Top 20 Subway Interview Questions & Answers in 2024

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Subway Interview Questions & Answers

You should prepare well for interviews to boost your chances of success. This article will discuss a few questions that you should expect in a Subway interview if you intend to fill a position. Take a look at the following:

1. What Do You Know About Us?

The hiring manager wants you to mention some of the things you know about Subway. There are several approaches you can take when answering this question. You can list a few facts about Subway, mention what it’s known for, or some of the foods it sells. All in all, make sure that your answer shows the interviewer that you know about your prospective workplace.

Sample Answer

Subway was founded over a decade ago. It has steadily risen to become one of the biggest fast-food chains worldwide. It offers healthier options than other fast-food chains and has the best sandwiches. It also serves groups or events that may need catering services.

2. Why Do You Want to Work Here?

What interests or excites you about Subway that made you apply for this position? We advise you to be honest with the interviewer. Do you want some experience that will help you run your restaurant in the future, or love the work environment at Subway? Ensure that you are clear with the hiring manager.

Sample Answer

I have been a regular Subway customer and can confirm that it is one of the best fast-food chain stores I have been to. I love that your strive to offer healthier options, unlike your competitors.  I, therefore, want to be part of this establishment, gain experience, and meet different people. I also love fast-paced environments that make me push myself.

3. Tell Us About Your Work Experience

This is a common question in interviews. Do not be scared if this is your first application. Just be honest with the interviewer and convince them that you are ready to do your best. However, give an overview if you have previous working experience in this field.

Sample Answer

This will be my first job if given a chance. I am a hospitality student looking for some work experience and a little extra cash for college. I love cooking, and most importantly, making sandwiches. ( Or you can tell the interviewer that you worked at KFC last summer or helped your mum with managing her restaurant. Just mention a relevant experience, if any)

4. What Did You Like Most About Your Previous Job?

The interviewer will only ask you this question if you have working experience. Your answer will tell the type of employee you are and whether you will fit into the workplace. We advise that you keep your responses positive and mention some of the things you loved about your previous job. You can also choose to talk highly about yourself.

Sample Answer

I met and interacted with lots of people during my last job. I managed to build quite a diverse network.  I also had a supporting manager and dedicated team members, which smoothened all our operations. (Avoid mentioning reasons such as money or employee bonuses which will make you look materialistic)

5. What Do You Understand by BMT?

This is a chance to show the interviewer that you are a regular customer at Subway or did your homework well. BMT is an item menu that makes Subway unique. However, do not guess if you do not know the answer. Remember, you still have a chance to redeem yourself by answering the next set of questions well.

Sample Answer

BMT is an item in your menu that means bigger, meatier, and tastier. It is an Italian sub that contains ham,

pepperoni, and salami. It’s more like Mcdonald’s Big Mac.

6. How Will You Greet Customers?

Excellent customer service starts from the door. The way you greet customers as they enter is just as important as how you serve them. You should assure the interviewer that you will greet customers with the right attitude to sell the company. You can also mention the way you are always welcomed in Subway stores.

Sample Answer

I will walk up to the customer and say, ‘Welcome to Subway.’ I believe in handling everyone with respect and making people feel appreciated. I will always be on the lookout for any new visitor and welcome them in the store when the door chimes. I am also willing to pick up any welcoming phrases that you usually use on your visitors.

7. What Do You Understand by Customer Service?

This is an important question in the hospitality industry. The interviewer wants you to define excellent customer service. Remember how you treat customers dictates whether they will be repeat customers or not. Do not give somebody a reason to shift to another fast-food chain because of poor customer service.

Sample Answer

To me, excellent customer service is being able to keep a positive attitude while adequately attending to the needs of customers. It entails actively listening, getting the order right, and properly welcoming the customer.  Customers will always feel welcome when they are treated right. There is no better of doing that than being there for them.

8. What Hours Will You be Available to Work?

Unless you want to work at Subway full time, the manager will want to know when you will be available so that the store remains staffed at all times. You should be honest and mention the times you will be occupied during the week. Keep in mind the opening and closing times of the store when coming up with an answer.

Sample Answer

I will be available every day save for Tuesdays and Thursdays when I have classes. I do not have a problem being the first to enter the store and the last to leave. I am pretty flexible and will work any hours you need.

9. Can You Manage a Difficult Customer?

Working at Subway comes with its share of challenges. You will meet picky, impatient, or unpleasant customers. You should therefore be prepared to handle them professionally. Convince the interviewer that you have all it takes to deal with such customers.

Sample Answer

I have dealt with such customers before and therefore understand what it takes. I came to realize that staying calm and professional helps during such times. I will inquire precisely what the customer needs and do my best to attend to them, however unusual they may sound. I will not also hesitate to ask for help from the manager if I cannot help the customer. ( Show that you can go all out for the customers, however stubborn or difficult they are)

10. Can You Perform Welk Under Pressure?

Subway has a fast-paced environment. You should be ready for several orders, demanding and impatient customers, sounds and peals of laughter from all corners, to mention a few. Therefore, the manager must make sure that you will be able to manage all these activities while still remaining level-headed.

Sample Answer

I can work well under pressure. It brings the best out of me since I can stay focused and level-headed in a stressful environment. I can give special treatment to all the customers when I have lots of orders while ensuring that the line is moving. I do not also usually shy away from asking for help when overwhelmed.

11. How Do You Imagine a Typical Day at Work?

Have you ever thought about how your day at Subway will be? What are some of the roles you expect to perform daily? Do you know what a packed day at Subway looks like? We advise you to describe a busy day. Subway won’t give you a chance to have calm shifts, given their customer base. You will always have people waiting for their sandwiches and use your free time cleaning up surfaces and stocking the ingredients.

Sample Answer

I expect a busy day owing to your wide customer base. I will be dealing with customers and ensuring that their needs are attended to, cleaning surfaces before opening the restaurant and at the end of my shift, as well as preparing sandwiches and stocking ingredients. There won’t be a chance to lazy around, and I am ready for that.

12. You Will Mostly Be Doing the Same Things Every Day. How Will You Ensure that You Try Hard Each Day?

You don’t have a variety of roles when working at Subway. You will be doing the same things every day, which can be pretty dull. It would be best to convince the interviewer that you will not let this boredom get in your way but try hard each day to be better at your job. There are several approaches to this question. Ensure that you pick the best.

Sample Answer

I prefer repetitive jobs. I am still working on my skill set and cannot, therefore, claim to be the most creative or diverse employee. Following the same manual in my work and performing similar roles each day will allow me to get better at this job. ( You can also refer to your personal goals that require you to be at your best at work)

13. What Will You Do if a Customer Complains about the Quality of Food or Service?

You should always be ready for different types of feedback.  Do not expect the customers to praise your preparation skills or services daily. Do not tell the interviewer that you will let the manager handle the situation. What happens if the manager is not around? Show that you can take and act on negative feedback.

Sample Answer

I will carefully listen to the customer, apologize, and understand what could have gone wrong. If they have an issue with the food quality, I will check the ingredients or handling containers, make the proper adjustment or notify the manager. I prefer learning from such situations and doing things better afterward.

14. What Do You Expect From Your Colleagues?

You will not be alone during your shift. Subway values teamwork. You will be in the company of other employees attending to various functions as you also go about yours. Mention what you expect from them. What do you need from the manager and other staff?

Sample Answer

I believe in teamwork. I expect a collaborative environment where my colleagues will be ready to offer a helping hand whenever I am swamped. I also expect excellent communication and relations in the workplace. Lastly, I do expect a lot from myself. I hope to be at my best always and attend to my roles passionately.

15. What Do You Think Distinguishes Subway from Our Competitors?

The interviewer wants you to mention something unique about  Subway. What makes Subway better than other fast-food chain stores? You can talk about their food, work environment, company culture, or diversity. However, do not badmouth other stores. Avoid mentioning names if possible.

Sample Answer

I have eaten in several fast-food chain stores and can confirm that your food is fresher and tastes better. You also offer healthier options compared to some of your competitors,  which I believe sets you far ahead.

16. What are Your Weaknesses?

This is a common general question in interviews, and therefore, do not read too much into it. We acknowledge that it may be difficult to answer since no one wants to accept that they have a shortcoming. You understand yourself better and should, therefore, be honest with the interviewer. However, do not mention a weakness that hinders your ability to perform.

Sample Answer

I am an emotional person. I take a lot of things to heart, which may not be good for my mental health. I can mask my emotions well when working, but all hell breaks loose once I go back home. Even though  it cannot hinder my performance at work ,I am working on it with the help of my therapist and a number of friends.

17. Why Should We Hire You?

Why do you think that you are a good fit for this position? You are not the only candidate eyeing the job, and therefore, you must have something extra that you will bring to the workplace. Take another look at the job description and identify the right skills and experiences for this particular position. You should then match these skills to your skillset and reassure the hiring manager that you can perform. You can also mention some of the things you will contribute to the workplace.

Sample Answer

This is my fifteenth year as a chef. I can prepare several meals, but most importantly, amazing sandwiches. I have vast experience dealing with customers, having been a customer care representative at one point in my career. I am also dedicated, disciplined, persistent, and take great pride in my work. All these qualities will help me blend well in the workplace.

18. What Motivates You?

This job has its challenges. You should be prepared for rough days and overwhelming shifts. Remember that you still have to come to work with a smile on your face, even when battling personal problems. Therefore, you need a source of motivation if you intend to stay longer at Subway. Your answer should show your resilience, determination, and how you handle challenges or setbacks in the job.

Sample Answer

Generally, I am a self-motivated individual. I also take great pride in meeting deadlines and targets, mentoring others, learning new things, working well with my team, finding solutions to challenges, coming up with creative ideas, and smashing my goals.

19. How Will You Measure Sucess in this Job?

How will you know that you have succeeded in your work at Subway? It would be best to have performance indicators that define success. Your answer will also show some of the things you hold dear, and therefore, choose your reasons wisely.

Sample Answer

I take great pride in my job. I will know that I have succeeded by reading or listening to customer feedback. I usually ask people whether they have enjoyed their meals to know if I am doing a good job or need to spice it up a bit.

20. Do You Think You are a People Person?

You need to understand that every role in Subway is customer forward. This cuts across different positions. You must therefore be a people person whether you work at the cash registry or make sandwiches. Show the customer that you can do a good job welcoming customers and attending to their needs.

Sample Answer

I consider myself a people person. I have the right skills to interact positively with people, identify their needs and come up with solutions. I have also worked in customer service for quite some time and understand what is needed when handling customers.


These are some of the questions you should expect in a Subway interview. Make sure that all your answers convince the interviewer that you are a good fit for the job at hand.