PayPal Fee Calculator – Easily Calculate PayPal Fees Online

With the advent of technology, online work got an immense boost. Hence, the payment methods have shifted to an online approach. Freelancers and other employees working online can get their payment quite easily in their accounts.

The online transaction has solved a variety of issues and makes working much more convenient. Previously, it was mandatory to have a bank account for sending or receiving payment.

However, there are fantastic ways to do so in this modern world—for instance, Payoneer, Skrill, PayPal, and various others. The PayPal calculator intends to help in knowing the charges applied to the transaction.

Online PayPal Fee Calculator:

PayPal converter rate is necessary to consider before making any transaction. It is the guideline for the people who want to carry out a transaction online. The rate varies from one transaction type to another, and hence the sender should know-how about it. The manual calculation can lead to a mistake.

Hence, calculate the PayPal fee with the assistance of a PayPal calculator to avoid any issues. It is the extensively used calculator that provides the information for the deducted fee by PayPal. There is no fee linked with the opening of a PayPal account. Similarly, there is no fee for sending money from one PayPal account to another.

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However, fees are associated with a PayPal account to a bank account, Payoneer or any other online platform. The fee for domestic and international transactions varies. There is no fee associated with receiving money from PayPal, while receiving international payments applies a few charges.

How to Use PayPal Calculator?

People feeling difficulty in using an online calculator for PayPal can do so with ease. It is pretty simple to use. The user having a robust internal connection should rush towards the free online calculator. It is available to use without any installation. There is an option to enter the amount that you want to send or receive. Enter it carefully but ensure to choose the currency type first. There are a variety of options for currency as per the region or odd. For instance, the currency for the United States is in USD, for Germany, it is in EUR, for Canada, it is in CAD etc.

After selecting the currency as per the region, look for the rate of PayPal transaction. Just like currency type, there also exists a huge variety of fee rates. These include the PayPal fee rate for the virtual terminal, mobile card reader, international and domestic. For all of these categories, there is still an option for subcategories. For instance, for the domestic PayPal transaction, the options are:

  • Micropayment
  • Non-profit payment
  • Via store location
  • Via online transaction.

Worthy PayPal Calculator to Use:

PayPal seller fees are no more trouble to find out. There is a great deal of online PayPal calculator that allows the relaxation of mind to calculate transaction fees. Even if there is any variation in the PayPal transaction fee, you can easily get updated using a reliable online PayPal fee calculator. Get the idea about the charging of money on each transaction while sitting at your home. The most worthy calculator for the PayPal fee calculation is:

  • SmallSEOTools
  • Duplichecker
  • SearchEngineReports


SmallSEOTools is the prestigious and valuable software that offers a reliable PayPal calculator. It is a trustworthy online approach that is well known for its flawless performance. It has become a necessity for people doing online business. They can pay their employees while having a record of all the deducted fees. It offers error-free calculation and hence makes the transactions quick, swift and feasible for the business owners. The fee from one country to another one varies and this calculator provides quick detail for it.


Like SmallSEOTools, Duplichecker is also a huge name in offering quality online PayPal calculators. It is a picking choice for the majority of the users due to its amazing user interface. Using it is much easier due to the simple and convenient user interface. The better experience encourages the users to use it again and again for fulfilling their needs. The excellent feature of it is that you can use it countless times. And, at every time, the user gets the same experience in terms of speed, accuracy and quality.


What can be more soothing and convenient than getting to know about the PayPal fee structure quickly! The PayPal calculator allows the most exciting and golden opportunity to determine the actual fee structure. It does not bother the masses in terms of the complex registration process. The users can start using it the time they want. It is a web-based service that does not charge any penny for its use. The most attractive feature of it includes compatibility. It is compatible with multiple devices such as Linux, Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

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