Top 25 Robinhood Interview Questions And Answers in 2024

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Robinhood Interview Questions and Answers

A financial technology (fintech) startup, Robinhood Markets Inc., offers commission-free trading through its online discount brokerage. It offers a financial services platform for website and mobile use that enables users to buy and sell stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), options, and American depositary receipts (ADRs). Additionally, users can invest in specific cryptocurrencies.

You will probably need to attend a job interview to work at Robinhood. We have compiled some of the top 25 Robinhood interview questions and answers in 2023 to aid your preparation. By reading these questions and answers, you will know what to anticipate and how to respond to inquiries about your experience, abilities, and knowledge.

1. What Do You Know About Robinhood?

Robinhood is a 100% commission-free trading app in stocks, options, ETFs, and cryptocurrency, making it appealing to frequent investors. Although many large brokers now provide free trades, it still makes sense to contrast other aspects when selecting a broker. I have been using Robinhood for a while. I appreciate how simple it is to use and how speedy the commission-free share purchase process is. I also know that they allow customers to trade cryptocurrencies. I am thrilled about the chance to work here since I could contribute to the company’s continued expansion.

2. What Are The Mission Of Robinhood?

The mission of Robinhood is to make money accessible to all people. They founded Robinhood from the ground up to make investing accessible, approachable, and understandable for beginners and experts because they think everyone should have access to the financial markets. They can provide you with various financial services and goods at reasonable prices, including commission-free trading because they are financially secure.

3. Describe A Time When A Client Was Not Satisfied With The Service They Received And How You Handled The Problem?

Once, An irritated client of mine demanded why I could not purchase his shares at the price he desired. Even though the stock’s market price was only $50, he insisted on purchasing it at $60 a share. I informed him that, unlike other brokers, Robinhood could not establish prices. But if he would wait until the following day, I would sell him the stock for $55 instead. The following morning, I sold him the shares after getting his approval.

4. What Is Your Experience With Customer Service?

I have been providing customer service for the past three years and enjoy assisting customers with their problems. Previously, I handled all inbound calls from clients who wanted assistance with their accounts or inquiries about our goods. I always paid close attention to every caller’s explanation to comprehend their issue. I would then utilize my product knowledge to determine what worked best for them.

5. If Someone Had Never Used The Robinhood App Before, How Would You Describe Its Functionality?

Using the Robinhood app, you can buy and sell stocks, options, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies without paying a commission. Users of the portal can access market data and financial news for free. Since I have been using Robinhood for over two years, I have found it among the easiest-to-use apps available.

6. Are User Interfaces Important For Any App, And Which Apps Do You Think Have The Best User Interfaces?

A strong user interface can convert potential customers into purchasers by facilitating the user’s engagement with your website or app. The website’s responsiveness, effectiveness, and accessibility are all prioritized in addition to aesthetics.

Because it is so user-friendly, I adore Google Maps. In my opinion, the user interface on Uber is among the best. Though straightforward, it is quite powerful. I have used both applications for years, so I am familiar with how they operate.

7. What Feature Would You Like To See Added To The Platform?

I suggest including a function that lets users follow their portfolios’ progress. Although Robinhood already offers certain capabilities, I believe they could be expanded. For instance, I need to view graphs that display my cumulative gains and losses. The ability to export these reports to Excel would also be helpful.

8. Would You Be Available On The Weekends And Holidays?

If necessary, I am available to work on the weekends and holidays. Working long hours in a busy office setting is often required to meet deadlines or finish tasks. I have occasionally been required to do this for the previous three years I have worked in an office setting. Should it be necessary, I am happy to work after regular business hours.

I can work during my shift thanks to my exceptional time management abilities. As a result, I can complete more projects in a given amount of time, which frees up my time for taking on new obligations as needed. Even if it means working on the weekends or holidays, I am sure I can handle any workload in front of me.

9. Where Do You See Yourself In The Next Five Years?

I plan to expand and become a senior financial advisor over the next five years. I am strongly committed to the team and assisting others in fulfilling their jobs. Taking on increasingly difficult jobs and responsibilities will help me to continue improving my talents. In addition, I want to serve as a mentor for other financial advisers and pass along my knowledge. I also enjoy keeping up with the most recent technological developments so I can offer our team practical answers. Ultimately, I want to help the company succeed by becoming a useful asset.

10. Are You Familiar With Any Programming Languages?

I have a prior working knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery. Scripting languages for servers like PHP and ASP.NET are another area in which I have expertise.

I also like working with frameworks like Bootstrap, AngularJS, and React.js, in addition to my proficiency in these coding languages. With these frameworks’ help, I could design dynamic and engaging app user interfaces.

I am constantly interested in learning new skills and staying current with web development developments. For app developers to succeed, they must stay in business.

11. What Are Some Important Skills An Investment Advisor Should Have?

I consider problem-solving and communication the most crucial abilities for investment advisors. In this position, great communication is essential because it enables me to understand my client’s objectives and goals and communicate complex ideas. An investment advisor must also resolve issues to identify the best solutions for each client. I also believe that excellent analytical skills are essential to examining data and making wise decisions. Organization and attention to detail are essential to keep track of all the information regarding each client.

12. Have You Ever Been Involved In An Unsuccessful Project? Did You Manage It Well?

In my previous capacity as an investment advisor, I worked with a client searching for a particular class of stock that would give them a reliable source of income. I discovered one that looked good after looking into several businesses. But my client lost money on their investment after I suggested the company to them. Before making the recommendation, I did not perform enough study on the business.

13. Do You Have Any Experience Working In A Team?

I worked as an investment advisor for the last time. A group of five advisors and I worked together. Because we all had a variety of expertise, we could give our clients the best guidance. For instance, one advisor excelled at assisting customers in understanding their retirement possibilities, while another assisted them in stock investment. Helping clients find risk-free assets was my responsibility.

14. Describe A Time When You Resolved A Difficult Problem.

In my previous position as an investment advisor, I worked with a customer who wanted to diversify his portfolio. He had some stocks already, but he wanted to diversify his holdings. We talked about the various investments he could make, like commodities, ETFs, and mutual funds. We ultimately chose to invest in commodity futures because doing so would enable him to purchase numerous commodities simultaneously.

15. What Inspired You To Work At Robinhood?

I am passionate about assisting individuals in making sensible financial decisions, which is why I want to work at Robinhood. My most recent position as an investment consultant led me to realize that many of my clients were young adults who had no idea how to begin investing. I enjoy educating others about money matters and demonstrating how to use Robinhood to make wise investments.

16. How Knowledgeable Are You With SQL?

I am certain that I can create well databases using SQL because I am very familiar with it. In my work experience, I have more than three years of SQL usage. During this period, I have worked with numerous relational databases, including MySQL and PostgreSQL, and designed intricate database architectures for online applications.

Along with database creation, I know how crucial data security and integrity are while working with sensitive data. To maintain the security of user data, I have implemented best practices, including input validation, encryption, and suitable authentication procedures.

17. How Did You Learn About Robinhood?

Through a friend who is a software programmer here, I discovered Robinhood. He claimed that Robinhood’s distinctive business approach is why he enjoys working there. Additionally, I have seen internet evaluations from clients who adore Robinhood’s non-commission.

I was not actively seeking a new job at the time, but a coworker commented that he had seen you recruiting on your website and had heard excellent things about the culture at your company. I visited your website, skimmed the Careers page, and was impressed with what I saw. I decided to apply and find out more about the opportunity.

18. How Would You Describe Your Leadership Style?

Because I know that each team member has specific strengths and shortcomings, I am a great leader. I try to assign assignments by each person’s unique skills. As a strategy, when I started at my former employment, I observed that one of my coworkers was consistently late for work. I questioned him about it, and he admitted that he had difficulty rising in the morning. Later in the day, I gave him extra responsibilities, so he could leave earlier and get sufficient rest.

19. What Was The Last Project You Were Involved In Where You Tested Code?

In my previous position as a software engineer, I worked on a project where we built a tool that let customers keep track of their cryptocurrency assets. Before releasing the finished product, we were able to find any potential defects or difficulties by first building test cases for each component of the software. Because of this, we were able to develop more reliable software that satisfied all of the consumers’ needs.

20. To Stay Up-To-Date On The Latest Trends, What Books/Blogs/Podcasts Do You Read?

I get TED Talks and the Financial Blogger Weekly Digest, among other newsletters and blogs about money, in my subscriptions. Besides reading books by authors like James Altucher, I also listen to podcasts like The Money Tree Podcast. I think listening to podcasts is fantastic when one would typically listen to music in their own time. I enjoy listening to them when getting ready in the morning, at work, or during exercise. They are fantastic if you do not have cable but want to stay informed about what’s happening worldwide. We improve our listening skills thanks to podcasts.

21. What Steps Do You Take To Win A Trust Of New Clients?

First, I explain to the client my method and their financial objectives. When people ask for counsel or direction, I take the time to listen and fully comprehend their needs. I can offer them specialized solutions suitable for their particular demands because I am well aware of their wants.

To avoid any unpleasant surprises, I also make sure to be completely open about all the costs of my services. And lastly, I try to maintain open and regular lines of communication throughout our partnership. As a result, our relationship becomes more trustworthy, and our decision-making is more collaborative.

22. Describe A Time When You Took Initiative. We Are Looking For People Who Can Take Initiative.

My previous employer, where I worked as a stockbroker, had a client who wanted to purchase stock in a company but needed more funds. The inability to purchase the shares was due to the company’s requirement that the full purchase price is paid in advance. I advised them to take a loan from a friend or relative and pay interest. They concurred and were successful in acquiring the shares.

23. Give An Example Of A Time You Faced A Challenge And How You Solved It.

In my previous position, I was in charge of running the business’s social media accounts. I discovered one day that our Instagram account received many critical comments. I spoke with my manager immediately to let them know what was happening. They requested that I remove all critical remarks while they looked into the situation more deeply. I reported the issue to my supervisor once more after removing the comments so they could confirm that everything was corrected.

24. Provide An Example Of A Time Where You Helped A Client With Their Investment Decisions.

Recently, I had a client who desired to make stock market investments. They wanted to begin and had saved some money, but they weren’t sure where to begin. I provided them with helpful guidance on how to begin investing as their investment advisor.

I described the fundamentals of the stock market and the kinds of investments that would best meet their objectives. I also talked about investing dangers and offered ideas for reducing them. Finally, I made certain stock recommendations that I believed were reasonable investments based on my analysis. My client took my recommendation to heart and thus far has seen success.

25. If You Are Not Aware Of A New Investment Opportunity. How Would You Explore The Risks And Rewards?

I know how important it is to investigate any new investment options before making a recommendation because I work as an investment advisor. Before investigating the risks and rewards of this new investment opportunity, I would first speak with sector specialists to gain their opinions on the potential rewards and risks. I would also look at past performance statistics to understand how similar assets have historically done. Finally, I would ensure the investment complies with all legal requirements by reviewing all relevant regulatory paperwork. By taking these steps, I can be certain that I am accurately informing my clients about the investment’s risks and rewards.


I believe the top 25 Robinhood interview questions and answers will be useful to you in preparing for your 2023 interview. Reading these questions and answers will give you an idea of what to expect and how to answer questions about your experience, abilities, and knowledge. The interviewer is always interested in finding out if you can assist them in selecting the ideal products.