Project Management Essay: 10 Tips to Write a Top-Notch Paper

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Project Management Essay

Project management is not a new concept, but it became really popular in the last decade. It is an important role in IT, AI, robotics, tech and other related spheres, it is a process that describes ways to control a project’s life cycle, it is crucial for any new member who embarks on the project, etc. In short, you cannot lead an up-to-date project without thorough project management. If you are looking for a position to unite your leadership skills and IT skills, it is also a good answer. It also means that more and more students study Project Management in class, and more and more students receive a task to write about project management. We decided to gather the top ten tips that will help you to write a top-notch paper. Some of these tips will be related to writing itself and will be applicable to any essay you have to create. Some will be more focused on project management. We bet that some of them will be familiar, so just choose the ones that are the most applicable to your situation, your challenge, or the place you get stuck.

Choose the Topic You Can Relate to

Obviously, you may not be able to choose the topic, because the topic is rigidly given by your professor. In this case, unfortunately, this point cannot relate to you. However, if you have the freedom to choose among several project management topics, you should choose the one that interests you the most, not the simplest one. If you have at least some interest in what you are writing about, you will be done with this task much faster.

Pay Attention to Statistics

Project management is about efficiency. That is why you cannot just describe it in some general terms, you should focus on numbers. If you are not writing about some specific cases, you should use some general statistics about project management. It is easy to find such statistics in academic relevant sources. Also, statistics can give you many ideas on sub-topics and arguments for your project management essay.

Learn About Different Approaches

Agile, Kanban, Waterfall. There are so many approaches in project management that you should know about if you want to write a quality paper on this topic. Of course, you don’t need to be an expert in any of them, just read about general principles, check on pros and cons, check on projects that are realized in them, and what real-life project managers think about them.

Mention both Pros and Cons

If you describe some project management process, approach, etc., you need to mention both benefits and drawbacks, pros and cons. If there was a perfect project management approach, a universal one, it would have been used for all the projects. However, there is no such thing, so you need to be careful when praising some systems. Being objective, it always plays well in essays.

Share Real-Life Examples

You are not a project manager, or you wouldn’t have a task to write a college essay on project management. So you don’t have your own cases to use to prove your point. In this case, we recommend looking for some popular cases that you can use for project management essence, goal, and effectiveness examples. An essay without cases may look too bland.

Find Relevant PMs’ Quotes

You can add up to 5-10% of quotes to your essay. We recommend skipping some general quotes and references about project management, as you can paraphrase them and cite them directly. Use your quote limit for citing real-life PMs, and their stories about successes and failures. It is a great touch for a quality essay in project management. You can look for some interviews in big industry media, as they normally have free access for students.

Know the Industry

Writing about project management, you need to know which challenges the industry faces and how PM specialists help to deal with these challenges. Get some general updates about the industry from newsletters, feeds, and articles. This way you can dig deeper. Still, don’t spend too much time on it, especially if the deadline for this article is close. You need to find a fine balance between research and actual writing.

Ask for Help When Necessary

There can be a moment in time in space when you cannot deal with your project management or any other paper on your own. Should you be stressed about it? Well, no, if you have a Plan B. A simple “write my paper” request to custom writing services can save you days of struggle, especially when you are totally overwhelmed with other assignments on your list.  Delegate your assignment to professional essay writers, like thousands of students worldwide do and spare some time for things you actually like doing.

Don’t Neglect Proofreading

Even the paper with the best ever ideas can get a bad mark due to poor proofreading. Allocate enough time for editing and proofreading to make sure your paper doesn’t have technical mistakes, grammar omissions, and style inconsistencies. We recommend using professional online proofreading services, as they are affordable and very powerful in finding mistakes.

Learn From Your Mistakes

It is annoying to go back to your old marked essays and analyze the mistakes you have made before. You see those mistakes as accidental, and, consequently, don’t feel the need to analyze them. However, if you do, you will see that those mistakes are repeating, and if you annihilate them, you will make your essay grades higher even without any more effort invested.

Writing can be difficult. It is a trivial thought, but hear us out. There is one more thing you can do to deal with your essays faster and more efficiently. You can try to find some personal interest in what you are studying. Project Management, for example, is a great approach, a strategy, a system, that can be easily applied in daily life. You can make it a goal behind the goal to find some approaches that will make your college life easier. This way, writing about project management, you will be curious, and the time will fly by.