The Importance Of Visuals: How To Take Better Photos To Get More Likes

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The Importance Of Visuals

Good quality photos are key to capturing your audience’s attention. Learn how to capture stunning IG photos using just your mobile camera. Plus, explore how auto likes for Instagram can supercharge your presence and drive more sales.

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Did you know that about 1,074 pictures get uploaded on Instagram every second?

With an array of new posts getting uploaded every second, ensuring your posts are attractive enough to grab users’ attention is crucial.

While scrolling through Instagram, we often see grainy, low-quality, blurry pictures. It’s important to post only high-quality pictures to avoid this.

You don’t always need a DSLR or professional camera to click high-quality pictures. You can easily capture high-quality and visually appealing images using your mobile camera.

In this article, you’ll learn valuable tips for taking great IG photos using your mobile device, which will help you gain more likes on Instagram.

Let’s roll.

Why Does Photo Quality Matter On Instagram?

If you’re wondering why we are stressing the need for quality images on Instagram, you must know that every picture you post represents your brand.

Let’s take an example to understand this better.

Suppose your brand sells gardening products, and you post pictures of these products on Instagram for promotion.

If these images are blurry, they will create a negative impression of the products. Grainy images might lead the audience to believe your product has poor design and quality.

And as the saying goes, the first impression is the last. Besides this, there are several other reasons why high-quality images are crucial for Instagram. Some of them are as follows:

Attract Attention

The average attention span of a user is 8.25 seconds.  People tend to scroll through their feeds, viewing several posts rapidly. If your photos are worth it, they’ll stop and take a thorough look over the details of the picture.

Hence, the quality of your image largely determines whether they will halt to see it or continue to scroll.

Represent Your Brand

The pictures and posts shared on your brand’s Instagram page represent your brand. Thus, it’s important to avoid posting confusing, bad-quality, and blurry images that may create a negative impression of your brand. Choosing low-quality pictures will decrease engagement in your posts.

Convey A Clear Message

Every picture that you share tells a story or conveys a message. For instance, if you are a travel agency, you can post photos of a happy family traveling through the mountains.

It conveys that traveling makes families happy. However, if these pictures are blurry or grainy, they won’t be able to tell the message effectively. For all these reasons, good-quality images are essential for growing your Instagram account and getting more likes.

Why Do You Want More Instagram Likes?

We all desire more attention and likes on the pictures we post on Instagram. It also serves as an appreciation for our work. However, there are several other reasons why acquiring more likes is vital on Instagram:

Get More Reach for Your Posts

The Instagram algorithm is crucial in determining how many users see your post. The pictures with more likes will get more priority than others.

Consequently, it will get placed in the suggested posts section and search feed of more and more accounts viewing similar posts. It increases organic reach and engagement.

Generate More Leads

People often hesitate to buy from a brand with few followers and likes. It creates an impression that the brand is untrustworthy because it lacks engagement. On the other hand, more likes and followers foster trust and thus boost sales. Furthermore, people will be more intended towards your brand and buy your product/services.

Build Trust

As mentioned, building trust in your brand is crucial for generating more leads. A high number of likes and followers suggests that more people trust your brand. It motivates others to try your brand and make purchases.

If it’s time-consuming for you to get more likes organically, you can also buy automatic Instagram likes. Keep in mind to buy automatic likes on Instagram from a trustworthy provider.

You can buy auto Instagram likes from They use real Instagram accounts to deliver Instagram automatic likes instantly.

Moreover, they offer various packages if you buy Instagram auto likes. Having more likes on your Instagram posts instantly establishes credibility among your audience.

Get Ahead Of Your Competitors

Most customers check the Instagram presence of various brands before making a purchase. It’s safe to assume that your competitors also have a social media presence and are working hard on it.

You need a strong Instagram presence with better likes and followers on your account to stay ahead of your competitors.

Increase Brand Awareness

Statistics reveal that 1 in every eight people uses Instagram. Instagram is a perfect platform for reaching diverse audiences from various professions, countries, and age groups.

When more people from your target audiences become aware of your brand and its products, it will likely generate more leads. It can also help establish relationships with stakeholders and other companies in your industry. 

Tips For Taking Great Instagram Photos

Irrespective of your phone camera’s capabilities, following the right tips for taking good photos can help you acquire more likes on Instagram. Here are some of those tips:

Utilize Natural Light

Although our phone cameras must capture pictures with proper lighting, it’s best to avoid using them. Flashes often lead to uneven lighting, making the images appear artificial or unnatural.

You can instead use natural light like sunlight to capture more natural and evenly lit pictures with a soft tone. If you cannot take photographs outdoors, try capturing them in a well-lit room to achieve precise and realistic images.

Use The Rule Of Thirds

Do you always place the subject of your picture in the center? If so, it’s time to change your approach and apply the Rule of Thirds.

This simple rule uses the grid setting available in your phone camera to compose the picture appropriately. Picture composition refers to arranging your picture’s subject and other elements.

The grid divides your picture into a 3×3 grid so you can align the subject and other vital elements in the picture with intersecting lines. It helps achieve a balanced image that looks natural and avoids clicking compositions.

Avoid Using HDR Mode

High dynamic range (HDR) is a standard setting that you can find in Android and iPhone mobile cameras. Although this mode aims to enhance your pictures, we suggest avoiding it.

HDR mode takes the same photo at different exposure levels, which helps to enhance the details of the images. But, it makes your pictures look unnatural, particularly those of nature and landscape. Hence, you should avoid using this mode.

Select The Right Mode

Every phone camera offers multiple modes to click different types of pictures. These modes include but are not limited to auto mode, portrait mode, panorama mode, and pro mode.

If you lack experience using different photo modes, auto or normal mode is also sufficient. However, if you’re comfortable with different modes, choosing the correct mode based on the requirement will help capture better pictures.

Consider The Weather

Weather plays a significant role in helping you achieve beautiful pictures. For instance, many photographers strive to capture images during the golden hour, i.e., just before the sunset, to achieve a golden tint in their pictures.

Besides this, Sunny weather makes for naturally bright, happy, and clear images, while clouds or fog contribute to a darker or dingy mood.

Use Different Angles

Straight shots aren’t always the most captivating. That’s where your phone’s gridlines can make a difference. You can align your images and use different angles using gridlines.

Match the gridlines so that the parts of your photo are parallel for the ideal shot. It means that the items in your image should be parallel to the grid lines on the camera.

Wrapping Up

We have reached the end of this article, and you have learned how to capture better images that garner more likes on Instagram.

Consequently, more likes will help to achieve better reach, and more leads, build credibility, get ahead of your competitors, and boost brand awareness. We also discussed how you could get auto likes for Instagram to increase the credibility of your brand.

In short, utilize some of the essential photography tips that we discussed to capture beautiful pictures for your Instagram:

  • Utilize natural light
  • Use the Rule of Thirds
  • Avoid using HDR mode
  • Select the correct camera mode
  • Consider the weather

Using these tips, you can capture perfect Instagram-worthy images that will work wonders for your Instagram growth.