Top 10 Sites for Free Laser Cutting Files

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Top 10 Sites for Free Laser Cutting Files

Laser cutting has rapidly become an indispensable tool for crafters, designers, and makers worldwide. This surge in popularity means that there’s an ever-growing demand for laser cutting files. To cater to this demand, several websites provide design files, both free and paid. However, for anyone just dipping their toes into the world of laser cutting or for seasoned professionals looking for a fresh design, sourcing high-quality free files is crucial. Quality matters, not only to ensure a successful cut but also to maintain the integrity of the machine.


Vecteezy stands out as a prime destination for vector graphics. It’s not just another website with a vast database of graphics; its user-friendly interface, coupled with a search feature that simplifies finding laser cutting files, makes it a favorite. More importantly, Vecteezy maintains high-quality standards. Many designers upload their creations to this platform, providing users with a diverse range of styles and designs tailored for laser cutting projects.


Thingiverse, a platform by MakerBot, is well-known in the 3D printing community. However, its treasures don’t end with 3D designs. The platform boasts a variety of laser cutting files, shared by its vast community of makers. The beauty of Thingiverse lies in its collaborative nature. Users can share their designs, get feedback, and often find intricate designs tailored for laser cutting. is dedicated to those passionate about laser cutting. Its platform is rich with designs explicitly made for laser cutters. With an extensive library, users can find almost any design they fancy, from intricate patterns to practical everyday items. The site’s navigation is straightforward, ensuring even first-time users can quickly locate the laser cutting designs they require.


Instructables is a haven for DIY enthusiasts. More than just a platform for sharing DIY instructions, it has evolved into a community-driven site where users can share their designs, including laser cutting files. The most beneficial aspect is that these files often come with step-by-step guides on completing the project, making it a goldmine for both novices and seasoned laser cutters.

Free DXF

DXF (Drawing Exchange Format) files are a staple in the world of design and laser cutting. Free DXF, as the name suggests, specializes in providing these files. The site’s unique feature is its category dedicated exclusively to laser cutting. From artistic designs to functional pieces, Free DXF has it all, and the regular updates ensure fresh content for users.


If one’s looking for a diverse range of design files, DesignShop is the place to visit. This platform combines both free and premium design files, with a section specifically dedicated to laser cutting. The range of available designs is expansive, from intricate patterns perfect for decor to practical items suitable for daily use.


At its core, Scan2CAD is renowned as a conversion software. However, its utility extends beyond just that. The software’s blog section is an unexpected treasure trove. They occasionally offer free design files, including those perfect for laser cutting. Given its background, the quality of designs available is top-notch, ensuring successful projects.

Laser Ready Templates

For users looking for a mix of free and premium design files, Laser Ready Templates offers the best of both worlds. Its platform is brimming with designs suited for laser cutters. Users have a wide array of options, ranging from decorative art pieces to functional items. The site’s easy navigation makes it simple to find and download the desired design.


OpenBuilds is more than just a platform; it’s a community hub for makers. Users come together to share, collaborate, and discuss their projects. Among the vast array of shared projects, laser cutting files occupy a significant portion. The collaborative nature means that users not only get access to files but also the collective expertise of the community, ensuring the success of their endeavors.


Emphasizing DXF files, DXFforCNC is a dedicated platform for those seeking high-quality designs. While it offers a myriad of premium designs, it doesn’t shy away from providing free ones. Its ‘freebies’ corner is a haven for laser cutters, ensuring they find the design that perfectly matches their project’s requirements.


With laser cutting becoming a cornerstone in design and crafting, having access to quality design files is paramount. The above platforms not only provide these files but also foster a community of makers, ensuring users get the most out of their projects. Whether one is just beginning their laser cutting journey or is a seasoned professional, these platforms offer a wealth of resources, propelling the world of laser cutting forward.