Main Key Features of a Good Board Portal Software

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Key Features of a Good Board Portal Software

Board portal software is a unique tool that aims to help an organisation’s board of directors with its strategic planning and performance review responsibilities. It provides a virtual platform for:

  • holding board meetings,
  • recording minutes,
  • sharing and analysing documents,
  • voting on business matters.

What are its features? Features of portals usually involve meeting management, signatures, document storage, email and much more. Virtual board software is a service created specifically for the needs of company directors, it keeps the directors’ workflow in order.

But, do you know when there is a need for board portal software?

Why Do You Need a Good Board Portal Software?

The boardroom offers board members a common, secure space to access important documents and collaborate with each other safely. Important data is accessible only to those who have access. Boardroom helps to provide governance and oversight throughout the organization and interferes with cross-planning and other errors.

First of all, you need to articulate your company’s needs and understand why those needs will be met with a business efficiency software system. Most boardrooms demand a considerable contribution so it is efficient that the system results in a positive outcome. Board portal software comparison and reading reviews will help you to understand which one will meet your needs and be perfect for your company.

Essential Benefits of Using Board Portal Software

Virtual board software helps the boards, committees and teams. It aims to help them to collaborate safely and become more profitable. Here are the essential benefits:

  1. Manage your meeting more effectively. With the help of the board, the portal organizes effective meetings by adding more details and attaching more documents. 
  2. Enhanced document management. Board portal software is also a document repository with the ability to view, edit, share and search for materials.
  3. Optimize collaboration. With the help of the board portal, you will be able to append comments or share your notes to documents.
  4. Complete security. The board portal has double layers of safety to protect both the information and the confidentiality, and integrity of the software.
  5. Enhanced governance. Did you know that the board portal maintains an increase in the working process for managing meetings, operations, and collaboration processes?

Compare before selecting which vendor to work with since not all providers offer the same features.

What About Board Portals Security?

For your business’s safety and productivity, security must be in the first place when choosing a virtual boardroom. Consequently, you will have an electronic signature tool, which is very important and convenient when concluding transactions. Forget about traditional paper signatures. You will have access and convenience to download and share files from anywhere in the world and at any time.

To keep your documents private, you can confine entrance to certain files and folders to protect your council documents.

Key Features of a Good Board Portal

Virtual board software is considered a vital technology for every modern company. By using it, businesses can keep their corporate information secure and maintain it easily. It is also a great tool for building effective communication with other companies. Directors need some kind of tool that will take care of teamwork and help them remember every detail of what is happening in the company as a whole and in each specific department.

To save time, make collaboration easier, and manage sensitive information, consider the following bulletin board portal key features:

  • Dashboard. View appointments, different links, files, and documents on a “home page”.
  • Reliable search. Find information by filtering by keywords, date range, groups, and file type.
  • Manage an efficient online board meeting. Plan meetings with the ability to attach documents, track attendance and initiate remote meetings.
  • Creation of a handbook. Create board books from multiple file types and easily link board books to digital agendas and meeting requests.
  • Efficient task management with board management software. Build, appoint and track actions to rationalize the working process concerning certain or group tasks.

Who mainly uses board portal software? Generally, it is used by the committee and executive members of profit and non-profit organizations across all industries.


Board software is considered the perfect paperless meeting solution for any business. It ensures 100% security and it is very easy to reach from anywhere. Virtual boardroom is rather straightforward and considers being the future as it is able to satisfy all needs of the organizations.

Accordingly, when choosing board portals across many vendors, take into consideration the essential benefits. The low cost of the board portal can arise due to the lack of strong features that are appreciated by boards, committee members and directors.