Top 20 Starbucks Interview Questions & Answers in 2023

Starbucks Interview Questions & Answers

Starbucks Corporation is one of the largest coffee companies worldwide. It receives lots of applications from people eyeing different positions.  This article will cover a few questions that you can expect in a Starbucks interview to give you an edge over several applicants. Take a look at the following:

1. Why Do You Want to Work For Us?

This is a common interview question that potential employers ask to know your motives. What excites you about Starbucks? You can talk about the company culture, your love for their products, or any other reason that praises the company. However, please do not mention the material benefits that Starbucks employees receive, such as their salaries and bonuses.

Sample Answer

I have been a Starbucks customer for as long as I can remember and cherished all my experiences here, be it alone or with friends. I usually get the solace I need and premium customer service. I would therefore like to be part of this organization and help other customers experience a similar thing. ( You can also say that you love the company’s culture and would like to be part of it)

2. Why Choose to be a Barista Here and Not Any Other Place?

This question is quite specific as it targets a particular role. Baristas brew coffee, rarely leaving the kitchen. Even though you may think of taking a similar approach as we did with the first question, we advise you to tailor your answer around Starbucks’ coffee and not the company itself. Mention a few things about their coffee that make you want to be part of the brewing process.

Sample Answer

I started drinking coffee at a pretty young age, and therefore, grew up loving it. I respect the art and perfection that goes into coffee preparation. I have had the chance to drink coffee from different establishments, but none matches yours. I want to be part of the team responsible for this difference and bring along some of the ideas I have gathered as a barista.

3. Why Do You Love Coffee?

This is a follow-up question from your previous response. You should always be ready for such since they help the interviewer clarify a few issues from your answers. Your answer to this particular question should reveal your passion, love, and respect for coffee. Also, remember to be as genuine as possible.

Sample Answer

I grew up in a family of coffee lovers. I made it a habit to start my day with a cup of coffee, which explains my love for the beverage. I appreciate what it takes to prepare a cup of coffee and ensure that it has its own identity. I am also a huge fan of the coffee culture. Meeting a friend over coffee or having a cup while reading a book on a chilly morning make some of my best experiences. I cannot compare coffee to any existing beverage. 

4. We Offer Our Own Barista Training. Are You Willing to be part of It, or You Will Feel Undermined?

Every establishment has its way of doing things, which explains why new employees are generally trained. There is a reason why Starbucks coffee tastes different from that of other establishments. It all boils down to their recipes and styles of brewing. You must show readiness to complete their barista training and do things their way.

Sample Answer

Absolutely. I have no problem joining your training program. I would love to know how you prepare your coffee and blended drinks, which will also help me improve my brewing skills.  I am therefore up for any barista class or training program you will offer.

5. Describe Your Working Style

This is an important question that helps the interviewer know how you handle your roles. How do you usually go about your mandates in the workplace? You can either tailor your answer to fit your prospective workplace or give a general approach to work. All in all, make sure you come off as hardworking and competent.

Sample Answer

I take great pride in my work. I am usually committed, comfortable and cheerful at all times. I start my day by preparing a to-do list to help me prioritize my work and organize myself. I also ensure that all the deadlines are met by the end of the day, and other employees feel comfortable working with me. Lastly, I adapt quickly to change and can alter my working style to fit special occasions.

6. What Do We Have Here at Starbucks that Will Help You in Your Career?

People usually join workplaces that can help them advance in their careers. The interviewer, therefore, wants to know this particular reason. Mention how a job at Starbucks will help you careerwise. Will the challenges make you better at what you do, or do you see a chance for career progression? Share with the interviewer.

Sample Answer

Starbucks has long mastered its craft. A job here will expose me to several skilled people who will positively impact me. Your focus on quality products means that your baristas undergo thorough training, which I would like to be a part of. Your working conditions will also allow me to gain a number of skills and expertise, which will come in handy as I advance and climb the career ladder.

7. What Do You Understand by Customer Service?

You need to understand that Starbucks expects you to offer its customers excellent services regardless of your position. Your definition of customer service is therefore essential since it will guarantee repeat and loyal customers. You should include the critical elements of customer service in your answer and give an experience if possible.

Sample Answer

I believe that the core elements of customer service are empathy and active listening when dealing with customers. These qualities ensure that you can attend to the customers’ needs, remember their names, and help them have a fantastic experience. Excellent customer service, means offering quality care to customers.

8. How Would You Handle a Situation Where You Miss a Customer’s Instructions and Make the Wrong Drink?

This is a situational question that seeks to determine how you would react to certain circumstances. Your answer should reveal excellent customer service and mastery of customer handling skills. You can also draw from an experience if this has ever happened to you.

Sample Answer

I would first apologize to the customer and immediately remake the drink. If possible, I will have a short ice-breaking conversation and apologize once more before asking if there is anything else they would like.

9. You Will Be Working With Other Employees Once You Get This Job. How Will You Ensure That it Will be a Successful Experience?

The interviewer wants to know if you have the right teamwork skills. Can you successfully work with other employees? This is the right time to convince the hiring manager that you will get along with others and deliver excellent results through teamwork.

Sample Answer

I have worked in group settings before and therefore understand what it takes to coordinate with others. In this case, I will ensure that I observe polite, considerate, and quality communication with the other employees. I am also willing to accept my mistakes and apologize for greater teamwork experience.

10. You Have Definitely Met Angry Customers Before. How Do You Normally Deal With them?

The interviewer is testing your customer service skills. Can you manage an angry customer, or will you lose your cool and start a shouting match in the workplace? Show that you can stay calm and professional and offer valuable assistance even in stressful situations.

Sample Answer

I usually stay calm during such times. I listen to the customer and try to understand their reason for being upset before addressing it calmly and professionally. I may also ask the shift manager to help with the situation if I cannot offer much  help. All in all, I will try as much as possible to ensure that the customer’s issue is brought to attention and dealt with.

11. What Do You Understand by People Skills?

The interviewer wants to know your definition of people skills. These are skills that will help you work well with your colleagues and deliver excellent customer service to the customers. Showing that you understand what they are also means that you are willing to apply them in the workplace. Therefore, make sure that you get this question right.

Sample Answer

These are the different skills that allow one to connect with others through simple activities such as conversations. A person who can have a positive mindset and attitude to communicate with customers and other employees is practicing people skills. (You can also choose a different approach by mentioning a few of these skills and shedding more light on them)

12. Can You Tell Us the Most Important Skill in Coffee Preparation from Your Experience?

Do you know or have what it takes to prepare great coffee? People do not make good coffee by chance. Brewing is an art that requires tactfulness and attentiveness. Mention a quality that helps you create great coffee, be it at your house or in your workplace as a barista.

Sample Answer

The most important quality when brewing coffer is attention to detail. One should not miss details such as when the shots are ready after pulling from the espresso machine or if the foam is thick enough for the customer’s liking. Remember, a customer should tell a good cup of coffee right from the first sip.

13. What Would You Do If You Realized that Your Cash Register Had an Extra $20?

This question is testing your integrity. Will you prefer keeping quiet and taking the money, or call attention to it? Remember, nobody wants an employee who cannot be trusted. You should therefore report such occurrences to the shift supervisor or manager and wait for their instructions. Avoid taking any money from the workplace.

Sample Answer

I would report to the shift manager or supervisor and wait for their guidance. I am a person of high integrity who cannot come to terms with taking any cash from the store. I am willing to follow your policies to the latter, which should guide me on what to during such situations.

14. Mention the Main Challenge that You Foresee in this Job

The interviewer wants you to mention something you are likely to struggle with in your new workplace. You should be honest and not shy away from admitting that you may not handle a particular aspect well. Kindly research about the organization and identify anything that may later pose a challenge.

Sample Answer

I love Starbucks, but I may have a problem with multitasking, especially if paired with a small team. I am more focused when dealing with one job at a time. I wouldn’t, therefore, want to compromise on the quality of food or customer service because of handling too many jobs at a time. However, I will make sure that I perform my duties to the best of my ability and ask for help where necessary.

15. Why Do You Think Coordination is Important in the Workplace?

Do you know what proper coordination brings to the workplace? You must know how to get on well with other employees when working in the hospitality industry. Mention some of the importance of working together as a team.

Sample Answer

Coordination is everything in the workplace. Working well with fellow employees and asking for assistance where necessary fastens operations by reducing wait time. It also encourages teamwork, which has a bunch of advantages. (You can go ahead and mention all these advantages)

16. What Types of Unique Customer Service Methods Will You Apply Here?

The interviewer wants to know just how well you will handle customers in the new workplace. Given that this is not a general but specific question, you should strive to find out what Starbucks prioritizes regarding customer service and the types of clients they deal with. You can then tailor your answer around that information.

Sample Answer

Most people love Starbucks because of its efficiency. Therefore, I will offer a high-quality experience, quickly serve our customers, and ensure that they are handled according to store policies. I will also answer any question that the customer may have regarding their purchases.

17. What Do You Understand by Great Teamwork?

You must have realized that there are lots of questions asking about teamwork. Well, you should know how to work well with your fellow employees if you intend to stay at Starbucks. You can mention some of the things you feel should not be lacking in a team.

Sample Answer

Great teamwork involves working together as a unit, supporting one another, and maintaining positive communication in all interactions to achieve business goals and excellent working standards. It also entails understanding the needs of your team members and helping where you can.

18. What Will You Bring to Your Team if Paired with One?

Can you inspire your team and ultimately better the store operations? What do you have to offer when paired with other employees? Mention a unique skill, ability, or attribute that you can contribute in the team setting. Convince the interviewer that you will be an excellent addition to their team of employees.

Sample Answer

I am highly enthusiastic, even when in doubt; a quality that my former employers have always commended me for.  I can inspire the team by making them try new perspectives even when they feel unmotivated. I, therefore, believe that I will be of great value to this store.

19. When Did You Know that You Wanted to be a Barista?

What informed your decision to join the hospitality industry as a barista? When did you know that you wanted to brew quality coffee and get paid for it? Ensure that your answer shows just how passionate you are about this job.

Sample Answer

I grew up in a household that loved coffee. My Italian mother inculcated the coffee culture in us. It soon became a tradition, and I got interested. One day when conversing with her, she pointed out that I could get paid for my love of coffee and assured me that she would talk to her supervisor to give me a job at her restaurant. That’s how my story with coffee started.

20. What is Your Greatest Weakness?

This is a chance to mention any of your shortcomings to the interviewer. However, do not mention a weakness that will render you incompetent.

Sample Answer

My greatest weakness is minding how others perceive me. I always believe that I have a specific image to maintain, which has even pushed me to perfectionism. However, I am working tirelessly with the help of my therapist to go slow on myself at times.


Going through these questions and crafting quality responses should help you land a job at Starbucks. Ensure that you prepare well for the interview and give your all. We wish you all the best.

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