Top 20 Storekeeper Interview Questions and Answers for 2022
2K views · Aug 12, 2022
Storekeepers, also known as store managers, are charged with taking inventory and managing store layout. They also supervise staff and keep sales records depending on the arrangement of the business. 

It would help if you took note of certain key areas when attending a storekeeping position interview or interviewing applicants. These 20 questions will help you prepare adequately for a storekeeping interview. 

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Below are the 20 questions discussed:
1. Why are you interested in this role? 
2. What are the roles of a storekeeper? 
3. What are the qualities that a storekeeper should possess to be effective? 
4. What major challenge did you face during your last role? How did you manage? 
5. Describe your daily routine as a storekeeper
6. Describe briefly about your storekeeping experience 
7. What kind of strategies and mindset is required for this role? 
8. What is the biggest challenge that you foresee with this job?
9. How do you stay motivated at work? 
10. Describe a time you failed in this role and the lesson you learned. 
11. How would you handle an angry customer? 
12. Have you ever solved a conflict between two colleagues? If yes, how? 
13. How do you motivate employees? 
14. How do you stay fit to attend to physical activities in the workplace? 
15.  Is there a time when your patience was tested? How did you react? 
16. What are some of the software that you are familiar with? 
17. What did you do to increase revenues, reduce cost, or save time at your previous working stations? 
18. How well can you work under pressure? 
19. Was there a time you feel like you succeeded in your job? 
20. What are your career goals?
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