Top 25 Entry Level Developer Interview Questions & Answers 2024

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Entry Level Developer Interview Questions and Answers

An entry-level developer is a beginner who is often tasked with relatively lighter roles. However, these professionals may at times work under senior developers. They also form part of IT teams in organizations.

They are mainly tasked with designing, building, developing, and testing applications that need vast business needs. They also enhance the existing applications by offering valuable inputs, thus playing an essential role in realizing business objectives.

This article looks at some of the most common questions in entry-level developer interviews to help you land the job by appealing to the interviewers. Take a look at the following:

1.     Why Are You Interested in This Role?

Even though I have not gained much experience in this field, I have all it takes to execute my roles wholly. In addition, I am passionate about programming; something that I have been doing ever since I was fourteen.

I am also a first learner, and given that you have some of the best developers in the industry, I believe that I will quickly adapt and gain experience from them.

2.      What Are the Qualities Needed for The Success of This Role?

Given that development is all about creating solutions, an entry-level developer must exude excellent analytical and problem-solving skills. In addition, they should be able to work in teams and have excellent communication skills to interact within the teams.

Other qualities include competence, proper time management, the ability to learn faster and hard work.

3.      What Are the Roles of an Entry Level Developer?

An entry-level developer is tasked with designing, building, and testing applications that capture the business needs. They are also expected to use their communication and time management skills to meet deadlines and enhance the existing applications through their input.

4.      Why Do You Want to Work for Our Organization?

I have heard a lot about your organization, from my days in college to my internship time. I have also taken some time to research. I love your organization’s culture and how you treat your employees. You give them a chance to learn on the job, which is more than I could ever ask for, given that I am a junior developer.

I would also like to use my skills and experience here to better this organization even further.

5.      How Do You Envision Your Daily Routine?

I will arrive to work early, plan things before attending a stand-up meeting with the development team. I will then devolve into my daily workload, which includes building features on sites, answering feasibility and functionality questions, and troubleshooting issues whenever they occur.

My daily routine will therefore switch around attending meetings, writing codes, and troubleshooting issues. I may extend my stay at work if the need arises.

6.      Briefly Describe Your Experience

I haven’t worked in many places, given that I just finished my internship a while back. However, since I started coding early, I built a few applications while in college for some organizations. I was also part of a team of learning developers who represented my college in several software development competitions.

I interned at Jill Software Corp, where I learned a lot about application development and customization.

7.      What Mindset and Strategy Are Needed for This Role?

This job needs someone willing to learn and accept guidance, given that an entry-level developer lacks the experience of senior developers. These developers are expected to exert themselves and try as much as possible to better themselves every day.

As for strategy, one should be good at prioritizing work. Remember, the work of a developer revolves around coding, attending meetings, and developing issues. Therefore, without a clear outline of how to do this, one may end up messing up. Another critical strategy is teamwork, given the level of collaboration needed when working on software.

8.      What Is the Biggest Challenge That You Foresee in This Job?

Your company has some of the most renowned software developers in the industry. Given that I am an entry-level developer, my greatest fear is lagging behind. However, I am a first learner and go-getter who will do everything possible to catch up. I am glad that your organization helps employees who are not yet experienced learn on the job, a practice that will significantly help.

9.      What Keeps You Motivated?

As I mentioned, I am a go-getter. I have inculcated a habit of never stopping till I achieve what I have set out to. My motivation, therefore, comes from deep within. I love to achieve positive results. I also like challenging myself and stretching my abilities, which explains why I finish all my work before the deadline.

I also understand that one may experience a burn-out. During such times, I prefer to engage in an activity that I like as I rejuvenate and prepare for the tasks ahead.

10.  Why Do You Think You Are the Perfect Fit for This Job?

I love programming. I began at a young age and kept getting better as time progresses. Therefore, I believe that I can turn this passion into something worthwhile in this organization. I also have excellent personal skills, which will help me in teamwork with others. These, combined with my technical skills, puts me up there.

11.  What Would You Do If You Get Stuck On a Coding Problem?

I love challenges. Whenever I am stuck on a coding problem, I get the urge to try harder. I will strive to come up with solutions before asking my colleagues. However, if any of them cannot make it out, I will go to my superiors, who I believe will help me crack the problem. All in all, I believe in fighting fast before calling for backup.

12.  As an Entry Level Developer, You Have Definitely Interacted With Pair Programming. Could You Please Tell Us Some of Its Advantages?

Pair programming brings together two heads, which are normally better than one. The two developers involved help one another solve any code-related problems. It is also a more efficient coding technique, especially since it requires more than one developer.

It does not leave room for many mistakes as each developer is always on the lookout for any. Faster detection also means faster correction, which is essential in coding. Lastly, this is an effective way of sharing knowledge and developing your staff’s interpersonal skills.

13.  What Do You Understand by an HTTP Request? How Does It Work?

This is an action to be performed on a particular resource, usually identified by a request URL. The request methods are usually noted in upper case, given that they are highly case sensitive. There exist several HTTP request methods, with each of them having their specific purposes.

An HTTP request serves as a transporting bridge between an application and a server. Whenever a client submits an HTTP request to the server, it responds after internalizing the message.

14.  Could You Please Explain Some of The Available HTTP Request Methods?

There are several HTTP request methods. GET is used to obtain and request data from a specified resource, making it one of the most used techniques. It can retrieve any information identified by the Request URL.

HEAD request is pretty similar to GET Request, just that it does not include a message-body in its response. Instead, it recovers metadata written according to the headers but does not transfer the content entirely.

 Other request methods include POST, PUT, DELETE, CONNECT, TRACE and PATCH. You can explain these if asked for more.

15.  We guess That You Have Interacted with CSS, Given That You Are a Developer. So, in Your Experience, What Can It Do for a Website?

CSS is a programming language that describes how web pages are presented. This encompasses the colors, layouts and fonts. It helps developers adapt web presentations to various devices, including small screens, printers, and wide screens.

It can also be used with any XML-based mark-up languages used in the building of websites.

16.  What Are Some of The GIT Commands That You Know? Please Tell Us Their Advantages

  1. Git clone is a command used to download existing source codes from remote repositories such as Github. It clones the latest version of a project in a given repository before saving it on your computer.
  • Git branch– This allows parallel work where there are many developers. In short, it allows several developers to work on one project simultaneously. It can be used to create, list, and delete branches.
  • Git checkout is a famous Git command that enables a developer to switch from one branch to the other. It can also be used to check out files and commits.

17.  Could You Please Tell Us The Function of Cache Busting

Cache busting is used to solve one of the most common issues in browser caching. It uses a unique file version identifier that informs the browser of a new available file version. It prevents the browser from retrieving the old file from the cache but instead requests the new file from the origin server.

18.  Could You Please Mention Two Uses of npm?

This is a packet manager for Node Javascript. It is used for several reasons, mostly to publish, discover, install and develop node programs. In addition, this packet manager establishes modules for easier location by the node.

It also helps in the intelligent management of dependency conflicts, which can be gross.

19.  Could You Please Tell Us The Difference Between UX and UI Design?

UI design is mainly focused on how an application or product surface looks and functions. It is, therefore, mainly concerned with the user interface. On the other hand, UX design is interested in the overall functionality of a product. It, therefore, takes care of anything that may affect the user’s journey in problem-solving, be it positive or negative.

20.  Could You Please Tell Us Some of The Programming Languages That You Have Used?

I mostly used C++ for most of my college classes. However, I have developed a liking for Python and JavaScript, especially when working on personal projects. These two languages are pretty versatile since they cover several contexts. I have also been learning several other programming languages and will soon be experienced in a record seven languages.

21.  Please Explain What API Means In a Layman’s Language

API stands for Application Programming Interface, which allows easier communication between different programs. For example, suppose you were to schedule an event on a given site and have it show up in your calendar. In that case, an application program interface will allow the site’s server to directly communicate with your calendar API allowing you to schedule the event without leaving to your calendar.

22.  What Do You Understand by Inversion of Control?

Inversion of control is a broad term that attracts several meanings. However, in development, it describes a pattern used to decouple components and layers in a given system.

23.  How Do You Normally Share Code Between Files?

It usually depends on the JavaScript environment. I use CommonJS on the server, which treats every file as a module. It exports variables and functions through the module.exports object. All scripts can always refer to the variables or functions as long as they are declared in the global scope of the browser environment.

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24.  Could You Please Tell Us Some of The Advantages of Using “use strict”?

Use has several advantages. It makes debugging more manageable as well as prevents accidental globals. It also eliminates thiscoercion and makes eval () safer. Other advantages arethat it throws errors on invalid use of delete and prevents duplicate property names and parameter values.

25.  What Is Your Greatest Strength and How Will It Help You in This Career?

My greatest strength is my hunger to learn. I love obtaining and using new information to better myself. I believe that this attribute will help me gain lots of experience in this field, and in no time, I will be a senior developer.


These are some of the questions that you should expect in an entry-level development interview. We hope that they will help you adequately prepare.