Understanding The Role of A Project Management Virtual Assistant

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Understanding The Role of A Project Management Virtual Assistant

All businesses want to succeed, regardless of industry. A great project manager can help steer your company in a positive direction. But if you don’t have the resources to hire a full-time employee, consider onboarding a virtual assistant (VA) that’s skilled in project management.

What is a Project Management Virtual Assistant?

A project management virtual assistant is in charge of managing projects. They’re typically freelancers who sell their project planning, organizing, and preparation services online. A great VA will take charge of a project at the early stage and continue to work up until its completion.

What Qualities Make For a Great Project Management VA?

Although a project manager needs certain skills to complete specific tasks, they also have to be compatible with your culture.

Here are a few personality traits you need to look for in a VA:

  • Adaptability and flexibility
  • Excellent communicator and listener
  • Skilled in digital tools and software
  • Responsibility and proactivity
  • Trustworthiness and honesty
  • Able to work well under pressure

Although many employers will look for a multitasker, we’d advise against it. Only 2% of the population can actually multitask instead of dividing their attention between tasks. It’s better to look for a professional who can complete tasks and assignments in a timely manner.

What Does a Project Management Virtual Assistant Do?

VA’s offer a wide range of skills, and you can use personal virtual assistant services to find the right person for your needs. With that said, here’s what a project management VA does.

Manage Team Projects

Similar to a regular project manager, a VA with a project management specialty will handle everyone and everything involved with an assignment. They’ll hand out tasks, ensure that the project is going as planned, and will motivate staff to put their best foot forward on projects.

Prepare Documents

An online virtual assistant will be in charge of basic bookkeeping tasks, updating reports, and preparing documents for you and your clients. They may write project proposals, if they’re able, or ask for a request for proposal from clients. Either way, you’ll always know who’s doing what.

Create Project Budgets

Project management VA’s will create project budgets by identifying scope, defining resources, and assigning dollar amounts. Project managers have to stick with the budget they create to ensure they don’t overspend. If they do overspend, they should have a buffer for this purpose.

Organize Schedules

All business projects should follow a predetermined time frame that’s manageable and detailed. A virtual project manager will build an effective timeline that outlines every task and deadline, as well as the employees responsible for each task. An organized schedule increases productivity.

Allocate Resources

Money and time are always in short supply, but a talented VA can do more with less. They can control and assign assets, like facilities, software, and tools, based on your team member’s requirements. This allows your team to be more efficient and quickly complete their workflow.

Risk Assessments

All projects, big or small, could fall through or experience delays. A project manager VA can perform a quality risk assessment that analyses possible threats, like legal requirements, ROI, and inventory. This allows your team to take safer approaches when finishing their projects.

Quality Assurance

A great project manager will poke holes in your projects for the purpose of working through their flaws. Virtual assistants want to check if there’s something preventing your project from crossing the finish line. With their help, you can feel safe knowing your project meets client expectations.

Confirm Project Closure

Once your project manager VA goes through the required quality assurance checks, they’ll sign off on the project. But before they do that, they’ll double-check that your client’s needs are met and that all deliverables are handed in. When finished, they’ll send or post the finished piece.