How to Start a Dropshipping Business with No Money in 2023

How to Start a Dropshipping Business with No Money

Launching a drop shipping company is a fantastic way to enter the world of entrepreneurship. You’ll be able to promote your brand, establish your product pricing, and sell products to customers. Before an item is sold to a genuine buyer, you don’t have to pay. With hard work, you can establish a profitable brand.

And if you’re still debating whether to launch your online business, it would be helpful to know that e-commerce sales reached around 3.5 trillion globally in 2019. Therefore, starting an online business is becoming a more profitable alternative if global e-commerce statistics are any indicator.

Learn how to launch a dropshipping business in this post. We’ll cover everything you need to know about dropshipping, including what it is, how to locate the best business ideas, and how to get started.

What Is A Dropshipping Business?

You may operate your shop using the dropshipping business model without ever having any inventory. Once you’ve closed a deal, your supplier will deliver the products to your customer’s door from their warehouse. You won’t ever have to be concerned about how to store, package, or transport your products.

How Does The Dropshipping Business Model Work?

The manufacturer, the retailer (you), and the customer are the three most influential people in a dropshipping business.

In a dropshipping business model, the manufacturer’s job is to make products, keep inventory, ship items to customers on behalf of the retailer, replace broken products, and restock them. They sell products to retailers at wholesale prices and take the risk that some of those goods won’t sell.

In the dropshipping business model, the retailer sells the manufacturer’s items on your online platform under your brand. You’ll oversee picking out and selling these products. You will also have to pay for their shipping and set prices that make you money.

How Much Money Can You Make Dropshipping?

That’s a drop-shipping question we get asked a lot. Dropshipping can be the best way to run a business because you don’t have to pay for shipping or to make the product. Because of this, you can start making money quickly once you find suitable suppliers. With our Eight-Step Plan for Starting a Dropshipping Business, you can figure out how much money you are making and ensure you are on the right path to success.

The Eight-Step Plan for Starting a Dropshipping Business Without Cash

1. Decide To Launch A Dropshipping Company.

Dropshipping requires a big commitment and a long-term outlook, as with any other venture. You will be sorely let down if you expect to make six figures from six weeks of part-time employment. Go into your business with realistic ideas about how much money you’ll need to invest and how much you might make. You’ll be much less likely to get frustrated and give up.

As a beginner, you’ll need to make a significant investment of time or money as soon as you establish a dropshipping enterprise.

Realistically, most individuals must stay in their jobs and dedicate six months to set up a new internet business. Even though it may be a little more complicated, it is still feasible to start dropshipping even if you are still employed in a 9-to-5 job, provided you are realistic with your clients about the customer care they can expect and the turnaround times for their orders. When your business expands, you may start working full-time on it to the extent that cash flow and profitability permit.

The most excellent course of action to increase your earning potential and chances of success with dropshipping is to work on your business full-time if you have the time. In the beginning, when gaining momentum is essential, concentrating all your efforts on marketing is highly beneficial. From what we’ve seen, it takes at least 12 months of full-time work focusing on marketing for a dropshipping business to replace an average full-time income of $50,000.

Although it could seem like a lot of work for a little reward, bear in mind the following two points:

  • Once your dropshipping business is operational, sustaining it will probably take less time than working a 40-hour workweek. Because the dropshipping model is so efficient and can be used on a large scale, much of your investment pays off.
  • When you establish a business, you develop an asset that you may sell in the future and an income stream. When figuring out your actual return, consider both the cash flow and the value of your equity.

Your dropshipping business requires financial investment.

Although spending a lot of money might help you start and build a dropshipping business, we don’t recommend it. We’ve tried both methods of expanding a business (bootstrapping it yourself vs. outsourcing the process), and we’ve found that when we’ve done most of the work ourselves, we’ve had the best success.

Being built from the ground up by someone with a substantial stake in the company’s success is essential in the early stages. You will be at the whim of costly programmers, developers, and marketers who will soon eat up whatever profits you are making if you need to grasp how every aspect of your business operates. Although you can handle some things, we want you to be the leading proponent of your enterprise at first.

However, to get your business up and running, you will need a modest cash reserve of $1,000. You’ll need money to cover any incorporation fees, which we’ll cover below, and small running costs (such as site hosting and drop-shipping providers).

2. Selecting An Idea For A Dropshipping Business

What you sell does, in fact, matter. Finding the best dropshipping business ideas should take some time. Most people advise you to choose a specialty that you are enthusiastic about. But that is only partially true.

In actuality, the most successful dropshipping business concepts are often the simplest. Being enthusiastic is much simpler when you’re producing money.

We constantly save you time at our site by compiling lists of hot items. People do tend to favor them, but that’s because they have a track record of success. I had to learn the hard way that joining a market without competition makes no sense. We often see prominent online retailers emerge and be successful in the evergreen areas of fitness, fashion, jewelry, cosmetics, electronics, handbags, and backpacks. Your specialization matters, as shown by Tim Kock’s latest dropshipping case study, where his pineapple business flopped, but his watch business produced approximately $7000 in only 8 weeks.

Here are some things to keep in mind if you’re determined to come up with your dropshipping business ideas rather than consulting our lists:

  • Google Trends is excellent for determining if a niche is experiencing growth or decline. It needs to provide more information to evaluate the viability of a place on its own. Despite having a rising trend, specific niches may need more searches to support their popularity.
  • Use the keyword tool on Ubersuggest. What is a keyword’s search volume, Or its level of competition? Use Ubersuggest’s keyword tool to learn more about the potential of dropshipping business ideas you already have and to come up with new ones for the future.
  • Look through well-known websites in your field. For instance, if you look at a fashion retailer’s website, you’ll see that they often categorize their shop according to trends. This aids in your comprehension of the current trends your business needs to include. To identify the best items to offer, you may also explore a store’s top-selling items.
  • Look at the number of product orders. To further understand a product’s popularity, you should also explore goods based on the number of orders they get. Even though the dropshipping product prices are lower than those of other items, those products can be more recent.

Trends aren’t the most lucrative dropshipping business concepts. Instead, they each contain a trend.

Within the phone case market, marble phone cases are prevalent. Particularly if you’re establishing a long-term business, you’ll want to include the trends as items rather than as the whole of your shop. Therefore, keep it in mind while you develop your dropshipping business strategy.

3. Conduct A Comparative Analysis.

Now that you know what you’re going to offer at your business, you need to research your rivals and learn how they operate. You may learn much from your rivals’ successes to improve your dropshipping business’s marketing strategy.

Limit your study to roughly five other dropshipping businesses, including one or two major players like Walmart, eBay, or Amazon, if your industry has many rivals (which is beneficial for dropshipping). With its assistance, you can plan your future moves and stay focused.

Following are some methods for doing competitor research:

  • Check out social media. Look for Facebook advertisements in your field and research the leading companies in the industry. Look at how the business interacts with its clients, how its feed is laid out, and how much interaction it receives. Use what you’ve learned here to improve how you market on social media and develop new ways for your business to stand out.
  • Use Google for a search. The prominent place to begin is a search engine. In a basic search, start with essential search phrases like “ear plugs.” It will reveal your top rivals’ names and methods of product promotion in the top 10 results. You can utilize a third-party service like Ahrefs or SEMrush to obtain keyword data in those regions if you want to concentrate on a nation.
  • Join the email lists of your rivals. Want to get information from competitors directly in your inbox? You might learn more about the discounts and special deals companies use to get customers to buy.
  • Employ rival surveillance software like SimilarWeb and Alexa. Web resources give you a list of information about your competitors’ websites, such as their social media accounts, their top traffic sources, the number of visitors they get, and who their competitors are.

Find out as much as possible about your main rivals’ websites, costs, advertising strategies, product descriptions, reputations, etc. So that you can quickly access information while making choices for your shop, keep your research structured in a spreadsheet. For instance, you may check your spreadsheet to see whether rivals are already utilizing email marketing to advertise their businesses, as well as their strategies, all in one place.

4. Locate A Dropshipping Vendor

Locating the ideal dropshipping vendor may make or break your business. Dropshippers depend primarily on the suppliers’ goods and services since they don’t make their items.

Your clients can get poorly constructed goods, broken packing, and delayed shipments if you choose the wrong supplier. These clients will always hold you accountable for poor performance, hurting your brand.

As a result, you must be very picky when selecting a supplier for your dropshipping business.

  • Verify their legitimacy and legality. Look for providers that have a good reputation and are recognized by the industry. Ask for the supplier’s business license and investigate their clientele to stay away from con artists.
  • Examine their client support. To find out whether the provider offers attentive and knowledgeable customer service, call them and pose some questions.
  • Examine their web presence. To determine how good a provider’s service is, look through their websites and read reviews.
  • Examine the product’s caliber. Review the samples you ordered. Do they resemble the pictures on the vendor’s website? Does the product reflect the description on the website?
  • Verify that the order fulfillment procedure satisfies your requirements. How long does it take them to deliver an order after processing it? How effectively do they manage returns?
  • Verify the packaging’s appearance and safety. Buy a fragile item and send it to a few different addresses to see if the provider is consistent with packing and shipping.

Check out various drop shipper websites like SaleHoo, Modalyst, and Spocket to start your search for trustworthy vendors.

These websites assist you in finding the appropriate providers by classifying them according to specialty. Many also include connections to well-known e-commerce solutions like Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce.

5. Select The Appropriate Platform

Selecting an appropriate platform is one of the most critical determinants of a successful dropshipping business. In addition to some essential eCommerce features, you should check to see if the venue offers dropshipping. This will help your business run smoothly and make a good profit.

Today’s market offers free eCommerce platforms for dropshipping without spending any money. They often provide a free plan, a free download, or a free trial so that you may investigate and test the platform to determine whether it’s right for you.

Shopify and WooCommerce are two unique systems that stand out for dropshipping without spending any money. In contrast to Shopify, which provides a free trial to test out the shop before starting to sell, WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that is also available for free download and usage. To determine the best option, read our comparison of Shopify vs. WooCommerce for dropshipping!

Depending on the various product kinds and your objectives, each platform offers a unique combination of pros and cons. To have a fully functional selling platform, you may have to pay for hosting, applications, integrations, etc. However, if you’re dropshipping on a shoestring budget, you may start with the lowest option by using a free trial or free plan.

We recommend reading The Best eCommerce Platforms for Dropshipping (2022) to assist you in making this crucial choice and choosing the best platform for your business.

6. Create And Establish A Store.

Now that you’ve chosen the right eCommerce platform, you need to set up a shop to show off your products.

With some of the mentioned eCommerce systems, finding a domain name, setting up marketing and sales plugins, and establishing your website are all made easy. They let you sell in several regions and various currencies while making handling and collecting payments simple.

Also, many eCommerce sites like Square Online, Big Cartel, and WooCommerce offer free domains or free themes that you can use to start a dropshipping business with no money at all.

For help setting up your own dropshipping business, see these easy steps:

  • Build a custom domain: You need to build a custom domain to give your brand a more polished and unique look.
  • Add pages: Websites contain the material that visitors to your shop view. These may include, among other things, the home page, collection page, product page, and blog page.
  • Select a great theme: An eye-catching piece is essential for drawing clients in and keeping them on your website longer.
  • Use a dropshipping app: The last step in realizing your goal is to connect a dropshipping program with your shop.

7. Promote Your Dropshipping Business.

It’s time to speak about promoting your new shop now that you can launch a dropshipping business. When creating your dropshipping business plan, you should spend more time marketing and advertising to stand out in your market.

Given how much dropshipping is automated, you may devote more time to marketing and business promotion by doing the following:

  • Sponsored advertisements (on Facebook and Google). Suppose you’re just starting with social media advertising. In that case, the average cost of a Facebook ad is around 97 cents per click. Products may do well on Facebook advertisements, which are scalable and take advantage of consumers’ propensity for impulsive purchases.
  • Mobile advertising A business communicating with clients through their mobile phones is referred to as “mobile marketing,” a broad term. Start a VIP text club, for instance, and invite website visitors to join up for exclusive offers and promotions. Alternatively, assist customers in a live chat session using Messenger. You can automate lead generation, customer retention, and cart abandonment campaigns using a mobile marketing platform like ManyChat to boost sales and income for your dropshipping business.
  • Influencer marketing, third. As a beginner drop shipper, your business budget could be constrained. Because consumers are more likely to believe influencers than conventional advertisers, using influencer marketing to reach your target demographic is a cost-effective strategy. If you want to go this route, negotiate an affiliate fee rather than a flat rate with the influencer. They will profit from each sale, and you will pay less, so it’s a win-win scenario.
  • Communities. Join organizations run by individuals who are ardent about your expertise. You may dialogue with prospective consumers on Reddit, Facebook Groups, or online forums. Keep in mind to be patient when you interact with a community. For prospective consumers to trust your brand and desire to purchase from it, try to assist them and develop connections with them.
  • Content promotion. Include content marketing in your dropshipping business strategy if you want to create a steady flow of customers for your company. Create blog material to amuse and inform your target audience about your dropshipping specialty. You may also launch a podcast, a YouTube channel, or infographics to spread the word about your company.

Keep an eye on which channels are effective and which aren’t, just like any successful web business, particularly if you’re spending money on sponsored advertisements. You can always modify your marketing plan to save expenses and raise income as your business expands and becomes better.

8. Examine And Enhance Your Supply

After managing and promoting your dropshipping business for a while, you may start evaluating the outcomes of your efforts. Shopify analytics can help you find the answers to several important questions about your online store, such as:

  • Which of my channels performs the best? Where should I invest more in advertising? What are the goods I sell the most of? Who are my top clients?
  • The margin of profit. Which SKU variations and items are the most profitable? What are the trends in my monthly sales and gross profits?
  • Consumer behavior on desktop or mobile: do individuals make more purchases? Which device’s conversion rate is it?

You may also track search traffic over time and enhance your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts using tools like Google Analytics and Search Console. Additionally, if you’re using third-party software for your Messenger or social media marketing, examine the data regularly to ensure that your entire approach is profitable for your business.

You want to develop a data-informed analytics system while setting up a dropshipping e-commerce shop. Keep your analysis constant over time and evaluate your store’s success using specific KPIs. By doing this, you’ll be able to make better judgments about your shop over time and grow your small business.

Should You Start A Dropshipping Business?

Dropshipping is a low-risk way to run a business. When it comes to initial fees, you only pay for the products that you offer to customers who are willing to pay that you provide to customers who are willing to pay. You can handle the costs of making products, keeping an inventory, keeping an unsold inventory, and paying people to package and ship products. It’s a great way to start as an entrepreneur because you can establish your dropshipping store on your own during the evenings and weekends. When it comes to taking care of orders, it will take work every day. However, most steps in processing an order are automated and only require a button click. There are a lot of ways to make money with a dropshipping business.

Can Dropshipping Make You Money?

Dropshipping is a way many successful merchants make money, so the answer is yes. Dropshipping lets you find products that could make you a lot of money and start a business around them. When you want to sell something, you’re more likely to spend more time on promotion and marketing, which leads to more money from your products.

Start Your Dropshipping Business Now.

You’re all set! You may take steps toward creating your online empire by incorporating some of the recommendations from this article into your online shop. And remember that starting a dropshipping business from scratch is the best way to learn how to do it.

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