How to Generate a Cool Idea for Your Essay in 5 Steps

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How to Generate a Cool Idea for Your Essay in 5 Steps

A myriad of people tends to face difficulties in writing papers from the very beginning, which means that even though you can choose a topic on your own, you can quickly get stuck in generating ideas in order to develop a written discourse. As a consequence, lots of students seek a cheap essay service to get it done quickly. However, there are still lots of graduates who want to delve into writing by themselves and learn the ropes of what to do to produce excellent ideas for the paper. Pay close attention to the list and its aspects that have been designed in order to give you a clear picture of what to focus on in order to spawn unique and marvelous concepts.

Put Heads Together

Before you start brainstorming get-togethers, do not forget about one of the essential rules. No concept is cast aside as being dull, too general, complex, far off-topic, et cetera. Meaning you don’t have to abhor, scorn, and eschew every single thought that comes to your mind. Moreover, you can always narrow down your list later on. As follows, you’d rather jot down a few flashes of thoughts now instead of ignoring the idea, which, in turn, may well turn into something incredible. Having said that, all you need is a pen and a piece of paper, if you prefer a traditional way of noting things down, or a laptop with working Google Docs or whatever that can help organise your ideas. If it happens that you are to brainstorm ideas with your colleagues, Docs is an excellent way of sharing a document among your classmates for the reason that you can save the paper to the cloud, and everyone can access the list when it is time to make determinations. All in all, in the interim of the brainstorming session, you will note that various concepts come briskly.

Don’t Mull Over

Widely known as a stream-of-consciousness technique, it stands for free writing, when you simply write down whatever is in your mind. I would slightly modify the exercise, implementing the basic principles of the discipline. For instance, instead of writing about anything, focus on an area that is covered by the subject you are studying in class. Upon further examination of your written ideas, you will be astonished by an abundance of thoughts you have regarding the subject you study, and the amount of knowledge you possess. During your freewriting, you will notice that you are approaching your topic and becoming more focused, which means that you are narrowing in on the accurate topic idea for your written discourse. However, remember to make some gaps between your thoughts because either way, you will have to review ideas later and select the most suitable ones.

Apply Your Experience

First off, ask yourself what you know that other people do not? What aspects are you aware that the average person, your classmates, are not? With regard to the subject, do you possess any relevant experience or specialised knowledge? If you give a positive answer to the aforementioned questions, you can consider yourself a step ahead of the writing process because you already have an understanding of the topic. Meaning that an experience you had may well be food for an essay, which, in turn, gives you a unique and unprecedented point of view. However, a note of caution: don’t allow yourself to immerse in your experience and show lots of partialities, neglecting obvious evidence, scholarly sources, in favour of your story. Plus, your experience will boost your writing so that you will note you write much more quickly in comparison to your previously written papers.

Use Novel Techniques

The most prominent educational institutions that have creative writing degrees teach students to write from a variety of perspectives, starting with an overall tone of the paper, and ending with minor, yet crucial features that are to have a humongous impact on the audience. Meaning that not only do you need to stick to the proper structure, you should also demonstrate your serious attitude toward writing a specific essay. For instance, the top-notch universities teach graduates to get rid of the ideas that you came up with instantly because they will not impress the readers due to their mediocrity. Wiser people will stick to the ideas they came up with within the second place. However, you should also shun them and use your ideas that you can think of in the third place. That will ensure your differentness, and you will be more likely to get a higher grade.

In Case of Lack of Ideas and Time

It goes without saying that you won’t always be able to come up with wonderful ideas concerning a given home assignment. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t write an impeccable essay. You can find inspiration by reading real life narratives that you are generally not exposed to by checking out sites like The Doe, for example. You can also check the news or watch a video about a topic that interests you.


To sum up, the above-mentioned steps aim to make you more lucrative in terms of the production of worthwhile ideas for your paper. For example, brainstorming and the usage of your experience make sure you write down every idea you can think of, and that can be elaborated. Moreover, new methods regarding the use of your third idea are to make your paper exquisite and splendid.