Top 25 UI Developer Interview Questions and Answers in 2024

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Developer Interview Questions and Answers

Have you received a call from HR to schedule an interview for the UI Developer position you applied for? Despite being in the field, you are thinking about what sort of questions the interviewer might ask and you do want to look professional and completely aware of the landscape too. Well, don’t worry! We have listed the top 25 UI Developer Interview Questions with Answers that will surely help you in the interview!

UI Developer field is a tech-based role that is completely focused on seamless human and computer interaction. From creating a website page or interaction via software, the role is all about improvement in the user experience from start till end. In the tech-based world, the requirement for UI developers is everywhere. Skilled developers are needed in each industry ever since the world has become a global village. 

1. Briefly Describe Your Experience In This Field

From being a graduate in this field, I have been able to gain good exposure during my last few semesters at the university that involved professional projects with some companies. I was able to implement what we were taught in the course and experimenting with the learning was worth the skillset that I have today. In the previous job, I was already working on tasks that you are looking for in your next hire but obviously at a much early career.  

2. How Do You Stay Motivated In This Role?

I am motivated by solving technical challenges in this role. I do take pride in the work that goes through me in any company. I like being in the working environment where my work and improvement in my skillset are making a difference for the company too.  At my previous company, I was one of the youngest hires and was also promoted in less than a year. I did several successful projects where I not only understood the objective of the project but also did some troubleshooting as the challenges came! In this role, I am always get motivated by the customer experience. A smooth experience is like a word of mouth that travels fast. As I develop the website, I believe that it’s my job to provide the ultimate experience to any user who is landing on my built website.

3. Why Are You Interested In This Role?

The role that I am applying for is a complete match to the skillset and career growth that I am looking for. It will be a logical step for my career right now to work in this job role. I have already gained quite a knowledge and experience from my current employer and I am willing to expand my possibilities in this field.

4. What Are The Challenges That You Faced In Your Last Role? How Did You Overcome Them?

Recently one of my coworkers had to take an unexpected leave from work due to COVID and she was one of the team managers at the workplace. Due to shortage and timeline constraints, I was asked to take over the existing jobs so that work is not compromised while she is away. With my leadership and problem-solving skillset, I was able to complete the pending work along with other team members within the timeline.

5. Describe Your Daily Routine At Work.

After reaching my workplace, I usually start my work by syncing all the emails from the previous day so that I am well aware of the tasks.  While the emails are received, I take my coffee and start jotting down things that need to go out and what is the priority today. Soon, I connect with my key team members and we align all the work and tasks due with timelines. We start working on projects as aligned and by afternoon, we all take a lunch break to step out of our cabins. The late slot after lunch is primarily focused on meeting the deadline and delivering the project in a complete form.

6. How Do You Maintain Confidentiality In Your Work?

If any work or piece of information has not specified that I can share it with other people, I should not disclose it without consent. If I am being asked about such information, I can politely answer that I cannot such information with them due to confidentiality.

7. Can You Work Well Under Pressure?

I can easily work but on the other hand, I do believe that planning and timeline management on projects can easily avoid stressful situations at work. I believe stress in daily work is not healthy for anyone. If alarming deadlines are causing some stress, team management is one of the key aspects to solving this issue. Now with my experience, I have learned to perform under pressure too. To help, I first prioritize the important tasks that are time-constrained and urgent. By prioritizing, I can focus more on work that needs to complete instead of getting stressed at work.  Usually, every Monday, I align my weekly tasks with the possible stakeholders and also involve my line manager. Communication is the key to team success when it comes to stressful tasks at work.

8. What Is Your Greatest Strength In This Role?

In my opinion, my grasp of HTML and CSS along with visual design through Adobe Photoshop is one of the great skills I have for this role. Usually, developers do not have a grasp of visual design but it does help in a smooth project competition.

9. What’s The Difference Between A UI Developer And A UX Developer?

Well, these two are somehow overlapping careers but there surely is a difference between them. The UI Developer and UX developer work as skin and organs in a body. The UI developer is in charge of visual design with design elements that help a user in navigation. On the other hand, UX Developer is responsible for the quality of the interaction a user has with the product.  If your product is looking perfect but does not perform as per the instruction then it’s a bad UX issue while if the product is working fine but does not look appealing to the consumer, it’s bad UI.

10. What’s The Difference Between A UI Developer And A Front-End Developer?

This is one of the major misconceptions that both of these jobs are the same. Even a few people from the IT industry think the same too. The basic task for UI developers is to make a website user-friendly. They mostly work on Adobe Illustrator or such designing software. Since the job involves designing graphics, Illustrator is one of the popular tools used by UI Developers.

The front-end developer is responsible for the web interface to make sure that it is working fine and all elements of the website are working. Their skillset is more related to programming skills as compared to UI including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. In short, UI Developer looks at the visual appeal of the website while the Front end is focused on the functionality and operation of the website.

11. Can You Describe Your Normal Design Process?

The basic thing to start with is the brief and what exactly the client is looking for. This helps in the delivery of the design. Few clients are very specific in what exactly they want the design to look like while others have few ideas to discuss.  I also incorporate both negative and positive feedback in the design via feedback forms. After this process, the next step is to create thumbnails and wireframes for the pages. During this, I share designed assets throughout the process to get quick feedback from the client’s side and incorporate their next feedback. If approved, I test the pages on the dummy website. If all is smooth, the website can go live at that time.

12. If My Website Was Slow, How Would You Diagnose The Problem And Fix It?

If the problem has been shared then my first step is to inspect the various factors on the website. This helps in knowing if there are any dead links on the website. I do this via a link analysis tool. Another thing I would do is to verify the coding on several pages of the website. I link similar pages to one CSS sheet that helps in simplifying the coding in the backend. I also move JavaScript coding near the HTML document. I also check the servers of the website and at times, changing the distribution of the website to content is helpful. Again, I will be testing the speed of the website at the end to make sure that everything is smooth and efficient.

13. Name Three Ways To Reduce A Page’s Load Time.

To reduce the page’s load time, I would first reduce the image sizes used on the website. Later, I would reduce the redirects on the website and then eliminate unnecessary widgets used on a website. If still, the problem persists then deep cleaning along with page analysis of every website page would be required.

14. What Kind Of Skills Do You Think Are Crucial For A Successful UI Developer?

I believe in a combination of skillset for the successful UI developer. The success of a UI developer is dependent on visual design a skill that includes interactive elements, copywriting, animation, prototyping platforms, and SEO and site analytics. Additional skills should be Photoshop, HTML, and CSS for the smooth operation of the website.

15. How Many Types Of Heading Does An HTML Contain?

There are 6 types of headings in HTML that is defined with <h1> to <h6>. Each one of them displays a different text size starting from <h1> to be the largest and <h6> to be the smallest of all. H1 is one of the important levels while H6 is the least necessary one. The different headings indicate the start of a new section on the content page. If any heading level is skipped, it gets confusing for the users and should be avoided. For example, it is not a good practice if H4 is followed by H2 because it disturbs the overall look of the page but you can skip levels when closing the subsection.  On the website, there should not be any empty heading because it confuses technology. All pages should start with H1 as a heading but there are exceptions depending on the website.

16. What Are A Few Recommendations In Headings From A UI Developer?

First of all, all caps should be avoided for any website. This can create issues for assistive technology users. Second, the Overuse of headings should be avoided too. The main purpose of the heading is to give structure to the content and should not be used for site titles.

Third, long headings should be avoided. The ideal size for heading should be less than 100 characters. If they are long, it again creates issues for assistive technology users.

17. What Is A Responsive Website?

Any responsive website should fit perfectly in all screen resolution that includes desktop, tablet, and a variety of mobile phone screens.

18. What Are The Javascript Data Types?

Primitive and Non-primitive data types are the two types of JavaScript data. Under Primitive, there are further 5 categories that include Null, Boolean, String, Undefined, and Number. For Non-Primitive, 3 categories include regular expression, Object, and Array.

19. Which Are The Two Methods Used For Cross-Domain Ajax Calls?

If the data has to be transferred between security domains two or even more, there are 2 ways i.e. JSONP that works on legacy browsers and CORS that works with HTTP web browsers.

20. How Do You Deal With Negative User Feedback?

Feedback should be entertained even if they are negative. It helps in achieving a smooth website for a user to enjoy. A good way to tackle that negative feedback is to investigate with the users. Detailed information from the user is important. Sometimes a non-responsive page means that there is a coding problem on several operating systems. Simply revise and improve the coding and resubmit the data. Once done, you should again get in touch with the viewers who gave negative feedback. They will surely enjoy the improved version.

21. How Do You Debug A Page And What Common Tools Are Used By UI Developer

Chrome Dec, W3c validator, and Firebug are a few tools used for debugging a page that is having an issue.

22. Does HTML Need A Compiler?

HTML is a front-end language and does not need a compiler at all. C, Java, and C++ need a compiler that helps in converting the code to understandable language for a machine.

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23. In Jquery, How Many Selectors Are Present?

There are several types of selections in it but a few common ones are

  • Attribute Selector: Based on attribute value
  • Name:  Used to select given Element Name that matches.
  • Universal: used to select in DOM.
  • ID: used to select a single element that matches the ID
  • Multiple Elements:  Used to select combined results of specific elements.
  • Class: used to select elements that match the given class.

24. My Hyperlink Or Image Is Not Displaying Correctly, What Is Wrong With It?

The error might be due to several things but the basic and common way to fix it is checking the tag bracket and or quote that is missing. It can also be alt text that might be an issue. The link should be verified by the UI Developer immediately. Sometimes re-uploading the images can solve the issue immediately. UI Developer should be very careful in naming the file and path where the image needs to be displayed. If still, the problem persists, simply clear the cache of your web browser so that no old data is lifted.

25. What Are The Advantages Of Javascript?

One of the greatest advantages of Javascript is the reduced server interaction. This helps in validating the input before it sends to the server. It also gives quick feedback to the user since it does not make the user wait for the page to reload if some information has been missed out initially. Only the selected segment is updated instead of the whole website reload. The interactivity level of Javascript is the highest as compared to others. For example, if a user hovers a mouse over a tab, the Javascript response is given since it’s interrupted language. The structure of this language is easy to understand and simple for all UI Developers. The simplicity offered by Javascript not only saves time but also time for creating dynamic content for a website.  All modern browsers used by users all across the world is support Javascript even popular companies like Amazon and Google are using the same tool for uninterrupted user experience for their website. With various interfaces provided by Javascript, UI developers can create eye-appealing websites. The improved user interactivity through drag and drop functionality is one of the major reasons for high interactivity.


These are a few questions that you should be prepared to answer for your interview for the position of UI Developer. Don’t forget to dress well and stay confident for your interview. Good luck to us!