Top 25 Tricky Interview Questions And Answers in 2024

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Tricky Interview Questions And Answers

Job interviews are scary, especially if you are new to them or haven’t had one in a long time. It is vital to compose a good, precise resume and cover letter. Jobs are won or lost during the interview process. There aren’t any perfect answers you can plan before the interview for tricky interview questions. Respond to these questions wisely, and try to give answers that show you in a positive light as a candidate. This post will go through the top 25 tricky interview questions and answers to help prepare you for your upcoming interview.

1. How Long Do You Expect To Stay In This Role If Hired?

This role is an excellent match for my qualifications and expertise. It will help me develop my career. I cannot tell the particular number of years, but I would like to work at a company where I can always learn new skills and broaden my expertise. I want to work for your organization in a respectable role. I want to work for your company for as long as it requires me, and I will do everything to establish it in the best possible way.

2. Describe A Time In Your Previous Job When You Disliked Company Rules.

If I disagreed with a company rule that was not harming anyone, I would ignore the problem. I am new to my job and aware that there is always a bigger picture at work. The company established rules for a purpose, and I would follow them. Disagreements will arise often, and I only participate if the new policy harms my colleagues. My previous employer attempted to impose overtime a few years ago.

This new policy ignored many of our carefully developed human resource policies. At the time, I spoke out for my team and requested a change. Still, I remained professional and respectful throughout the issue. I believe that you can disagree, but you must stay respectful.

3. How Do You Deal With Stress And Pressure?

I deal with stress and pressure by staying organized and prioritizing my duties ahead of time to keep a record of what I am doing. I plan before time to identify future issues and respond gently and professionally. I also deal with stress and pressure by being active and healthy, practising mindfulness, and maintaining my well-being.

4. What Can You Offer Us That Someone Else Cannot?

It is a difficult question to answer. I find the best in people, and I am sure each candidate has something to offer your business. You can prioritize your criteria and choose the winner. I can also provide you with loyalty, a proven track record of success, and a wide range of skills. I’m doing my best to provide honest answers to your questions so that you may get a good picture of my abilities and thought process. You may now determine if I am the best applicant for the job or if someone else could get it.

5. What Did You Think Of Your Previous Boss?

My previous boss was a great leader and mentor. When I started my last job, I was a novice, and my employer was kind and helpful with my concerns. I learned a lot from him. He got along with every team member, and I have never heard anyone say anything wrong about him. Everyone was sad to see him go when he retired.

6. What Did You Like And Dislike About The Workplace Culture Of Your Last Company?

The previous company I worked for was fantastic in many ways, but throughout my time there, I learned that I would be happy working for a more laid-back organization. The dress code was pretty formal there, and one aspect of your company’s culture that appeals to me is its more relaxed dress code. I am attracted to your company’s compact design. Working for a big firm had its advantages, but ultimately I am drawn to your organization’s simple structure and the chance to see the immediate impact of my job. I am also attracted to the values of your company that promote hard work and getting out socially contributing to the community.

7. What Is Your Biggest Strength?

My biggest strength is that I am empathetic. I constantly attempt to put myself in the shoes of everyone to understand how they think and feel. I use this attribute in my field of work since it allows me to comprehend both the sentiments of my clients and the requirements of the people I deal.

8. What Is Your Biggest Weakness?

One area that I need to improve is my ability to provide valuable feedback. I realize how vital it is to give an opinion on work or projects to manage them better. To improve, I am trying to write my criticism before addressing my workers. It allows me to organize my response, provide the best feedback possible, and be less worried.

9. What Would Your Boss And Coworkers Say About You?

My manager and coworkers define me as a well-organized and responsible worker. My boss described me as motivated, encouraging to others, and consistent in my most recent performance review and some casual discussions. I try to meet expectations and encourage my coworkers to do the same. They will also comment on my keen attention to detail. I can quickly find errors in a report and pay attention to minor details.

10. What Is The Most Challenging Thing About Being A Manager?

A manager handles every problem at work and keeps a positive atmosphere. The most challenging part of the manager’s job is managing a team of employees. There are various things you may do to assist your employees. One negative attitude might harm the entire team’s performance. When I find a situation like this, I communicate with my team and fully grasp their issues. I try to establish common ground with my staff to engage them on the same level and educate them to be more productive and successful in their positions.

11. Why Do You Wish To Work For Us?

I want to work in a position where I can use my enthusiasm to accomplish excellent work. When I started looking for a new job, I specifically looked for companies that value ethics, generosity, and innovation. I feel your organization is at the top of that list. Your organization has always been forward-thinking, adopting technology to enhance customer service.

12. Why Should We Hire You?

You should hire me because I have established good interpersonal relationships with clients. I am enthusiastic about supporting people in my community who are needy. I find motivation and pleasure in performing excellent work.

I realize that you require a candidate who can attend all the important events of your clients. I have a perfect attendance record for client meetings. In addition, I have leadership experience. I have educated many new workers and acquainted them with workplace culture and their new responsibilities.

13. What Has Been Your Biggest Failure?

I was managing a project where a new client wanted unique product descriptions. Because they were a new client and I wanted to impress them with the results we could produce. I assured them we could have it back to them in two weeks. I thought this was doable with multiple writers working on the project, but in the end, it took an extra week, and they were upset. We apologized and reassured them that the mistake wouldn’t happen again. I realized that it’s far better to under-promise and over-deliver. The client isn’t upset when you are clear about the timeline from the beginning. Problems arise when you can’t meet promised deadlines. I used this experience to be more cautious in managing client expectations. I included extra time for unforeseen circumstances and told them we would deliver in four weeks. We accomplished it in three weeks, and they got happy with it.

14. What Kind Of Salary Are You Looking For In This Position?

I am searching for a salary appropriate to my skills and experience. With my recent graduate degree and five years of experience at the organization, competitive pay for my experience level is between $130,000 and 150,000. Some other job offers within this range have come in, but I have been looking forward to this interview with your organization. Working here is at the top of my priorities and my career aspirations.

15. How Do You Feel About Your Previous Position’s Advancement?

My previous company’s position has satisfied me. They have been helpful during my time there, providing me with the training I have requested and encouraging me to broaden my knowledge and skill set. Unfortunately, there are no opportunities for advancement inside the organization because the next level engages long-term employees who do not plan to move within the next ten to fifteen years. It is maybe an example of why I appreciate working at the company since the environment is cheerful and happy, as well as productive, and people remain for a long time. My present company is aware that I want to advance my career and has provided me with every support in my training to ensure that I can do so when the time comes, either with them or with another company. If I decide to quit, they have already provided me with an excellent reference.

16. What Is Your Greatest Achievement?

My most significant achievement is my career advancement, which I obtained via self-motivation and continuous education. My first job after graduating from college was in customer service. We had a month of training and a test to ensure that we knew the phrases used by clients, both of which I passed. However, the IT industry is changing, and even with our weekly learning seminars, I would come across questions in conversations that I did not comprehend. I had read literature that was free of technical knowledge. After working for that firm, I wanted to expand and try something new by taking programming courses. During my breaks, I worked on projects and learned how to program. In the end, I completed my degree with flying colours.

17. Why Should We Not Hire You?

I don’t find any reasons why you should not hire me. I am confident in my ability to fill this post. I have all of the qualities and skills listed in the job description. We also had a great conversation today. I realize you want at least five years of experience, but I only have four. However, I want to inform you that I have obtained mentorship, coaching, and earned experiences that I want to use at your company.

18. What Do Success And Greatness Mean To You?

To me, being kind and sincere to others defines greatness. The sense of achievement that comes from a task successfully done is a success. Success comes from achieving a goal, which should be something unique that you can have if you focus on it. I frequently motivate my team members to create particular goals for themselves. Greatness is related to self-belief because you cannot accomplish or meet your goals unless you believe you are great.

19. What Other Aspects Of The Workplace Do You Value Most?

I give a lot of importance to having good working connections with others. I enjoy receiving praise for my efforts and devotion. I also give people constructive criticism when I see them doing a great job. I appreciate acceptance and respect from others. I wish to support an environment and culture that value positivity and serious effort.

20. What Do You Think About Relocating Or Going To A Variety Of Places?

In the future, depending on the situation and the chance, I could think about moving. Regarding travel, I am willing to make occasional overnight trips if necessary. I know you have several sites in this state, so if you want a manager who travels between them, I will be happy to assist.

21. Do You Like Competitions?

My passion is winning. I enjoy pushing myself to the edge to see if I still possess what it needs to be successful. I enjoy putting my abilities to the test. Your most recent error is your finest lesson. So, in competitions, we get chances to make mistakes, learn from them, and develop. People that employ sneaky, dishonest, and cunning methods to win a contest do not appeal to me. It’s more important to me to give it my all than to win. I appreciate the honest competition only.

22. How Long Do You Believe It Would Take To Contribute To Our Company?

I believe a sixty-day term would be sufficient for me to transition from a brand-new employee to a fully functional team member. I will give back to the business in many ways. I work and learn very quickly. To make sure you get a good return on your investment, I will work fast. I have specialized in providing excellent customer service. I will concentrate on getting trained and becoming familiar with the company’s policies and protocols in the first month, and by the second month, I should be ready to start a few tasks on my own.

23. Don’t You Know You Are Overqualified For The Position?

Although I am overqualified for this post, I am interested in it. I am sick of senior positions and the obligations that come with them. I don’t mind working for less money because I want a change. I want to surround myself with fresh people and tasks. I am seeking this job because it offers everything I am looking for now. I have heard great things about your company’s culture and training program. I want to take part in it. I still believe I have a lot to learn. I hope I will move well beyond the training and growth I am trying to do with you right now.

24. How Do You Deal With Criticism?

I respond to criticism professionally, openly, and with the mindset that there is always potential for development. When someone criticizes my work, I attentively listen to everything. I stay respectful and thankful for the feedback and then analyze the objectives and how I may use their feedback to improve things. I never take criticism personally, and I am the kind of worker that always admits my flaws and limitations before making significant changes.

25. What Do You Do In Your Spare Time?

I like reading in my spare time. I feel completely relaxed and moved to another world when I read my favourite book. Reading helps me to improve my thinking. It also helps me improve my writing and communication skills. It encourages me to look outside the box and use my creativity. I read a hundred books every year.


I hope the above questions and answers will assist you in answering all of the tricky questions. The interviewer may ask about your previous performance, your personality in the workplace, or any other typical question. Keep your answer simple and, if possible, link it back to the role and workplace culture of the organization. A tricky interview provides a chance to show your interest, devotion, and creativity. Try to stay calm and confident. All the best!