Top 25 Google Ads (PPC) Interview Questions and Answers in 2024

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Google Ads (PPC) Interview Questions and Answers

If you have an interview and do not know what questions to expect, do not worry. Below we outline 25 questions that will help you prepare for the next interview. Let us get started.

1. Why Are You Interested In This Role?

“I am interested in this role because I see that my background in Marketing and the experience I have gained so far is a great match for the role. I also love the culture of this organization and I have been looking for an opportunity to join it. My friends tell me about how the organization is very supportive of employee development and I would therefore love to be part of the team that helps the organization achieve its mission and vision.”

2. What Are The Qualities That A Professionalneed To Be Successful In Running Google Ads?

“To be successful in this role, you need to be able to think logically. You should have a great interest in different marketing strategies. You should also be great at problem-solving as you will need to work with different scenarios and strategies to achieve great results. You should also possess great attention to detail that will help you work efficiently and effectively. You should also demonstrate great communication skills as they come in handy in creating content for advertisements. You should also be a great team player. A person in this role is able to think out of the box and articulate the needs of various target audiences well.”

3. What Is Adwords? 

“Google designed a system that was geared towards marketing products and services through the Google Search engine and its affiliated sites. This system is known as AdWords. It places advertisements when people search for products or services related to what you offer. People normally search for what to do or where to go or what to eat on Google. If your advertisement is well placed, whether an individual is using a mobile phone or a desktop they will be able to see your ad and may become customers.”

4. How Do Adwords Work?

“Adwords is based on a bidding system. If your bidding price is higher the ad will appear on top of the Google Page. They work on a Pay Per Click which means you pay for the service if a person clicks on the ad based on the bid price placed when they search the engine. “

5. Why Should Youuse Google Adwords?

“The traffic that comes from Pay Per Click is more valuable than millions of visitors because the target audience can see clearly what they are clicking on. This traffic can yield more sales than website visitors. The users who require the product or service will click the ad and visit the website. It brings a lot of visitors in a short period. You can easily target the right customers at the right time. It, therefore, guarantees a fast return on the investment.”

6. What Are The Potential Benefits Of Google Ads?

“Due to growth in the digital space, majority of businesses and customers are online. Customers first research their products and services online. As a business, you will lose out if you have not digitized your services and products. Google is the main search engine customers will use in finding the products o services they need. Google Ads are likely to offer you amazing reach as it may target a wide audience. You can easily measure the success of the campaign based on the results gained. They are also easily customizable to the target audience. Google ads can help control the budget because you can set your budget and decide where your ads should be placed for maximum reach. They also give a significant increase in sales conversion rates as opposed to other platforms such as social media sites. As a company, you are likely to generate more sales via these ads as opposed to normal social media advertising.”

7. What Is PPC (Pay-Per-Click)?

“This is a model of internet marketing that advertisers pay for the service each time their ad is clicked. In essence, you pay for people to visit your site instead of waiting for organic visits. When someone searches for something, an ad with a similar offering is placed in the search results. The advertiser pays for the number of clicks on the advertisement only based on a bid price.”

8. Is Ppc For Big Brands Only?

“No. PPC is for all brands. Google AdWords is flexible and any business can start and run ads despite their size. It does not restrict businesses to a specific budget and you can run certain advertisements without owning a website. Therefore as a business, you can maximize your marketing budget on digital advertising and gain greater reach. Any budget can easily be tailor-made according to the needs of the organization.”

9. What Is The Actual Cost Per Click?

“The cost per click is determined by the following equation:  CPC = (Ad rank to beat / Quality score) + $0.01. The actual cost is not visible as it is determined at the auction. The average CPC is visible. The actual cost could be lower than the maximum CPC price as you pay to be at the rank of the nearest competitor below you.”

10. What Is The Difference Between Clicks And Impression?

“Impression measures the number of times that targeted users see your ads. It measures the reach of your ad. Clicks on the other hand measure the number of times the targeted users visit your website from clicking on the ad. Clicks show the number of users who clicked the ad and visited your website.”

11. Explain What Is Entered Into A Google Account?

“As an advertiser, you determine the keywords on what you want to bid on. Google will then enter a word from your account that is related to the action with the specified bid.”

12. What Is Google Quality Score?

“Google Quality Score determines how relevant and beneficial your ad is to the target audience. The quality score is determined by keyword relevance and the quality of your landing page. A higher quality score means you will earn a better ad ranking and therefore earn more. When running a Google ad it is paramount to strategize well and ensure that your quality score is high to reach a greater audience and convert to better revenues for the business. The Google quality score ranges from 1 being the smallest to 10 being the highest level.”

13. How Does The Quality Score Affect Ad Position And CPC?

“A higher quality score means the ad will rank higher therefore it is directly proportional to the ad position. It is however indirectly related to the cost per click. A higher quality score means the ad position is higher and the cost is lower. This means the business with a higher score will get better reach and generate higher revenues.”

14. What Is An Ad Group In Google Adwords?

“This is a container of your advertisements, keywords, and landing page. You can organize the keywords into themes instead of using them in a single ad group. When you run a campaign with nicely structured keywords, Google will reward you.”

15. Explain Conversion Optimizer In Adwords Is?

“This is a tool used by AdWords to manipulate bids and decide which ad clicks are valuable. It helps organizations generate the maximum return in their advertisements.”

16. Explain The Difference Between Managed And Automatic Placements?

“For managed placements, you have a say of where the ad should be placed. You can place the ad on the location network. However, this option is not available for automatic placements. Larger organizations tend to use automatic placements as they do not have the time to select all the websites that they would like to be featured on. On the other hand, small organizations will opt for managed placements as it guarantees better results for them”

17. What Google Adword Ad Extensions Do You Know?

“To increase traffic you can utilize different extensions. The most common ones are site links, review extensions, seller ratings, offer ads, communication ads, mobile app extensions, local extensions, image, and drop-down ad extensions and all extensions. Extensions will ensure your ad has a bigger reach. Extensions offer more information about your products and services, therefore, making more customers choose your business.”

18. Can Google Shopping Drive More Sales And Traffic?

“To increase traffic and sales you can employ a variety of strategies. You can use optimized product titles to describe your products. You can include product reviews and ratings to entice the target audience. You can utilize quality images and use negative keywords strategies.”

19. Are There Instances Where Google Can Reject An Ad?

“There are several reasons why Google can reject your advertisement. For example, if you are under 18 years of age, Google will reject your ad because you are below the adul age. If there is inappropriate content on your website that does not meet the terms of conditions they will reject your ad. Also, If your website has no privacy policy, Google will reject your ad. Before you place an ad ensure that you are of the required age, have content that conforms to Google’s terms, and that you do have a privacy policy clearly stated in the agreement.”

20. Name The Types Of Keywords.

“Keywords connect what people are searching for and the content that you have put out there. They will determine how potential customers interact with your products and services. There are 5 broad categories of keywords. These areas are below:

  • Negative keywords where advertisers utilize a completely different group of keywords
  • You can use the broad match where you use keywords targeting the widest audience
  • The exact match utilizes the most specific group of words
  • Broad modifier where you target a slightly narrower reach than what a broad match would do
  • A phrase match will be used when the exact set of keywords is used.”

21. How Do Youimprove Ad Position?

“You can utilize several strategies to improve the ad position. For example, you can increase the quality score so that the ad can rank higher. You can also increase the bid amount so that the ads can be placed on top of the page in the search engine. You can also use relevant ad extensions and create better and more user-friendly landing pages. You can also ensure that the picture quality is excellent and keep a relevant level of keywords such that the ads can rank higher. This will be something that you keep adjusting until you get the correct mix that generates better returns for the business.”

22. What Do You Consider To Be The Key In Developing A Great Team?

“The key elements to successful teamwork are trust, communication, and effective leadership; a focus on common goals with a collective responsibility for both success and failure. However, without trust and communication, the team will have difficulty functioning effectively. In this role, I am expected to work with different teams of creative personnel. The teams will be multi-disciplinary as we need quality photos ad content that will easily convert to generate revenues for the business. It is essential to have great communication skills so that everyone is on the same page. Digital products keep evolving at a fast rate and therefore it is essential that team members are decisive and work with speed to take advantage of any opportunity they get.”

23. Why Do You Want To Make A Career In PPC Marketing?

“I am interested in a career in PPC marketing as I have an interest in all aspects of marketing but particularly utilizing the internet. I have had an interest in digital marketing and want to create a career in this space. This field is constantly evolving and as new technology is introduced, new ideas are introduced. A career in this field is in great demand and it gives a variety of areas to focus on. It also allows me to be creative and experiment with various strategies in reaching the target audience. I also get a chance to work with people from different areas of life and to also support businesses in going their revenue through great marketing tactics. I also like that the field is continuously evolving and therefore it challenges me to stay abreast of the changes in the industry.”

24. What Will Be Your Strategy To Create A Successful Campaign?

“I will conduct my research first on the campaigns that have realized the best sales in the past and the target audience of the new ad. I will also strive to understand my target audience better and the things that will entice them and therefore make the advertisement successful. I will put a plan in place for how the campaign will be run and assemble all the resources necessary for its success. I will also ensure that there is enough time to consult with the necessary stakeholders. I will ensure that the keywords used are optimum to generate great results for the business. I will also ensure the campaign is done on time to ensure that maximum return is generated.

25. How Do You Stay Motivated In Your Work?

“Success keeps me motivated. I enjoy seeing the progress my work makes on the overall strategy of the organization. Working hard to achieve results and steer the organization forward helps me stay focused on my work. I enjoy developing new things, learning something new, and coming up with creative ways to do my job. To achieve this I find that aligning my goals to the organization’s mission helps me achieve great results. Working closely with others also helps sustain my motivation as we are working towards a common goal. Great feedback from management and other stakeholders is also great in fueling my desire to achieve more.”


Passing a PPC Google AdWords interview isn’t easy. You need focused preparation and an awareness of the most common questions. Your dream of a digital marketing career is not out of reach if you are prepared well. Rehearse your answers to the above questions and you will stand out among the candidates. Demonstrate your technical knowledge and enthusiasm for this role and you will be selected as the best fit.