You Can Deal With A Drunken And Abusive Clients.

This is a question asked by the interviewer to know to assess whether or not you can handle difficult clients. Here, demonstrate how you can handle the given situation. You can relate to an incident where you did this if you have ever handled a similar case.

Sample Answer

“In my career in this field, I have dealt with abusive and drunk patients. They can be passive at times but in most cases, they are very abusive and combative. However, my strong communication skills help me to calm them down so that they can cooperate.”

14. Have You Ever Handled A Patient Who Was Reluctant To Disclose Important Information?

The employer asks this question to verify your ability to analyze a situation and make a decision considering the patient’s needs. The best way of responding to this question is by showing that you are self-disciplined and that you can find solutions.

Sample Answer

 “Yes, in my previous role as a clinical officer.I once had a teenage girl who had been accompanied by her mother to the clinic. Whenever I asked her questions, I realized that she would look at the mother before giving me an answer. This made me request her mom to walk out and I was left with the girl. She opened up in the absence of her mum, I was able to provide proper care to her.”

15. Healthcare Sector Is Evolving. How Do You Stay Up To Date With The Latest Healthcare Advancements?

Here, the interviewer asks this question to know whether you are updated on the current advancements in the healthcare sector. In your answer, highlight the steps you have taken to update yourself with the latest development in the healthcare field.

Sample Answer

“This field requires one to remain updated. Personally, I know how important it is to stay updated regarding new developments in the healthcare field. I have subscribed to scientific newsletters such as NIH News in health and Kaiser Health. Additionally, I always take online continuing education units  accredited by the Florida Board of Nursing and California board of registered nursing”

16. Describe To Me About Your Greatest Strength?

The hiring manager wants to identify whether your strengths match the needs of the company. As you respond to this question, describe the experience and strong skills you possess that directly correlate with the post you have applied for

Sample Answer

 “I have strong interpersonal and communication skills that enable me to interact well with people. This helps me build a good rapport with different clients hence serving them become fun and interesting. In addition, my ability to organize enables me to meet deadlines ahead of the scheduled time.”

17. What Do You Consider To Be Your Major Weakness?

The hiring manager asks this question to find out your level of self-awareness. The best strategy of responding to this question is by picking a weakness that will not affect your chances of getting the job.

Sample Answer

“My passion for this work pushes me to take too much workload that makes me work extra hours to ensure that I complete all the tasks in due time. I have realized that this is a weakness since feel that I often work too hard, and end up burning myself out. I am now focusing on taking more breaks, and lessening the impact of too much work so that I can contribute more.”

18. How Would You React If Someone Criticized Your Service?

The interviewer asks this question to know how you respond to criticism. The best way of responding to this question is to show that you welcome criticism and respond positively.

Sample Answer

“I don’t respond aggressively or negatively to criticism. I embrace both constructive and other forms of criticism. It helps me to learn my lesson and become a better school nurse. Also, I never get discouraged when people try to push me down.”

19. How Would Your Previous Co-Workers Rate You?

Here, the hiring manager is assessing whether you can develop good relationships with other team members Your response to this question will demonstrate how you perceive yourself and the impact of your actions on other workers.

Sample Answer

“I believe that my previous coworkers would rate me highly. I have had time to build good relationships with all my peers and customers. In my opinion, everyone is important to the success of the company.”

20. Kindly Tell Me Why You Want To Leave Your Present Job.

The hiring manager may ask you this question to find out the reasons you want to leave your current employer for their united health group. Keep off criticizing your previous employer or the job. Stay positive as you give your response.

Sample Answer

“I have gained a lot of skills and expertise from my current role. However, I am seeking a new and more challenging role to broaden my horizons. I believe that I can acquire more skillsets at UnitedHealth group and grow more in my career.”


Now that you have gone through these question and their answers, ensure to review the company’s website to familiarize yourself more with the company. It would be great to look for more behavioral and situational questions and practice how to answer them before your interview day.

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