Top 20 Maintenance Supervisor Interview Questions & Answers 2024

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Maintenance supervisors oversee the repair and installations in buildings or complexes. You have to make the best possible impression if you are interviewing for such a role. These 20 Maintenance supervisor questions and answers should be a good foundation. 

1.    Why Are You Interested In This Role? 

Interviewees should always take this question to their advantage by selling themselves. 

Tip #1: Say some of the things that you will do for the company if you land the job

Tip #2: Your motivation should not be materialistic

Sample Answer 

My experience as a maintenance technician can allow me to deliver when I land this position. I am passionate about maintenance work, which makes me a good fit for this position when coupled with my excellent interpersonal skills. 

2.      What Are The Roles Of A Maintenance Supervisor? 

You have to convince the interviewer that you understand your job as a maintenance supervisor. 

Tip #1: You should know the job description. 

Tip #2: Be confident. Acting nervous will testify that you do not know what is expected of you. 

Sample Answer 

A maintenance supervisor coordinates the installation, maintenance, and repair projects in buildings. He/ she works with a team of workers to inspect sites and execute work where necessary. 

3.      What Are The Qualities That A Maintenance Supervisor Should Have To Be Effective? 

Every job has a set of qualities that ensures success. The interviewer is trying to establish whether you have what it takes to become an effective maintenance supervisor.

Tip #1: The qualities you mention should be job-specific. 

Tip #2: Be brief

Sample Answer 

A maintenance supervisor should be a problem solver and a team builder. He/ she should be organized to lead the maintenance team effectively and efficiently. Other traits include good decision-making skills and understanding. 

4.      What Major Challenge Did You Face During Your Last Role, And How Did You Manage It? 

The interviewer wants to know whether you are a good problem solver or not. Certain situations need you to push yourself out of the box and come up with a solution. 

Tip #1: The challenge you choose should shed you as a good problem solver. 

Tip #2: The challenge should not be a result of your action. 

Sample Answer 

One of the biggest challenges in my last position was employees calling absent. I had to work with staffing agencies regularly to fill the void. At times I joined the other technicians in repair works. 

5.      Describe Your Daily Routine As A Maintenance Supervisor

It would be best if you understood how things work to be an effective maintenance supervisor. 

Tip #1: Only mention activities that are relevant to the job at hand. 

Tip #2: Keep out activities that may make you lose the position. 

Sample Answer 

I get to work early before other workers and check the plan for the day. I come up with a realistic schedule before allocating tasks to the technicians. I ensure that I elaborate on the complex issues. Afterward, I may handle reporting and other light administrative work. 

6.      Describe Briefly About Your Working Experience

This is also a chance to sell yourself. You cannot be a supervisor without the right technical skills. 

Tip #1: Share how long you have been in the given profession. 

Tip #2: list the systems and installations that you have experience in. do not go into the technical details

Sample Answers

This is my tenth year as a maintenance technician. Over the years, I have done cabling and window installations (go on and list all the systems and structures you have worked on). However, I understand that this is a supervisory role, and repairing things will not be my primary role. 

7.      What Kind Of Strategies And Mindset Is Needed For This Role? 

Do you have what it takes to be an effective maintenance technician in the given firm? 

Tip #1: The mindset and strategies that you mention should be job-specific. 

Tip #2: You can elaborate on how these will help you manage your job

Sample Answer 

Maintenance supervision requires teamwork, a strategy that ensures maximum production. The person must also have a focused mindset since he/ she needs to pay attention to details. This helps to identify small mistakes that may be costly in the end. 

8.      What Is The Biggest Challenge That You Foresee In This Job? 

It would help if you were careful when answering this question. The interview expects you to have gone through the company’s operations and identified the challenges you may face. 

Tip #1: You can offer a solution if it is a manageable problem. 

Tip #2: Be honest. Do not come across as proud. 

Sample Answer 

I have realized that you do not have permanent technicians and prefer daily staffing, which can be quite challenging, especially if a job needs to be done on short notice. However, I believe that we can work on this and come up with the right solution. 

9.      How Do You Stay Motivated At Work? 

The interviewer wants to know how you keep going, given that this line of duty is often stressful. 

Tip #1: Your reason should not be money-related. 

Tip #2: You can sell turn this around and sell yourself

Sample Answer 

Achieving and meeting my goals is my greatest motivator. I always focus on results and do not rest until I have achieved something I have in mind. This has also helped me to complete several tasks in time and leave the clients happy and satisfied. 

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10. Describe A Time You Failed In This Role And The Lesson You Learned

You should not be ashamed of failure. You come across as accountable if you admit defeat. However, ensure that you learn a lesson from the failed attempts. 

Tip #1: Do not give an experience that can throw you under the bus

Tip #2: Ensure that you capture the lesson learned

Sample Answer 

While working as a freelance maintenance technician, I was convinced to take up a role with other technicians. I later learned that the employer did not adhere to OSHA guidelines putting us in danger. I completed the work while worrying about my safety. I made a conscious decision after that to always prioritize my safety over anything else. 

11. Describe Your Supervisory Style? 

It would be best to keep in mind that this is a supervisory role. You will not be acting as a maintenance technician anymore. The answer you give can determine whether you will land the job or not. 

Tip#1: Your supervisory style should be active

Tip #2: You should give employees a little bit of freedom. 

Sample Answer 

I always ensure that I overlook the work closely and intervene where necessary. However, I also understand that employees need a little freedom, and therefore, I always let them think about different solutions before intervening. 

12. What Would You Do If You Do Not Have Enough Pairs Of Hands To Handle A Task? 

The interviewer wants to know if you can be a good manager. This is a chance to sell yourself. 

Tip #1: Suggest quick staffing

Tip #2: If you cannot get technicians quickly, remember that you are a technician. 

Sample answer 

I would try to bring other technicians onboard by contacting a daily staffing agency. If that cannot work, I will get down to work, given that I am a maintenance technician. I will motivate the other workers and join them n the installation works. 

13. What Is The Best Way Of Motivating Technicians To Work Harder? 

Being a maintenance supervisor also imposes on your specific managerial roles. You need to bring the best out of employees. 

Tip #1: Your motivation should not be money. 

Tip #2: You need to talk about being present

Sample Answer 

I believe that employees will always be motivated if there is the right work atmosphere. They will look out for their colleagues and work harder. Being present in the construction sites is also a good motivation. 

14. What Is The Most Challenging Installation That You Have Ever Performed? 

Interviewers will always want to know if you can handle challenging tasks. 

Tip #1: Avoid technical details and hard professional terms

Tip #2: Talk with enthusiasm

Sample Answer 

Installing network cables on the 50th floor was one of the most challenging and riskiest jobs I ever did with my team. However, it was successful, and the client was pleased. 

15. What Will You Do If One Of The People Under You Does Not Respect Your Instructions For Several Days? 

How you deal with subordinates is critical once you take a supervisory role. It would be best if you treated everyone well. 

Tip #1: Show empathy and understanding 

Tip #2: Do not let employees get a smooth pass all the time. 

Sample Answer 

I will have one on one with the employee to understand his/ her problem. I believe that employees need to be understood. After understanding the issue, I will address it. However, if the employee persists, I will threaten him/ her with dismissal and finally dismiss him/ her if that does not work. 

16. How Do You Determine Whether A Machine Needs To Be Repaired Or Replaced? 

Your training and experience in maintenance works should help you know that a tool is faulty. The interviewer is trying your competence. 

Tip #1: You should highlight methods of carrying out assessments

Tip #2: Show that you can schedule repairs and order new equipment

Sample Answer 

I usually work closely with the maintenance manager. I carry a checklist and help him/her perform audits on the machines twice a day. This helps us identify whether a device needs to be replaced and the severity of the damage. 

17. Have You Ever Identified A Maintenance Problem Before It Was Too Late? Kindly Tell Us.

You should know that a small problem in the maintenance industry can lead to a more complicated issue. Here, the interviewer wants to see if you pay attention to details and your problem-solving skills. 

Tip #1: Show that you are attentive to small details

Tip #2: Show that you are a problem solver

 Sample Answer 

In my last post, I noticed a leak from a pipe that was causing other issues. I took it upon myself to repair it without alerting anyone. 

18. How Will You Ensure That Production Is Not Hindered Even If Several Employees Do Not Come To Work? 

Here, the interviewer is putting your decision-making skills to the test. 

Tip #1: Your answer should bring out an influential personality. 

Tip #2: Show that you are a confident and skilled decision-maker. 

Sample Answer 

When several employees call out, I always ensure that I buy lunch for the present employees, making them feel valued and appreciated. In return, they feel motivated and keep striving to achieve every day’s standards. 

19. What Is The Best Way Of Resolving An Issue Between Two Of Your Technicians? 

Issues indeed arise between employees in places of work. However, it would be best if you always strived to provide a positive environment. 

Tip #1: Your answer should show initiative and ability to work with employees to create a positive environment

Tip #2: Show that you are a good leader

Sample Answer 

I would first start by determining the cause of the issue and offer solutions for both of the parties. If the problem hinders their work, I can liaise with the maintenance manager to have them in different shifts. 

20. How Do You Plan Preventive Measures? 

You need to be aware of OSHA laws and preventive maintenance regulations. You should have a program in place that aims to correct issues that may lead to a severe problem. 

Tip #1: Show that you understand the importance of preventive maintenance regulation

Tip #2: Demonstrate safe techniques regarding employees. 

Sample Answer 

I always confirm whether the employees have taken attest on OSHA laws and regulations at least twice a year with the maintenance manager. All employees must also follow strict guidelines during inspecting works. 


These are some of the most asked questions in maintenance supervisor interviews. I hope that they will help you land the job you are interviewing for. All the best!