Top 20 Hostess Interview Questions and Answers in 2023

Preparation for an interview is crucial, and the more prepared you are, the higher the chances of being selected as the best candidate for the job. This article explores the top 20 hostess interview questions that are commonly asked alongside their answers.

1. Tell Me About Yourself

The interviewer wants to hear a summary of your education attainment, experience, and qualities.

Tip #1: Talk about your experience, interests, and hobbies

Tip #2: Demonstrate utmost confidence

Sample Answer

I hold a bachelor’s degree in Airlines, Tourism, and Hospitality. I have worked as a hostess for more than five years. I have relevant knowledge about the hostess position. I have good communication skills and ensure good customer care and satisfaction. Thus, I will execute this role expertly and correctly.

2. Why Do You Wish to Work as a Hostess in This Company?

The employer wants to know what motivates you to be a hostess.

Tip #1: Assure the interviewer that you have experience in the field and would wish to learn more

Tip #2: Highlight what inspires you to work as a hostess

Sample Answer

I have researched this company, and the reviews from employees and clients are positive.  Your company is also loyal to customers and treats employees very well. The positive reviews have inspired me to work here; I will gain more company skills and positively influence the organization.

3. Briefly Discuss Your Experience in the Field of Hostess

The employer wants to know the skills you have acquired in the hostess career

Tip #1: Discuss the duties you performed as a hostess

Tip #2: Showcase that you have all the significant experience as a hostess

Sample Answer

I started my hostess career four years ago. Over this period, I have performed my role excellently. So far I have worked with two companies and I have delivered amazing results in both workplaces. Thus, I will use the expertise I have acquired to offer the best customer service to your clients.

4. What are Your Strengths?

The interviewer wants to know your great qualities.

Tip #1: Highlight what you are good at in the hostess field

Tip #2: Be eloquent and confident

Sample Answer

I love socializing with people, and thus I always welcome customers in a friendly and hospitable manner. I am compassionate and understand the customers when they get annoyed due to some delays; I am ever humble and apologize for the delays calmly and convince the customer not to get annoyed. I possess excellent communication skills and am always confident while handling customers.

5. Describe Three Qualities You Possess

The employer wants to test the outstanding qualities you posses

Tip #1: Mention three rates that will apply in this role

Tip #2: Highlight how you will be a fantastic addition to the team

Sample Answer

I am an outgoing person and am always ready to take up any task as long as it adds value to the company. I am organized in my work area and ensure everything is okay, not to disagree with customers. Lastly, I am always patient with everyone in my workplace; hence I can tolerate the harsh words customers use.

6. Why is it Significant to Smile at Your Guests?

The interviewer wants to know the importance of being joyful with the customers.

Tip #1: Highlight the value smile adds to the company while welcoming customers

Tip #2: Assure the employer that you are friendly and good at receiving guests

Sample Answer

Good customer service should be consistent. Smiling at every customer gives the company a good reputation. As the hostess, I am the first person guests interact with; thus, I treat them generously and create a friendly environment for them by smiling and socializing with them, which creates a good impression.

7. What Skills are Mandatory for This Position?

The interviewer wants to know the vital skills a hostess should posses

Tip #1: Talk of the skills which will help you to accomplish each responsibility

Tip #2: Show that you are experienced and have excellent skills

Sample Answer

Essential skills for this position include; good communication and listening skills to take customer’s orders and communicate with them effectively so that you all agree. A hostess should be organized and plan her duties so as not to mess up while working. Additionally, a hostess should have the ability to multitask in a situation where the orders are so many.

8. How Do You Deal With an Angry Customer?

The interviewer wants to know your ability to deal with an annoyed customer.

Tip #1:  Show that you are excellent at handling customers

Tip #2: Demonstrate how you will take the customer and be able to calm him down

Sample answer

I remain calm and listen to what has annoyed the customer. I then demonstrate care to the customer, show empathy, apologize for the inconvenience, and promise him/her the issue won’t occur again. I then appropriately resolve the issue to satisfy the customer.

9. How Do You Manage Your Work in a Typical Day?

The interviewer intends to know how you manage regular daily routine at the workplace

Tip #1: Highlight the activities you engage in at the workplace

Tip #2: Demonstrate how responsible you are with your duties

Sample Answer

I always keep myself busy during work time. I welcome and greet guests, escort them to their room or table, present the menu, and answer their questions in a polite and understanding manner. I always go round checking to see all the customers are served and are satisfied with services.

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10. What are Your Salary Expectations?

Here, the employer wants to know how much you expect to be paid.

Tip #1: Evaluate and research how much the company pays its hostess

Tip #2: Be a realist and don’t exaggerate on the salary expectations

Sample Answer

I love my career as a hostess as this is where I interact with so many people, and I enjoy serving people. Salary is not a determining factor for me since I gain more skills and better my career. My mission is to provide excellent services. However, I will accept the same amount you pay your hostess.

11. Describe a Situation When You Had To Motivate Someone in Your Workplace

The interviewer wants to know how you inspire your colleagues to keep going

Tip #1: Show that you encourage your colleagues when they are at their lowest moment

Tip #2: Show that you have powerful motivational skills

Sample Answer

My colleague was once insulted by a customer after she delayed in serving him. She felt so bad and was so down. I found her crying in a corner, and when she told me about what had happened, I felt for her and asked her to take heart. I told her to ignore the insults a customer may throw at her since they only say that when annoyed. I assured her what the customer said to her wasn’t real and that she is beautiful and shouldn’t take the harsh words from the customers seriously.

12. Why Do You Want to Leave Your Current Job?

The interviewer wants the reasons that made you leave the previous job.

Tip #1: Assure the employer that you had obtained enough skills and wanted to learn new things

Tip #2: Show that you would like to add more skills from their company

Sample Answer

My current workplace is fantastic, and I enjoy working there. However, I feel I should leave the job because I have acquired enough skills and positively impacted the company by creating teamwork among members and offering excellent services to customers; hence I have improved its reputation. Therefore I want to learn new things from your company and deliver superior services.

13. From Our Job Description, What Areas Are You Good at and Which Ones Do You Think You Should Be Trained?

The interviewer wants to know the roles you are proficient in and those you are not knowledgeable about

Tip #1: Show that you are the right candidate for the job and you will work to your best ability

Tip #2: Be honest and confident

Sample Answer

I always aim at providing the best customer service. I excellently set up tables and ensure that the guests’ treatment will keep them coming over and over again. I maintain a friendly environment at the work station. I know all areas; the only things I would want to learn are your rules and regulation since the guidelines differ from company to company.

14. How Do You Take Criticism?

The interviewer intends to know how you deal with criticism

Tip #1: Show that you can bear with criticism and know appropriate ways of handling it

Tip #2: Demonstrate how you take criticism

Sample Answer

The moment I am criticized, I always control my reaction,  calm down, and not show any sign of resistance either verbally or non-verbally. I don’t take criticism personally. Instead, I process it and find meaning in it. I use it as a learning tool to enhance my skill so that the problem doesn’t occur again. Lastly, I thank the person who criticized me because it’s through him/her that I could see my mistake.

15. What is The Important Skill You Have Learnt That Would Assist You in Your Hostess Position?

The interviewer wants to know the skill you have learned that is essential for the hostess position.

Tip #1: Highlight the talent you have learned that is very crucial

Tip #2: Demonstrate a high level of confidence

Sample Answer

I have learned always to be patient and persevere in whatever situation. Being a Hostess means you will serve customers from different places, and they all have different cultures. Some customers may mistreat you, but this shouldn’t stop you or make you gloomy. You have to persevere and show all the love and care without concentrating on the customer’s behavior.

16. How Will You Serve a V.I.P Guest as Compared To a Regular One?

The interviewer wants to know how you treat V.I.P. guests compared to regular ones

Tip #1: Show that you know how to treat a V.I.P. guest and a regular one

Tip #2: Highlight how you will treat them

Sample Answer

V.I.P guests are always special and should be given special treatment because they have paid more for the service than regular ones. I usually make special arrangements, maintain their preference lists, escort them to their halls, and provide them with the best place to sit, allocate them the best waitress and ensure they are comfortable. However, I also pleasantly treat regular customers, have all their orders taken care of, and ensure they enjoy the treatment.

17. What Do You Engage in Your Free Time?

The interviewer wants to know how you make use of your free time.

Tip #1: Highlight significant things you always engage in during your free time

Tip #2: Show that you effectively use your free time to better yourself

Sample Answer

I use my free time to learn different foreign languages; this will help me interact freely with all customers globally. I also try to understand other new recipes and try cooking them for the family. Additionally, I also interact with friends and discover unique and beneficial things from them.

18. What Are The Most Important Aspects of Hostess Career That Will Add Value For Our Company?

The interviewer wants to know the things you will do, which will promote their company.

Tip #1: Mention the activities you will engage in to influence the company positively

Tip #2: Show that you provide excellent services that will benefit the company

Sample Answer

The hostess should have good communication skills to communicate with the customers and ensure they are contented with her services. She should offer professional services and make sure all the rules and regulations are adhered to so that the working environment becomes hospitable to everyone.

19. Why Should We Hire You?

The interviewer wants to know why you think you fit the position

Tip #1: Demonstrate satisfying reasons why you should be hired

Tip #2: Highlight how you will influence the company once hired

Sample Answer

Before training as a hostess, I worked as a waiter and gained a waitress position’s skills. After my degree, I started working as a hostess and gained all the relevant skills, and I have enough experience in this position. I can multitask and perform a waitress’s duties when there is a need to ensure the work area is running smoothly. I will use my creative skills to benefit your company positively.

20. What are Your Goals?

The interviewer wants to know what you hope to achieve.

Tip #1: Explain the goals you want to accomplish

Tip #2: Show that you are goal-oriented and work towards achieving them

Sample Answer

I want to acquire more critical skills, offer exemplary services to customers. Be in a position to handle all customers and positively impact them. I want to provide a friendly and hospitable working environment free from misunderstanding and chaos.


During the hostess interview, you will face a wide variety of questions. You will only be hired if you make a good impression by answering all the questions correctly. Show enthusiasm and be an excellent companion. Practice all the above questions and answers to be perfect.

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