5 Best Free Plagiarism Checker Tools for University Students

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Best Free Plagiarism Checker

What happens when a university student submits a plagiarized essay? The possible consequences differ according to the institution and extent, but we can assure you that nowhere is it rewarded. Plagiarism can result in lower grades, automatically flunking the course, probation or suspension, or even outright rustication.

This explains the overwhelming popularity of plagiarism checker tools among students, but there’s a catch. The most reliable versions require a premium to access all available features, such as writing style improvement and grammar checks. But must you pay a fortune when you only need a plagiarism evaluation?

The answer is no, luckily! Thanks to several free plagiarism checkers that are 100% dependable. Don’t believe so? Verify for yourself in this fact-checked guide as we shortlist the top five of these platforms. Let’s get down to business!


Several features set Quetext apart from others, but none is as prominent as its copyrighted DeepSearch tech. This exclusive development conducts contextual analysis, conditional scoring, and fuzzy matching on texts, so the platform can always sniff out the smallest form of plagiarism. 

New users to Quetext can run a check on pieces with not more than 500 words, and registration is required to process more words. Upon becoming a member, you qualify for five free plagiarism assessments per month. What’s more?

The free Quetext bouquet offers a couple of great features that’ll help to attribute your sources, and the citation assistant is one of them. This feature allows you to manually cite your sources materials to beat the plagiarism trap. Sounds impressive?

Quetext’s plagiarism-checking ability is unrivaled due to the various features on offer. Contextual analysis evaluates the context in which phrases are used and how similarly structured are the words in their varying sources. What else? The fuzzy matching spec identifies rewritten phrases, notwithstanding the synonyms used. Lastly, the overall score of the text and all matches detected in it are highlighted.


With access to about 15 billion open databases and web sources, nothing escapes the notice of StudyDriver’s text comparison runs. For a start, StudyDriver is equipped with an innate text analysis algorithm to identify and flag suspicious text phrasings and formatting.

Also, StudyDriver supplies analytics on your submission while offering a review on the linguistic element. The platform offers insightful details on flagged content, so you can instantly implement corrections, helping to streamline your workflow.

What’s better? StudyDriver is a notch above competitors when it comes to technical abilities. The platform supports uploading all text file formats, and you can download the report in various formats, a feature that’ll come handy when you must include a plagiarism report in your assignment. 

Want to use StudyDriver for free? The service allows you to use the freemium plagiarism checker with percentage and stats. A commendable effort, given that this feature is mostly available only to premium subscribers at other plagiarism-checking platforms. And lastly, it’s worth noting that StudyDriver doesn’t share or sell your docs.


A web-based platform that doesn’t require a download to use? Check. A feature-stacked resource that offers 100% accurate results? Check. Compatible with numerous devices and file formats? Check. What are we talking about? Plagiarisma!

This scanner is all students need to avoid plagiarism in any form, thanks to its unique features and improved quality of its functionalities. For a start, you can access the basic services freely without registration. In fact, Plagiarisma allows three free checks daily to registered and unregistered users.

Additionally, these free services yield excellent results! Plagiarisma runs deep searches across Google and Yahoo to confirm the originality of any text. It’s no surprise that the platform succeeded in detecting that a document was duplicated from a published PDF — an area where most competitors fail.

Plagiarisma works on all devices, including Noodle, Android, Windows, and the internet. The resource supports about 180+ languages, ensuring that your scans have a wider scope. You can upload any file type on the system, from DOCX and RTF to EPUB and XLSX.

Dupli Checker

Do you have plenty of documents to scan for plagiarism? You can complete the task by using numerous free checkers across the web, or you could use Dupli Checker, which allows up to fifty free checks per day. After all, how trustworthy would the findings from the first option be? Some platforms don’t even yield the same results for text re-checks!

Dupli Checker is a site-accessible tool for checking for duplicated content. Sacrificing fanciness for effectiveness, the resource works in a plain, basic interface that users can conveniently navigate even without previous experience with such scanners. This setup makes it much easier for students to understand their search outcomes.

Reports on searches are comprehensively presented. Duplicated content is highlighted in red with a link to its location. Further options are “Make It Unique” and “Start Another Search,” not to forget the reverse image search feature to locate publications from which images have been lifted.

Needless to say, the best thing about Dupli Checker is the leniency it has for free student members. You can access the platform even without registration, but joining is what gives you access to fifty free scans every day. Want more? Go premium, and you’ll check 25,000 words in one scan!


Renowned for its competence in grammar checks, Grammarly’s designation as a plagiarism checker may come as a surprise to some. Yet, it’s arguably one of the most effective duplicate scanners in the world.

When you upload docs or writings, Grammarly immediately runs them against ProQuest’s archives and over 15 billion online pages. What’s more? The platform also assesses texts based on the text type, detecting unintentional plagiarism. This minimizes the chances of submitting dubbed work.

Document types that can be evaluated for plagiarism on Grammarly include academic publications like essays, books, business, medical, and creative texts. With such a scope, it’s easy to see why advanced students and even teachers are ardent users of the resource.

Access Grammarly free as an MS Word add-on,  a Chrome extension, or an Outlook integration. But if you don’t have any of them, you may also use the desktop view on your mobile device, though operations may lag.

Wrap Up

Plagiarism is a serious offense in the academic world. Some quarters even recognize it as an offense punishable by law, depending on the severity of the duplication. You can avoid plagiarism in all forms with the vast collection of free tools available online. We’ve identified the top five above, but you can always do more research!