Top 25 Lululemon Interview Questions and Answers in 2024

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Lululemon Interview Questions and Answers

There are several apparel stores in need of your services and skills. Lululemon, an American Canadian store, falls in that category. This retailer began as a yoga wear store in the late 90s and has consistently updated its catalog to include athletic wear, accessories, and lifestyle apparel. If you love fashion and athletic wear, this is the best place to offer your services.

We will help you land a job at this establishment by looking at some of the questions you should expect in your interview. Expect most of the questions to assess you on your retail experiences and other related processes, given the niche of this retailer. Take a look at the following:

1. What Do You Know About Us?

Lululemon is one of the biggest apparel retailers in the United States and Canada. It was founded in 1998 as a yoga wear retailer before expanding its product base to include personal care products, accessories, athletic wear, and lifestyle apparel. You are headquartered in Vancouver and have over 500 stores in different locations. Your first public offering happened in 2007, where you could take in millions from the sale of your shares.

2. Why Are You Interested In Working With Us?

You are an international apparel and personal care products retailer, making you the best place for my internship program. I am a final-year marketing student in need of an internship position to help me gain first-hand experience in this field. I want to learn some of the marketing basics that helped you transform into one of the biggest apparel retailers in Canada, with over 500 stores in different locations. I am ready to work as hard as possible while undertaking my internship to benefit this entity.

3. Why Should We Allow You To Join Our Team?

I thoroughly went through your job description, work culture, and organization policies and established that I have everything needed for this role. I have extensive retail experience, having worked with several apparel stores in the country and in different positions. I am also a skilled salesman, having met 90% of all the targets I’ve been given in my career. I believe that I will be an excellent addition to your current team.

4. What Is Your Availability?

I recently cleared out of my former workplace, meaning that I do not have any engagements. I am therefore available and ready for any. I don’t have a problem taking morning or afternoon shifts, given my experience with both. I will report to work early and do my best to make the organization more profitable if given a chance.

5. Tell Us About Your Experience

This is my seventh year in sales and marketing. I have worked in different settings, including the food industry, which equipped me with valuable customer handling and teamwork experience. I have met 89% of all the targets I have had in my career, owing to my extensive sales and marketing skills and the experience I am constantly gaining. I also have extensive cash handling experience, having worked at the cash registers of different entities. All the experience I have gathered in this field makes me confident that I will perform exceedingly well if given this role.

6. Do You Know The Skills Needed To Thrive In This Field?

Yes. I have worked in the retail setting for close to a decade and therefore know all the skills needed to succeed. One must have excellent communication and interpersonal skills to communicate with the customers and convince them to make purchases. Interpersonal skills consist of empathy and active listening, which are important. Others include organizational and prioritization skills, multitasking, and cash handling skills, which I have.

7. How Will You Make Our Customers Feel Seen?

Customer service is the epicenter of every business and should be given top priority. To ensure that your customers feel seen, I will warmly welcome them to the establishment and help them with their shopping expeditions. I normally position myself well, ensuring that I am visible enough to be seen by anyone who wants help. I am always willing to help them make challenging purchase decisions. Overall, I normally tailor all my activities toward the fulfillment of customers.

8. Have You Ever Disagreed With A Colleague? Give Us An Experience

I once disagreed with a colleague on how she was handling a client. I found her response rude, which went against the store policy. Once she was done serving the customers in her line, I called her aside to find out what was wrong. I told her that I didn’t particularly like how she handled the customer and should apologize, which she did. However, she also mentioned that her child was hospitalized, and she wasn’t having a good day. I talked to the manager and granted her the day off so that she could attend to the child.

9. What Is The Main Challenge That You Foresee In This Job?

I haven’t worked for an international retailer, and therefore, not sure of what to expect. On the bright side,  I have gone through your job description and policies and know what is expected of me. All in all, I am willing to give my all and collaborate with other employees to come to speed with your operations and ways of doing things. I am also a fast learner, meaning that I won’t have difficulty adjusting to the flow.

10. How Do You Normally Meet Targets?

Salespersons are generally judged by their ability to meet targets. I am glad that I have met over 80% of the targets I have had in my career. My time in this field has taught me that meeting targets start with strategizing. I normally think about how I can meet or even exceed a particular set target right from the beginning. I also have extensive personal and communication skills that come in handy when interacting with customers by helping me to convince them to try different products.

11. What Do You Understand By Customer Service?

Customer service is the foundation of any entity’s success. It largely determines profitability and loyalty. I can define it as the ability to meet and even exceed customer expectations. It entails several things such as ensuring that the customer is satisfied, making them feel seen and valued, offering all the needed assistance, and giving your client base a reason to return. Customer service also extends to follow-ups and going above and beyond for customers.

12. We’ve Had Rising Cases Of Employee Theft. How Will You Help Us Deal With Them?

I understand the impacts of employee theft on the employees and the general workplace. Being a principled person, I believe that people should maintain high levels of integrity, whether under supervision or not. I will therefore report any case of employee theft to the management. I believe in standing by my principles and will therefore raise the alarm if I find someone stealing from the entity. I will inform the security guards to deal with theft in progress if possible. I believe that we can curb cases of theft if we come together.

13. What Would You Do If A Customer Complaint About A Service You Gave Them?

I love getting feedback from employees, be it positive or negative. I wouldn’t take it personally if a customer complained about a service I granted them, but work hard to make the right adjustments. I believe that everyone should use customer feedback to grow and better their services. Depending on the situation, I would apologize to the customer and try my best to respond to the situation in a better way. Constructive criticism should be a stepping stone to better customer service provision.

14. What Is The Main Challenge That You Encountered In Your Last Role? How Did You Manage?

My house was quite distant from my former workplace, and therefore, I had a hard time making it to work early. I would leave my house by five only to get to the workplace a few minutes before seven, the official reporting time. It was quite exhausting. However, on learning that one of my colleagues who had a personal car came from around my place, I approached him and agreed that he would pick me up when going to work and share the gas fees. It saved me time and made commuting easier.

15. Mention A Time That You Failed In This Role And The Lesson You Learned

I once let my personal life interfere with my work life, which turned out to be disastrous. I was at the cash register and was so engrossed in my thoughts that I didn’t realize I had offered a customer the wrong change. He came back complaining, and on going through my records, I realized that they were right. My shift supervisor reprimanded me, reminding me to be thorough, especially if the experience may have been the other way round. This experience taught me to block out any outside thought from interfering with my work as much as possible.

16. Can You Work Well Under Pressure?

Yes. I have worked in many fast-paced environments and therefore believe that I can work well under pressure. I know how to organize and prioritize my work when faced with strict deadlines. I can also multitask without compromising the quality of my work, which has helped me succeed in this job. Lastly, I normally maintain a good relationship with my colleagues, making asking for help easily.

17. We Highly Value Teamwork. How Well Can You Work In Team Settings?

I can work extremely well in team settings. I have been a member of several teams ever since my college days and have gained valuable experience. I know how to fit in well in team settings, collaborate with others on different projects, and give my all to contribute to the overall team performance. I am also a good conflict resolver, which helps me deal with disagreements that may come up when working in such settings. I believe that I will succeed here.

18. We Mostly Deal With Athletic Apparel And Yoga Wear And Therefore Require Our Employees To Be In Tune With Their Help. What Do You Normally Do To Be Physically Fit?

I work out four times a week. I have had an active gym subscription for two years now, which has helped me stay fit and active. I normally go to the gym early in the morning before coming to work, which also helps me stay focused and active at work. I also jog during the evening and on most weekends, which is a habit I started five years ago. I am proud of my fitness journey.

19. We Value Our Employees. Therefore, Please Tell Us How You Maintain A Work-Life Balance

I always ensure that none of my two lives are ignored, i.e., work and personal life. I give my all whenever I am at work, blocking any external and even internal distractions. During the Weekends or my free days/times, I attend to my hobbies: traveling, reading, and watching documentaries. I always take my personal growth seriously and therefore only indulge in wholistic activities that contribute positively to my personal life advancement. I am happy that I have always managed to attain a good work-life balance.

20. What Is The Best Part Of Retail?

The best part of retail is interacting with the customers and meeting/exceeding targets. I normally cherish the customer interactions I get to experience. I love watching people leave the store smiling or seeing their faces beam with joy after finding the perfect product. I am always ready and willing to spice up their shopping experience. Additionally, meeting and exceeding targets makes me feel proud and fulfilled. In fact, it is one of my main motivations in this field. I am positive that I will succeed if allowed to work in this establishment.

21. Which Of Our Ideals Resonate With You?

I dived into your website and realized that you highly value curiosity, given that you are a design-led company. This ideal greatly resonates with me since I am always looking for new information and willing to try new things. I normally challenge myself a lot in life and watch loads of documentaries out of curiosity. I am always willing to learn, improve and get newer experiences. I believe that this attribute will help me succeed in this job.

22. Do You Love Fashion?

I decided to focus on the apparel industry, given my love for fashion. I normally dress well since it gives me the happiness and confidence I need. I also go around complementing well-dressed people and borrowing a leaf from them. I am particularly interested in trending fashion pieces, even though I have my signature dressing style. Most of my peers come to me for advice regarding dressing for different occasions, which I give wholeheartedly. I believe that my love for fashion will help me advise your customers on the best purchase decisions.

23. Do You Know Our Values?

Yes. One of the reasons I applied to work here is because I resonate with most of your values. You value honesty, connection, courage, personal responsibility, entrepreneurship, fun, and inclusion, which I all believe in. I am an honest person owing to my high integrity. I also take personal responsibility for my life and courageously wade through situations.

Additionally, I love having fun when going about my work, which I get when dealing with apparel stores. Lastly, I believe in inclusion and creating meaningful networks; closely linked to connection. I am therefore positive that I will succeed in this job.

24. Have You Bought Anything From Us?

Yes. I often meditate and practice yoga, and therefore, this is my go-to establishment whenever I need new yoga wear. I love your attention to detail and that you highly value customer feedback and satisfaction. I have referred lots of my friends to your stores, and the feedback is constant-you have some of the best yoga wear and lifestyle apparel they have ever come across. I am happy with everything I have bought from your establishment and believe we will have a long-lasting relationship.

25. Do You Know Our Target Market?

Owing to your catalog and prices, I can confidently say that you target both men and women in the upper-middle class. Most of your target customers are also aged between 18-35. Additionally, you target people with a fitness mindset, which is accurate since this entity first began as a yoga wear store. A quick look at different sources reveals that your demographic profile mostly fits women between 16-35 years, which is quite true. All in all, I am happy about your products’ quality since I am one of your loyal customers.


As we conclude our article, we would like to mention that passion for fitness would be an added advantage if you want to work at Lululemon. Also, take some time to visit their stores and view their offerings. We wish you all the best in your upcoming interview.