Top 20 Costco Interview Questions and Answers for 2023

Costco Interview Questions & Answers

Costco Interview Questions can be stressful and their completion is intense. However, preparing yourself by going through the following 20 Costco Interview Questions & Answers will ace your chances of getting a job at this retail company.

1. What Do You Think Sets Costco Apart From Its Competitors?

The recruiting manager may ask you this question to understand whether or not you know their brand. The best strategy for responding to this question is to talk a little bit about Costco Success.

Sample Answer

“Costco has a very unique working culture. Besides offering exciting deals, the company provides its members with high-quality products at a very reasonable price. Another thing I like is their amazing customer service. A customer is given a membership card that he or she uses while doing shopping.aI believe this is what separate Costco from its competitors.”

2.  Costco Is A membership-only Store. Describe The Action You Would Take If You Discover That A Customer Does Not Have His Or Her Membership Card During Checking Out.

Here, the recruiting manager is assessing your customer service and problem-solving skills. The best strategy for responding to this question is to showcase your ability to follow policies while handling a difficult situation. You can even share a similar experience you may have had in your previous role.

Sample Answer ”I would seek to understand why the customer doesn’t have his or her membership card in a respectful and polite manner. Depending on the customer’s response, I would ask them to visit the membership desk first before going on with their transaction. While collaborating with the person on the desk, I will get their details as the customer is being issued with a new card. Once I have ensured that the customer’s details are verified, I will attend to him or her upfront to avoid keeping the customer waiting. This will help the customer to avoid any issue as they get Costco services at that time going forward.”

3. What Duties Have You Performed In The Past That Match With This Position?

This question tests whether your background matches the needs of the company that is recruiting you. Describe your work history as you connect to the needs of the company.

Sample Answer

“Previously, I have worked both as a salesperson and cashier. These capacities have been rewarding. My duties included welcoming customers, showing them shelves or aisles of interest, and assisting them to choose the right products. In addition, I was also tasked with stocking the shelves, handling inventory, handling cash, and managing credit card payment.”

4. What Skills Will You Bring At Costco Should You Get This Job?

The recruiting manager may ask you this question to determine whether or not you have the skills they are seeking. In your answer, highlight your strong skills and match them with the needs of your potential employer.

Sample Answer

“I am a highly-skilled person who has had a lot of experience in retail. My customer service skills are excellent and I can handle complaints with ease. I can efficiently manage credit card payments, cash payments as well as make sure that cash drawers are properly balanced. Additionally, I’m well-versed in handling vendor relations, and can also assist with visual merchandising efforts.”

5. What Can You Tell Us About Costco?

Here, the employer wants to find out what you know about Costco. Having researched about the company before the interview will help you describe what you know about it.

Sample Answer

“Costco is among the largest retailers globally. It offers insurance, a travel agency, and a photo center. This company was founded in 1983 at Kirkland Washington and in 1993, they merged with Price Club. Costco warehouses carry about 4,000 SKUs (stock-keeping units) compared to the 30,000 found at most supermarkets. Costco Is known for treating their employees better than their competitors with a fair wage rather than a minimum wage and because of this, they retain their employees longer.”

6. What Qualities Do You Have To Be Successful In This Position?

This question allows the employer to know whether you are aware of the qualities you should have to be successful in your roles at Costco. In your answer, provide insights about the traits and strengths you will bring to the table.

Sample Answers

“In my opinion, I think communication, perseverance, and teamwork are great traits in far as this job is concerned. Every employee must be able to rely on each other thus making teamwork important. With solid communication skills, customer experience and team dynamics are strengthened making it essential. Additionally, with perseverance, an employee will hold on regardless of obstacles. Also, if one has to be successful working at Costco, he or she must  be a responsible, hardworking, team player, and trustworthy.”

7. If You Are Working On A High-Priority Task And A Customer Approaches You Looking For Help, What Do You Do?

Recruiting managers ask questions like this to make sure they find candidates who understand that customers are their priority. In your response, indicate that you are aware that Costco employees have a range of responsibilities and that you will prioritize customers.

Sample Answers

“If a  customer approaches me seeking any kind of help, I would immediately pause what I’m doing and give them my full attention. I believe that customer service always should come first. I will listen to their needs, above all else. Once I get a grasp of what they need, I’ll offer my assistance appropriately even if it takes me away from the high-priority task for a moment. After I have the customer squared away, I’ll return and give that activity my full attention once more.”

8.  Even If Costco Is A Fast-Paced Environment, There Can Be A Lull Occasionally. What Will You Do If You Experienced A Lull In Your Day?

Here, the hiring manager is assessing whether or not you are a self-motivated and passionate individual. In your response, demonstrate that you can remain productive at all times including when most of the tasks have been completed.

Sample Answer

“If I encounter a lull in my day, I will take it as an opportunity to handle routine work that needs to be covered such as refolding items, organizing clothing on racks as well as making sure that the area is in tip-top shape. I would also reach out to my coworkers and supervisor letting them know that I’m available to help in any way that could be beneficial to them.”

9. Describe A Time On The Job That Now, Looking Back, You Wish You’d Handled Your Customer Service Responsibilities Better. What Would You Do Differently This Time?

The hiring manager asks this question to assess if you are honest to admit your mistakes and learn from them. In your answer admit that you are not perfect every single time.

Sample Answer

There is a day I had an emotionally taxing day. Towards the end, I was approached by a customer who wanted my assistance. I can attest that I did not have the best attitude while assisting them. My response was a bit curt though this is not my typical standard.  I could tell that the client noticed it. When I realized this, I tried to adjust my attitude. Looking back, I regret that mistake. Today, I always take a beat before responding to a customer, and if I could go back, I’d use that technique now. Even a brief second allows me to check myself, ensuring I don’t let past frustrations influence the new interaction. It only takes a moment but allows me to refocus, enabling me to offer the customer the best experience possible.”

10. What Motivates You?

The recruiting manager asks this question to see your resiliency and determination on how you will handle challenges and setbacks.  Explain the strong values that you follow while doing your job.

Sample Answer

“I get my motivations by being able to meet targets, goals, and deadlines. I also take pleasure by mentoring and coaching others as well as learning new things.”

11. How Will You Handle Work Pressure At Costco?

Here, the hiring manager is testing your organizational skills. In your answer, indicate that you have planning and organizational skills.

Sample Answer

“I will ensure to remain organized while working at Costco. I will ensure to organize all tasks appropriately including segregating them as per the level of importance. I will then list down specific timelines to complete every task while also paying attention to ensure that I do not miss out on any critical information. Additionally, I would review every task with my supervisor every week to ensure that I am on track. In case I find that the workload is too much for me, I would delegate some tasks to my team members.”

12. Stress Is Inevitable At Times. How Would You Handle Stress At Work?

The interviewer will ask you this question to find out whether you can handle high-stress situations. In your response, demonstrate your stress management techniques including the strategies you use to cope with pressure.

Sample Answer

“I always maintain a work checklist to streamline my work properly. However, in case I find myself under stress, I try to remain calm at work so that I can handle stressful situations with the presence of mind. Additionally. I do not get agitated at work. I handle every task calmly to get the right results.”

13. Here, We Are Customer-Centric. How Will You Provide Exceptional Customer Service At Costco?

The interviewer asks this to find out whether you are aware of the importance of having excellent customer service skills. In your answer, provide a few importance of customer service as you connect them to the role at hand.

Sample Answer

“I believe that customers get impressed by receiving exceptional customer service.

Guided by this, I put extra and sincere efforts to satisfy customers. I have realized that by doing this, they remain loyal to the brand.”

14. Tell Me About A Time When You Went Above And Beyond For Customer Service?

The hiring manager asks this question to get a grasp of what you refer to as going beyond for a customer. Share about a time you went beyond and above for a customer.

Sample Answer

“I have gone above and beyond for a customer countless times. For instance, one day it was raining heavily. I realized that one of my customers looked stuck not knowing how to get into her car. Covering her with  my umbrella, I escorted her to her car and she was very happy.”

15. What Are Your Greatest Strengths?

The recruiting manager wants to find out whether or not your strength can help you excel at your work.  The best way to answer this question is to tie your strength into the qualities mentioned in the job advert.

Sample Answer

“My strongest point is that I am people-centered as well as my abilities to close sales without being pushy. I can relate well with customers, get to know them, and build excellent rapport that helps me make solid recommendations that suit them. This has resulted in having loyal customers who buy, return, and repeat.”

16. Describe Your Perfect Work Environment.

This is a common question asked by the recruiting manager here at Costco to determine whether you can fit in their working environment. The best way to answer this question is to demonstrate that you adapt very fast to a new environment.

Sample Answer

“I like working in an environment where people work towards a single goal like here at Costco. I believe that a perfect work environment is the one where other colleagues do not pull down each other’s effort but instead work towards team building.”

17.  Can You Tell Me About A Time When A Customer Was Angry With You?

Here, the interviewer is evaluating your interpersonal skills. The best way to respond to this question is to highlight that you are a person who can handle difficult issues maturely.

Sample Answer

“ One day while I was arranging goods on the shelves., a customer bumped into me and fell since she had not seen me.  She was concentrating on looking at items on the shelves and not where she was going. Unfortunately, she began to yell at me while also saying that she will sue the company. The outcry was very huge and she insisted that I had deliberately made her fall. This commotion made the manager to come over. He suggested that we watch the CCTV footage. From the footage, it was very clear that the fault was the customer. The supervisor asked me whether I wanted to press charges against the customer but I decided to let it go.”

18. Which Of This Do You Prefer. Working Alone Or As A Team?

Costco works much as a team and that’s why the hiring managers ask this question to find out whether the candidate being interviewed is comfortable with their working culture. In your answer, inform the interviewer that you wouldn’t mind working as a team.

Sample Answer

“ I am a hardworking person who can work either individually or as a team. I believe that the best ideas come forth while working in a team. Therefore, I would prefer working with a team even if I can work individually.”

19. Where Do You See Yourself In The Next Couple Of Years?

This is a common question here at Costco where the recruiting manager seeks to understand whether or not you are willing to be with the company for long. The best way to respond to this question is to express your willingness to take up more responsibilities to contribute to the growth of the company.

Sample Answer

“In the next few years, I look forward to holding a managerial role to demonstrate my leadership qualities here at Costco. Additionally, I would like to be more evolved in my career including having improved and gained more skills in this industry. I will be happy if in the next few years I’m referred to as a more intelligent person than I am today.”

20. What Other Companies Are You Interviewing With?

Here, the hiring manager wants to know the competition that is there in hiring you and whether or not you are serious about Costco. The best approach will be to mention that you are exploring some similar options with other company but you would give preference to Costco if all goes well.

Sample Answer

“I have applied for similar positions in other firms. Next week, I have also been invited for an interview in an IT firm where they need someone who can analyze client needs and translate them to development teams in order to find solutions to technology problems. However, I would give priority to working here.”


You need to demonstrate self-motivation in order to give your interview the best shot.  This will Ace your chances of winning a job at Costco.

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