How To Ask For More Time To Consider A Job Offer

How To Ask For More Time To Consider A Job Offer

You must approach your request thoughtfully and carefully to receive affirmative from your potential employer. Generally, the job offer is responded to in an email or phone call; here are a few points you should mention in the message:

  • Thank the employer:  Receiving a job offer is a worthwhile response from a hiring manager even though you are unsure of your interest in the position. Hence, it would help if you started your answer regarding their contemplation and the opportunity they’ve provided.

This courtesy is essential if you want the job opportunity to be available to you in the future.

  • Inquire about a deadline: Requesting a deadline will give you precise details of how much time you have to decide and allow the employer to choose a timeframe that works for them.
  • Give a legitimate purpose:  If you need time to decide to discuss the position with your family, prepare for relocation, or mull over other job offers, be confident to mention any of these reasons.

 If anything, stating these reasons will give you a higher chance of receiving the extension and increase opportunities for negotiation with the recruiter.

  • Respectfully ask for your need:  If the specified period doesn’t seem enough, or you have more questions about the position,  ask about these things. As it’s better to ask for the time needed to agree to the time limit you won’t be able to fulfil.

Reasons For Asking For An Extension:

While you could request an extension for any reason you can think of to be considered for the position in the future, it’s imperative to outline your interest, gratitude, and professionalism. If you want to ask for time to consider a job offer, you should have a good reason WHY. Having a basis ensures you are not wasting your time or the hiring manager’s time.

Here are some considerate reasons to ask for an extension:

  • You’re unsure if the position is relevant: If your first instinct is to question whether the situation is appropriate, you should listen to what your heart says.

While this isn’t a good excuse to decline a job offer, keep in mind that quitting later on or thinking of dropping the request after you’ve accepted will look much worse. Be honest about how you feel to give yourself more time to determine whether the position will be a good fit. It will help you to be not confused about whatever you’re doing. If you feel that you need to change your mind even after accepting it, doing this will help you avoid such situations.

  • You’ve received multiple job offers: There can be times when you receive a job offer from more than one employer. In this situation, deciding which job you’ll take isn’t always easy, and you’ll make the best decision when you have the time to consider all factors. Asking for the manager’s time will help you make a calculated and intelligent decision. It will be easier to decide which one you want to accept and which you wish to reject.

On top of that, when recruiters are highly looking forward to you, they may even offer you a  competitive position when they know you’re considering several options. So take time for a better understanding of what you want.

  • Dealing with a personal issue or emergency: Mostly, we can face problems or troubles for which we weren’t prepared. If a family member is hospitalized or someone passes away, you could be too distracted to consider an immediate job offer. You may always want time to seek advice from your family. It’s always essential to ensure it is worthwhile for everyone involved. Always be positive while communicating, as it will help maintain a good relationship with the company.

Take a step back and request an extension; the potential employer will understand.

Here are some examples of what can be said while asking for time for a job offer-

  • “I appreciate the opportunity. I look forward to working together and will help take this business to the next level. I want to ask for a few days to reflect on this amazing offer.”
  • “Thank you for this great proposal. It is such a wonderful chance to work with your company. I’d be delighted to work with you. I want to utilize my passion and extensive knowledge in your company while continuing to grow my career. I was under the sense that the job wouldn’t require relocating me, but I see the job offer states that I would need to relocate. I’d need time to think and discuss the potential move with my family. Thanks again!”
  • “Thank you so much for your valuable time. I would like to understand the position fully before making any decision.”

Here are some examples of things to avoid asking for time to think about a job offer –

If you don’t take the right approach when asking for time to think about a job offer, you may risk losing the proposal altogether. Not only that, but it may negatively impact your relationship with the hiring manager. Therefore, avoiding saying certain things when you ask for time is essential.

  • “I’m a bit doubtful about the offer. I’ll need to have thought about it.”
  • “I’ll keep you posted.”
  • “I don’t think I’ll be comfortable taking up this offer. I’ll get back to you.”
  • “I don’t think I’m still interested in this offer.”
  • “Let me think about this offer again.”
  • “The salary is too much low to accept. I expected a much higher payment.”
  • “I don’t want to work with your company.”

Tips For Considering A Job Offer:

While considering a job offer, it is essential to be clear with what you want to make a well-informed decision. It will help you to build a successful career. Keep these tips in mind while considering a job offer:

  • Consider what you’re giving up:  Before you accept a job offer, consider what you’re giving up with your current position. For example, maybe you’re giving up a higher salary for a job with more excellent advancement opportunities. Make sure to weigh both the pros and cons before making your final decision.
  • Fully understand the job offer:  Make sure you know all aspects of the job offer. It means understanding the benefits, vacation time, and your salary or hourly rate.
  • Evaluate growth opportunities:  Consider whether this new position presents you with challenges and the ability to learn new skills. Make sure your new job comes with the possibility for advancement into another at the same company. Growth opportunities make it much easier for you to achieve your long-term career goals.

How Much Time Should You Ask To Consider A Job Offer?

Companies offer prospective employees varying amounts of time to accept a job offer. Frequently, the offer letter or email gives you a specific timeframe. Typically, two to three days give you enough time to consider the job offer. You can request no more than a week if you plan to ask for time. Consider a more conservative timeframe if you want to negotiate any part of the compensation package.

It’s important to note that you shouldn’t take much time considering a job offer. Most job offers aren’t open-ended, and you would lose yours by procrastinating. Ignoring the request while you figure out what to do could cost you the position. Remember that the company could withdraw the offer if you don’t respond promptly.