Top Trends in IoT Development for 2023-2024

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Top Trends in IoT Development

The Internet of Things is a connection and communication between different devices connected through the Internet. Every startup founder faces this phenomenon but not everyone fully understands it. Apart from our desktop computers and laptops, we use plenty of other smart devices. They help us interact with one another. 

Some of those devices are well-known to everybody. They include very powerful smart watches, voice-recognition digital assistants (Alexa or Siri), and even artificial intelligence. Currently, iot development allowed all these devices to interact without involving humans, find more info. Technology is a sort of reality where one device can connect to another one transmitting information to cloud storage and back. Their reaction is stimulated by data received from various sensor devices. The most important is that such interaction doesn’t require any human involvement.

Along with that, iot software development services evolve very rapidly. This is one of the most promising phenomena so far. According to experts’ predictions, it must bring more than $6 trillion market value by 2025. This number is extremely high compared to the rest of the technologies. Let’s see what the core trends of the Internet of Things in 2022-2023 will be. This is interesting! 

Machine learning

IoT software development already proved to be really effective in integration with machine learning successfully applied in manufacturing. This tandem is very fruitful and will keep going this way in 2023. As a result, we have breakdowns prevention, self-optimization of manufacturing, and cost reduction. These are just a few of the advantages. 

Apart from that, the integration of IoT with ML (machine learning) allows us to process and classify data. Businesses can ensure all analyzed data meet the requirements. This is extremely important when using IoT in strictly controlled fields, such as healthcare, finances, oil and gas, etc. 

One of the perks of ML is that it can predict problems with equipment, reveal the reasons for its breakdown and solve all issues beforehand. Thanks to this, companies can reduce their expenses and save plenty of money. Predictive maintenance ensured by machine learning is used in two-thirds of all cases of IoT use. It was one of the biggest trends in 2022 and will remain the same in 2023. 

Machine learning in iot development services is all about effectiveness, productivity, and resource savings. For instance, Google uses ML in combination with IoT to monitor temperature and other indicators in its data centers. When tracking these data, they managed to get 3,5 times more computing power with the same energy consumption level. They also reduced their expenses for cooling by 40%. Shortly, machine learning will be applied to resource management in all fields without an exception.

AI (artificial intelligence) 

Artificial intelligence integrated with software for iot is very beneficial for people in their everyday routines. We all use robot vacuum cleaners and other assistants to facilitate our lives. They remember where all interior objects are located, adapt to different surfaces, and make the best routes. AI and machine learning remain the biggest trends and will still be at their peaks in 2023. 

Now, we can even customize the behavior of our vacuum cleaners, smart thermostats, and air-conditioners. All of these devices make our lives easier and take a part of the work done by humans. They regulate the temperature in our homes, adjust to our living conditions, and do everything for our utmost comfort. 

Everything goes mobile

There is no secret that we all live in a mobile world now. Therefore, in 2023, every iot application developer will keep following this principle. The world will see and use even more mobile IoT devices. Nearly every iot software development company will focus on mobile development. By 2026, the mobile IoT market is predicted to reach $7.5 billion. 

IoT penetrates every industry

IoT will keep entering every corner of main industries, including healthcare, retail, and manufacturing. IoT will be used by businesses to monitor equipment, replenish on time, control quality, and optimize supply chains. It can be reached thanks to specific sensors on goods. They will provide accurate information on the product and keep it appropriately to avoid expenses and financial losses. Moreover, those sensors will allow manufacturers to monitor product transportation and storage in real-time mode. Retailers will be able to optimize all their processes thanks to IoT. 

Consumer experience will also be affected by IoT. Consumers will enjoy their purchases while IoT takes care of the rest of the things. They will use smart scanners that automate their payment processes. People won’t need to waste their time standing in queues anymore. Learning about all the product features will be possible right on the shell. Robot assistants will help if something is not clear. We all find it very convenient to be notified about the discounts in our favorite shops. Each consumer can receive detailed information about the goods he or she is interested in. 

IoT trends will not be an exception in healthcare. Technology is widely used in the industry to track medical devices and monitor health conditions in real-time mode. It will allow us to automize medicines intake, use smart mobile devices, monitor health, and utilize other medical equipment connected to IoT. The volume of IoT in healthcare reached $409 billion in 2022. 

All this will significantly improve the healthcare industry and take it to the next level. IoT will help us prolong people’s lives. Manufacturing and IoT have always been great friends. Today, technology already ensures productivity and effectiveness, reduces expenses, and creates safe working conditions for employees. In 2023, IoT will keep transferring traditional manufacturing into effective automatized businesses with flexible supply chains and high-ranked goods. 

The bottom line

An iot application developer will be in high demand in 2023. Technology will hardly lose its popularity. On the contrary, it will penetrate every aspect of modern society. Complex corporate software will substitute for routine tasks. Smart machines and equipment will be highly protected. Manufacturers will be aware of all possible issues and prevent potential threats. IoT use allows us not only to improve customer experiences in all spheres of life but also our health and even save human lives.