Top 5 Free Video Converters to Try in 2024 & Beyond

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Top 5 Free Video Converters to Try in 2024 & Beyond

Sometimes, you can’t play the same video on multiple devices. This is mostly due to compatibility issues. However, some video players are developed to support specific video formats. If you are struggling with playing a video on your device due to an incompatible video format, you need a trusted video converter to make the video play.

Though today’s market has a number of video converters, trusting them all has always been a risky job. But don’t worry, as a list of the top-grade video converters is given below. Let’s look at how they add value to your video conversion experience.

What Makes a Video Converter Special?

There are a number of factors you must consider when you plan to choose a video converter. Let’s discuss a few of them for a better understanding. The very first thing that makes your video converter special is that it must support a range of audio and video formats.

In addition, it should be compatible with all popular devices. Furthermore, a good video converter should feature fast and safe conversion in no time. Apart from that, value for money and responsive customer support are two more factors that make this tool special.

A List of the 5 Best Video Converters You Can Trust

This section carries five popular video converters you can count on in 2024 and beyond. Let’s see what each tool can offer.

1. UniConverter

It is an unmatchable AI-powered video compressor and converter launched by Wondershare. With more than 17 years of experience in video conversion, this tool has been doing wonders for the global audience.

More than 20 lightweight features are incorporated into Wondershare UniConverter. You can use this software to process high-quality videos without compromising their quality for a second.

It comes with a list of multiple tools, such as a video compressor, DVD burn, video editor, video player, video recorder, speech-to-text, and merger. Moreover, other tools like vocal remover, smart trim, auto crop, AI portrait, and noise remover make UniConverter stand out among competitors.

You can easily learn to use this tool for video compression and conversion, as many tutorials are available online to get hands-on experience.


  • It supports over 1,000 video and audio formats.
  • It features lossless video compressions.
  • UniConverter is compatible with Mac and Windows (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • This tool comes with many AI-powered features like an AI video enhancer, AI image enhancer, auto highlight, watermark editor, and more.
  • It enables you to perform a batch conversion at the same time as required for one video.


  • Some users claim that the paid plans are a bit costly.

Price: The individual plan starts from $49.99 per year.

2. FreeConvert

This is an online video converter that allows you to change the format of your video for free. Since it is an online platform, all you need is to upload the desired video to the tool, select the output format, and hit the “Convert” button. This single click will help you convert a video from one format to another within minutes.

You can upload a video directly from your computer. In addition, FreeConvert allows you to select a video file from other sources like OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox. Furthermore, you can also copy and paste the video’s URL into the tool to get the converted video as an output.


  • It features support for 60 video formats, including but not limited to MKV, FLV, MOV, MP4, WebM, and more.
  • You can convert a video file of up to 1GB for free.
  • It runs perfectly on all web browsers.
  • Every video you upload to this online video converter remains private and secure with 256-bit SSL encryption.
  • FreeConvert deletes your file after a few hours of uploading, keeping it safe.


  • You can’t convert video files of bigger sizes.

Price: It works for free.

3. Any Video Converter

This software not only offers efficient video conversion but also carries a couple of other tools like video merger, video clipper, video compressor, and webcam recorder. With unmatchable exposure to the market, millions of people actively use Any Video Converter.

Whether you want to clip and split your video into different segments, trim a video, delete unwanted portions from the video, or rotate it, Any Video Converter will always be your ideal choice. In addition, it allows you to add special effects to audio and adjust audio loudness.

Along with efficient video conversion, you can also perform a couple of other tasks with this tool, like adjusting video contrast, brightness, saturation, and more parameters.


  • It has a visually appealing and elegant UI design.
  • It supports many formats, including but not limited to MP4, M4V, MKV, MPEG, MOV, AVI, M2TS, ASF, and more.
  • You can increase the resolution of your video to over 200% of the original file.
  • It enables you to adjust video quality, frame rate, and other parameters.


  • You can’t preview the original video with Any Video Converter.
  • It can’t specify the bit rate.

Price: It costs you a one-time payment of $49.95.

4. Movavi Video Converter

Being a user-friendly video converter, Movavi enables you to convert videos quickly and safely. It offers profound support for a range of input and output video formats, such as AVI, MKV, MP4, and more. It comes with pre-configured conversion settings for some devices like tablets, mobile phones, and more.

This video converter has a pre-built video editor that assists you in cropping and trimming videos. In addition, the editor helps you apply subtitles, watermarks, and add filters. If you want to increase the resolution to enhance the quality of your video, try using the AI Upscaling feature of Movavi Video Converter.


  • The UI design is beginner-friendly and simple.
  • It comes with advanced features, including AI Upscaling and SuperSpeed.
  • Movavi supports a diverse range of input and output video formats.
  • You can enjoy basic video editing tools within this software.


  • Converting large video files may take a long time.
  • If you are using the free Movavi trial, the output video will have a watermark on it.

Price: The subscription plan starts from $49.95 per year.

5. Adobe Media Encoder

This tool is listed among the top video converters. It has the ability to convert all video codecs. Adobe Media Encoder enables a dynamic link with a series of other Adobe products. If you have worked on Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, and other similar Adobe tools, you will not face any issue while mastering this video converter.

Since this tool requires a large CPU and memory for the entire encoding and decoding process, make sure you have a well-built system to use.


  • It allows you to load and convert video in a range of formats.
  • It enables you to adjust different aspect ratios and resolutions of your videos.


  • Adobe Media Encoder is installed as part of Adobe After Effects or Adobe Premiere Pro. They both cost $20.99 per month.

Price: It is included in membership of other Adobe products.

Final Words

Though a good video player supports a wide range of input and output formats, it can’t support all formats available. When a video player can’t load your video, it possibly may not support your video format. This is where you can benefit from a credible video converter.

The above discussion has listed the top five video converters that stand out among competitors due to various reasons, such as support for many input and output formats, high processing speed, lossless conversion, positive user reviews, and good value for money. If you need a trustworthy tool to convert your video to another format, try any of the tools listed above.