Top 20 Gamestop Interview Questions & Answers 2024

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Gamestop Interview Questions & Answers

Gamestop is one of the biggest video game, consumer electronics, and gaming goods retailers in the United States. It is, in fact, the largest video game retailer in the world and has its headquarters in Grapevine, Texas. In case you are looking for a job here, take a look at some of the questions that you should expect:

1. Why Us?

Why do you want to work at Gamestop? There are several game retailers all over the United States that you could have chosen over Gamestop. This is usually a chance to praise the potential employer and sell yourself. Mention something about them that you find fascinating, and then tell the hiring manager how you will benefit the entity.

Sample Answer

I have always enjoyed my shopping experience at Gamestop. I envy your store organization and game selection. I would therefore love to use my passion for video games and gaming consoles to work in such an environment. I will offer outstanding customer experience given that I have first-hand experience as a player and video game lover.

2. What Do You Know About Us?

When preparing for your interview, make sure that you take some time to know more about the hiring organization. You can look at their website, blogs, or any general information about them that you may find online. Make sure that you offer factual information and convince the interviewer that you have always fixed your eyes on their company.

Sample Answer

Gamestop is the largest video game retailer in the world, founded in 1984 in Dallas, Texas. You are currently headquartered in Grapevine, Texas and mainly deal in consumer electronics, gaming merchandise, and video games. Some of your subsidiaries are EB Games, Sunrise Publication Inc, Micromania-Zing, and EB Games Australia.

3. Why Should We Hire You?

This is a common question in interviews. The interviewer wants to know why you believe you deserve the particular role. Treat this as a chance to sell yourself. Talk about your positive attributes, skills, and experiences that make you viable for this position. Talk highly about yourself and convince the interviewer that you can do a terrific job.

Sample Answer

I am passionate about video games and gaming consoles. I spend a lot of time playing and expanding my knowledge about games which puts me in a better position to handle customers and offer excellent services. I also have decent communication skills that will help me meet and exceed the required sales volume. Lastly, I am willing to apply all the experience I have had in this field to better this company.

4. Tell Us About Your Experience

The interviewer wants you to mention any retail or sales experience you have. You can explain about your past jobs and the roles you played. Remember to talk about this enthusiastically to show the interviewer that you enjoy working to guarantee you an easy time at Gamestop. However, be honest if you don’t have any experience. Just focus on your skills and make a good impression, and the job will be yours.

Sample Answer

I have no experience in sales and retail. However, I believe that I have all the skills required to perform what the job description requires. I am passionate about gaming and gaming consoles and can offer excellent services based on first-hand experience. I also have excellent communication and people skills, which will help me interact with customers. I can work under pressure and manage huge workloads, an important quality when working for such a huge company.

5. Tell Us about Your Availability

The interviewers want to know how flexible you are and the hours you can work. Ensure that you are honest. As a part-time game advisor for Gamestop, you will only work 8-12 hours a week, mainly in the evening and during the weekends. Therefore, tailor your answer around this information and, if possible, identify the evenings you will be available to work.

Sample Answer

I am available every afternoon or evening. I usually have nothing on my plate past noon. I can also work over the weekend and at times on Sunday, given that I do not usually have much to do. I don’t mind working from Monday to Sunday, provided that I will be assigned to evening shifts.

6. What Games Do you Love Playing?

The interviewer wants to know about the games you love playing. Remember, you need a gaming experience to advise customers well and respond to their needs. Assure the interviewers that you love video games and mention those you’ve enjoyed playing. Remember, the more you mention, the better. However, be careful not to come off as a game addict. Anyone who spends over 50 hours a week gaming may not be a good fit.

Sample Answer

I have played lots of games in my time as a gamer. I usually love trying new things and, at one point, even got a job as a games tester. However, none matches Minecraft, Fifa 21, Mortal Kombat, Nintendogs, and The Last of Us/Remastered from all the games I have played.

7. How Would You Sell a Game to a Customer?

The interviewer is assessing your competency when it comes to the job you have applied for. Can you be a good salesperson and drive the company’s sales volume up? Well, do not freak out. The interviewer doesn’t expect you to have a perfect sales pitch but just show some guts and an understanding of what makes a good sales talk.

Sample Answer

I would first enquire from the customer about their favorite game, the type of console they have, their intention, and the definition of a perfect game to discover the ideal game that matches them. I would also keep eye contact, talk with enthusiasm and focus more on emotions than features to connect with the customer.

8. What Would You Do if a Customer Loudly Complained about the Service You Offered?

The interviewer wants to know if you can stay professional and collected when dealing with customers. How do you take customer feedback? Will you lose it all and yell at the customer or try to find out their reasons? Show the hiring manager of the customer handling skills that will help you in such instances. You can also draw from previous experiences.

Sample Answer

I appreciate customer feedback since it helps me grow. I will stay calm and collected in such an instance and find out why the customer feels that way. I will then fix the issue and learn from it to prevent similar future mistakes.

9. What Keeps You Motivated in this Job?

The sales and retail industry can be challenging. You will meet different types of customers and come across situations that may demotivate you. You must therefore have a source of motivation or inspiration if you intend to survive and perform excellently.

Sample Answer

I have primarily worked in team settings since many of the companies I served in greatly appreciated collaborative work. My motivation came from knowing that my team members relied on me, and therefore I couldn’t let them down. However, I also have goals and targets that I must meet, which motivate me to give my all and do everything possible to realize them.

10. This Position Require You to Wear a Uniform to Work. How Do You Feel About That?

Employees usually wear uniforms or official attires in retail-based organizations. You must therefore tow the line if that’s the job policy at Gamestop. You can talk about the number of times you have worn a job uniform. Ensure that you stay positive and avoid shaming the establishment’s practices.

Sample Answer

I don’t have a problem wearing a work uniform. I wore a uniform at La Vue restaurant when working as a retail manager and even enjoyed the experience. I have also had a chance of seeing the uniform worn by your employees, and I am convinced that it communicates a strong level of professionalism.

11. We Highly Value Our Customers’ Interests. How Will You Ensure that Customers’ Needs are Put First?

All retail businesses value their customers, given that the retail environment is very competitive. You have to offer excellent customer service to stay in business and make a profit. Therefore, the interviewer must confirm that you can uphold excellent customer service and help clients. Discuss how you always give customers get the best service.

Sample Answer

I usually treat customers the way I’d love to be treated in a store, meaning that I actively listen to them and ask the right questions. I also strive to offer help in the slightest instance. I believe that excellent customer service is all about making someone come back again for more.

12. What’s Your Take on Performance Incentives?

The interviewer wants to know how you feel about performance incentives. Do not shy away from such discussions thinking that the interviewer will find you materialistic. Remember, employee motivation is crucial for optimum performance. Be honest with the interviewer and tell them what you think about these incentives.

Sample Answer

I feel that performance incentives are fantastic as they can be very motivating. They ensure that employees do a great job and remain on top of their key performance indices. From my experience, most people tend to enjoy them. However, I do not need performance incentives to be good at what I do, even though such small perks can go a long way. (You need to convince the interviewer that you don’t need them to perform)

13. You Will Come Across Different Customers When Working for Us. How Would You Deal With Customers Who Becomes Aggressive to a Coworker?

It is best to be prepared for different types of people when working in retail or customer-based environments. You will require diplomacy and tact when dealing with some characters. Kindly tell the interviewer how you would deal with an aggressive customer. Make sure that your approach is professional. Do not mention things such as ganging up against the customer and throwing them out of the store.

Sample Answer

I have dealt with such customers before. I would maintain my calmness but firmly ask them to calm down. I won’t also mind calling security if they continue being a nuisance. I believe that everybody should be treated with respect in the store, including my colleagues. I can never miss a chance to ask for that respect back.

14. This Role Will Require You to Handle Transactions. Mention about Your Mathematics Skills

Most roles in Gamestop will see you handling customer transactions. You must therefore have some basic Mathematics understanding. This is where you tell the interviewer your cashier experience or any interaction with handling cash.  Be honest.

Sample Answer

My Mathematics skills are excellent. I enjoyed Maths in school and even trained to be a cashier. I have handled cash before in the retail stores I have worked in. I am therefore in an excellent position to handle customer transactions. (Just convince the interviewer that you have all it takes to ace that particular role)

15. What Type of Manager Do You Love Working With?

The interview wants to know the type of manager that brings out the best in you. Please find out about how Gamestop manages its employees and craft your answer around it. Do not also describe a populist or an ineffective manager. Remember, your choice of manager or supervisor says more about you. If you want a laid-back manager, then the chances are that you are a lazy employee.

Sample Answer

I love a manager who keeps me on my toes but also understands. I believe in inspiring than managing, and therefore, they should be more of a leader than a boss. The manager should also be empathetic and willing to help whenever there is a concern. Lastly, they should be strict but approachable.

16. We Believe in Preparing All Our Employees for Future Management Roles. Are You by any Chance Interested in a Future Leadership Role With Us?

The interviewer wants to determine how long you are willing to stick around. Rising to a leadership position may take time, especially in retail and customer-based jobs, meaning that you’ll have to be patient. For the sake of getting the job, ensure that your answer is positive. Alternatively, you can say that you don’t fancy leadership positions even though you plan to stick around.

Sample Answer

I love new challenges. I have therefore thought about trying out a management role in the future. I am definitely interested in potential leadership roles at Gamestop, even though I am currently gaining more experience and skills that will help me when the right time comes.

17. Mention Any 3 Qualities You Posses that Make You Qualified for this Position?

Do you know what it takes to be good at the position you are interviewing for? Please look at the job description once more and then match your skills to what it dictates. Make sure that you only mention relevant skills and prepare for any follow-up question that you may be asked.

Sample Answer

Since this is a customer-based role, I believe that my patience, people skills, and ability to work under pressure will come in handy as they will help me to handle customers better.

18. How Would You Love Us to Recognize You for Your Achievements?

Employee recognition is one of the ways of staff motivation. It works magic, especially when done right. Be honest with the interviewer and try as much as possible, not to mention material items.

Sample Answer

I love public recognition because it means that somebody saw whatever I did, found joy in it, and therefore wants me to be an inspiration to others. I do not also mind gifts or incentives once in a while.

19. What Would You Do if a Supervisor Does Not Properly Pass Information to You?

This is a scenario-based question on communication. How would you handle a situation where your manager or supervisor does not relay information? Convince the interviewer that you know the role communication plays in efficient service delivery and would therefore try as much as possible to get the information.

Sample Answer

I believe in asking for clarifications whenever something is not clear. I would therefore ask questions in such an instance to enhance my understanding. I may also request the supervisor to break down the information into something I can understand.

20. What Type of Work Environment Don’t You Like?

The interviewer wants to know more about you and your preferred working conditions. Handle such questions tactfully as you may find yourself negatively describing your potential hirer. Also, ensure that you are honest.

Sample Answer

I believe in an environment that employees are free and willing to voice their concerns and better the workplace. Therefore I wouldn’t say I like one that suppresses employees. I don’t also fancy an environment that doesn’t recognize employees.


These are some of the questions you should expect in Gamestop interviews. Take some time to go through them and craft unique responses from our sample answers. Also, make sure that you work on your interview skills.