Building Your Career Online: Where to Start?

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Building Your Career Online: Where to Start?

Social media influencers, small businesses, and freelancers all build their careers online nowadays. You won’t find anyone walking around and giving out their business cards anymore. And it’s an obvious choice! Working from home is convenient, you can manage time freely and take as many days off as you want.

So, when approaching the world of working online, how does one build a career?

Create Your Brand

As a freelancer, you might be reading this step and feeling confused. Whether you decided to start a freelance career or build a different sort of business, it’s always advised to treat your workforce as a brand. For solo workers, this is called personal branding, and that’s what helps you create one:

Find Your Target Audience

Generally, a well-built brand has a good reputation, enough trust, and an emotional connection with the customer. Create your brand based on your core values and personal goals. Afterward, you’ll discover your target audience. Yet, that’s not enough to secure it.

That’s exactly why the business owner should study the competition. If your competitor has a bigger audience, ask yourself and research what rules they implemented to reach higher numbers. How could you apply those rules to your brand?

Don’t Forget Communication and Marketing

Communication is key, always. The older audience liked to use classic messengers. The younger prefer connecting over social media.

If you’re a solo worker, keep in mind that replies always matter. Check your messages for typos and inaccuracies when you respond in the chat. Moreover, don’t take too long to send a message back. For most customers, it’s a dealbreaker.

Doesn’t matter what platform you choose on social media, don’t forget that your brand should be relevant and professional. Posting unique content, using hashtags, and joining challenges in the community will boost your profile.

Develop Professional Skills

A career can exist with a set of professional skills that are in demand in your desired niche. For example, if you want to become an IT professional, you might need to take web development courses, start coding, or engage in social media marketing to promote your own page. It’s best to have a few skills to get more clients. Then, focus on one – it will set you higher than your competitors. In the context of what is coding, building a career involves acquiring professional skills that are in demand within your desired niche. For aspiring IT professionals, taking web development courses, diving into coding, or delving into social media marketing to promote a personal page can be crucial. Having a diverse skill set initially can attract more clients, but ultimately, focusing on a specialized skill sets you apart from competitors.

Practice is one of the best approaches. But there are a lot more ways to get experience outside work. For example, you can get paid to do tasks like taking online surveys or playing games. Sure, it sounds silly at first! But you can easily make a bit of cash while training discipline and sharing your opinion online.

Establish a working schedule and do these little tasks daily. After that, you’ll be more confident and ready for a longer workday in front of the laptop.

For a faster learning experience, you can also:

  • Take online courses;
  • Find a mentor you’ll go to for advice;
  • Join networking groups;
  • Take free classes offline;
  • Find quick side hustles.

Network With Other Online Professionals

Working from home can be appealing to introverts that want to avoid busy offices. However, online careers rarely thrive without networking. So, it doesn’t matter how efficient and professional you are or how many skills you have. Without getting out of your shell, you won’t see any brand development!

There are a lot of services and platforms you can join to find like-minded professionals. Even if you’re not planning to stay friends with them, you’ll likely score a lot of jobs thanks to dozens of contacts.

As we mentioned before, taking courses is also important. Some of them will grant you access to free mentorship and online networks. As long as positions need to be filled and tasks need to be completed, you’ll have a career and new customers.

Apply For Jobs

Such a thing as free money only exists when we’re talking about certain apps. But, of course, to make enough for a living, you’ll have to apply for jobs. Make sure to update your profile on networking platforms and check your resume for possible changes.

If you have works you want to showcase, create a portfolio. When those are done, you’re free to browse jobs on search engines and platforms! But don’t forget only to select positions that suit your skillset, rate, and interests.

In conclusion, there are several steps you need to acknowledge before starting your online career. To create a brand, you’ll need to research your field and develop a set of skills that’ll make you a unique employee. Don’t forget that networking is as essential for staying relevant as applying for jobs online. Then, all will be set. Good luck!