How To Add Tik Tok Video Effects

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How To Add Tik Tok Video Effects

TikTok is a well-known and respected social media platform that millions of people worldwide use. It is very hard to become a popular content creator in such a competitive environment. The only way how it is possible to increase the views and audience engagement is by adding special effects.

To make sure it will not take too much time, it is recommended to use the dedicated app available on the site, as it is free to download and try. This TikTok editing app is miles better than the built-in functionality of the original application of the social media platform. They do provide an enhancement to the overall impressions from watching a video, but they are nothing in comparison to effects that can be made with the help of VJump. 

Reasons to use effects on TikTok

Novice content makers may not understand what is the point of using the TikTok video editor for effects, but the reason for that is simple — to make videos look more dynamic and to make the content much more impactful. Effects are much better for such purposes than filters. It is easy to see that professional TikTokers who have enough experience with the platform are constantly using different effects in videos.

It is essential to point out that effects can be used even when the video has already been recorded. However, if the user wants to activate them before starting recording – it is possible as well. The main reason why it is better to use a third-party application to edit TikTok video, instead of the built-in functionality of the network, is because it has much more tools and features.

Instruction on how to use TikTok effects

The usage of third-party software seems hard for those who have not previously experienced it before. In fact, there is nothing hard in the case of using the best TikTok editing app as everything is pretty straightforward. With the help of this software, it is going to be possible to add certain effects like:

  • Teleportation;
  • 3D models;
  • Making a clone of a person;
  • Decreasing the size of an object. 

All of that can be done within a couple of seconds thanks to the functionality of the app from the VJump team. There are only a couple of steps to go through before making an edit:

  1. Open the official website of VJump company;
  2. Click on the link that will lead to either the App Store in case of Apple devices or to the Google Play Market in case of Android gadgets;
  3. Download the software to the smartphone or tablet and open the video that should be edited;
  4. Choose the desired effect that must be added to the video and finish the job by clicking on the “Submit” button. 

Filmora is a video editor with powerful AI text editing capabilities, which mainly include the following AI editing functions:
•    Convert spoken words in your video’s audio to text.
•    Edit the text seamlessly in a built-in text editor.
•    Extract conversion from audio to text.
•    Easy way to input subtitles in your video.

This is a fast and easy-to-understand way of editing the video for this social network. It can be completed within 15 minutes. 

Trends in TikTok can be compared with fashion because they are constantly changing and disappear when they are just forgotten. Trends — in other words, viral videos that begin to shoot by almost every social network user. If we talk about why these videos are gaining special popularity — there are several options. The first is the originality of the video due to the transitions. The second is the use of unusual effects, masks, or backgrounds. And the last one could be some kind of unusual dance that everyone will be fascinated with. To be popular on TikTok you need to follow these trends and follow the novelties that appear every day. In the study of this case, you will help the VJump application, which contains trending filters and transitions. To set up the app follow the link VJump.

What is it and where to look for it? 

Finding trends will not take you much time, but another issue in their implementation. Fortunately, thanks to our app you do not need to understand the operation of a particular transition or filter in a trending video, as they are all already assembled with us. Let’s find out where to find them: 

  1. The first and the easiest is to go to the TikTok, click the tab «interesting» (there is also a drawn magnifying glass) and you will see the most popular hashtags. This way you will see which videos are now popular and can take ideas for yourself.
  2. The second way is also simple — you can type «TikTok trends» on the Internet and choose the right one for yourself.
  3. You can also find trend videos just in your recommendation tape, looking at the number of likes and comments, and do not forget about hashtags.

So you can easily find these trends and our VJump application will help you to implement this video. In addition, you will see a huge number of different transitions and filters that are present in any virus video.

Ease and availability of trends

The bottom line is that finding a trendy video is easy, but shooting the same or similar is another matter. The popularity of the video is influenced by the quality of the shooting itself, as well as the correct lighting. If you put these all together, which are your skills in making videos, a good camera, an unusual filter, cool transitions, and, most importantly, the right hashtag, you will end up with a trendy video that will very quickly gain popularity. Very interesting, that often people start shooting just similar videos to repeat someone’s achievements on them or they simply do not have their own ideas and as a result, they get a trendy video, as there are so many of them.