Top 25 Building Manager Interview Questions and Answers in 2023

Building Manager Interview Questions and Answers

Every real estate project requires a building manager who plays varied roles. These are property management service providers that work with property management companies, corporations, schools, and retail facilities and play varied roles such as overseeing the fire prevention systems, security staff, and the security systems.

If you are eyeing a building manager job with a renowned property management company, this article will look at some of the questions you should expect to help you prepare adequately for your upcoming interview. Take a look at the following questions and answers them accordingly:

1. Why Are You Interested In This Position?

As a future property owner, I am interested in property management. I would love to continue learning more about the topic and expanding my skills and abilities. I believe that this job and position will allow me to better my career as I also help the company thrive. I know that I have everything it takes to do a good job and record excellent results. Lastly, this position will expose me to the new challenges I have been looking for in my career.

2. What Are The Duties Of A Property Manager?

A property manager plays different roles depending on the establishment, even though some may cut across. Most of their roles are geared towards overseeing the maintenance and daily operation of residential, commercial, and industrial property. They ensure that the buildings and facilities meet the required codes and standards, liaise with tenants and investors or owners, and lastly coordinate and manage maintenance, security activities, and housekeeping, making them a necessary addition to any housing or real estate project.

3. What Are The Qualities That A Building Manager Needs To Be Effective?

Building management isn’t as easy as it sounds and calls for several qualities to be successful. Like any other management job, they need to be good communicators since they act as a bridge between the tenants and building owners. Other skills include listening skills, transparency, ability to work in a team setting, trustworthiness, reliability and consistency, good decision-making ability, empathy, sensitivity, and conflict resolution. Lastly, they must empower and motivate a team.

4. What Major Challenges Did You Face During Your Last Role? How Did You Manage Them?

I worked for one of the best property management firms in my last role. The environment was conducive and well crafted for teamwork. However, it was in a low-income neighborhood, and therefore I had a problem with the tenants who couldn’t make rent in time, forcing us to at times throw them out. I managed to talk to the building owner and the management company to have better payment systems in place since most of the tenants were cooperative. We came up with something and minimized such issues.

5. Describe Your Daily Routine As A Building Manager?

As a building manager, my days revolve around the same tasks. Generally, I report to work early, inspect the building, attend to duties such as concierge, cleaning, and groundskeeping. I am also available for any complaints, which I relay to the proper authorities through the right channels. All in all, I help building owners and corporations manage and maintain their property. I am also ready to undertake any extra duties that this job brings forth.

6. Describe Briefly About Your Experience

This is my seventh year as a building manager. I have worked with four companies and had a chance to obtain lots of experience in this field. I have vast experience in cleaning and groundskeeping, which are some of the essential duties of a building manager. I can liaise well with tenants and clients for the proper maintenance of the building. I have obtained important experience in building and property maintenance, which I will be willing to use here once I get this job.

7. What Kind Of Strategies And Mindset Is Required For This Role?

I believe that the best strategy for any building manager is to tailor their management around benefitting all the parties involved. Their management style and technique should benefit both the tenants, owners and the management companies. As for the right mindset, one needs to be result-oriented to deliver and handle all the challenges of this job. I have all these two and believe that I will do a good job given a chance.

8. What Is The Biggest Challenge That You Foresee In This Job?

I have gone through your job description and company’s culture, which assure me that I will have a great time working in this establishment. However, I recently learned that I might need to relocate, which I wasn’t mentally prepared for. I may need some time to make arrangements and get a few things in order.

9. How Do You Stay Motivated In Your Work?

Working as a building manager can be stressful, especially if the tenants are uncooperative. However, I believe that everything is possible when one is motivated enough. First, I am a self-motivated individual who believes in going all out. I, therefore, strive to meet deadlines and better myself in this role, which has always born significant benefits. I am also motivated by success. I believe in succeeding and being better at what I do, which I have managed to achieve in this position.

10. Describe A Time When You Failed In This Role And The Lesson You Learnt?

I used to believe that my loyalty and service were only to the management company and not the tenants when I started working. I, therefore, came up with repressive and, at times, authoritarian decisions that did rub well on the tenants. I, therefore, had a problem managing them and would constantly disagree with a good number of them. Things changed after realizing that I had to consider their voices as good managers. I had an easy time in management.

11. Why Do You Feel You Are The Most Suited For This Role?

I can’t talk to the other candidates, but my experience sets me ahead of the competition. This is my tenth year in management, having worked with several property management companies all over the state. I have also worked in low- and high-income projects, and I work with tenants from every divide. I also have an array of management skills to ensure that I am always at my best. All these make me positive that I will do an excellent job given a chance. I will strive to blend in well with my teammates and offer all the necessary help where needed.

12. Share With Us Your Greatest Achievement.

I have achieved quite several things in my career. However, I believe that the greatest was convincing a company I was working for to develop a better rent payment framework for a low-income real estate project I was working for. Most of the tenants were trying hard enough to meet the required rent. Still, they couldn’t pay in time, resulting in desperation and people getting kicked out. I convinced the owners of flexible payment dates and options and even helped draft the new framework. I still remember the smiles they had on their faces.

13. Can You Ensure That All The Buildings Under Your Management Are Complying With The Needed Codes?

Yes. I understand the importance of buildings and establishments complying with the laid down codes. I will perform regular inspections, supervision, and needed evaluations to ensure compliance. I am also well-read on the different codes and standards, which put me in a better position to ensure compliance. I will also work with the necessary authorities and parties to ensure compliance. I hope that you will consider me for this position.

14. Can You Handle A Security Breach Well?

Yes. After working as a building manager for several years, I know how to go about my job description and effectively handle security breaches. First, I will call security or the police before taking any necessary precautions to limit the breach’s effects or minimize its potential damage. Depending on the breach, I may use the intercom system in the building to encourage the employees to stay indoors, calm, or assure them that it is under control. I will also offer any necessary assistance to deal with the breach and minimize it.

15. Can You Handle Uncooperative Tenants?

One of the biggest challenges of building management is uncooperative tenants. Some go out of their way to make your work a living hell, leaving you questioning yourself. However, I understand that people may be facing different issues, given that I am also a tenant. I normally give such uncooperative tenants a chance to change through a warning notice or summon. However, if they don’t change and continue bothering everyone, I am normally forced to arrange an eviction notice. I believe that people cooperate in a building for successful management. From the types of tenants you have, I am sure that I will have an easy time here if I get the job.

16. How Do You Normally Evaluate A New Cleaning Company?

Every building manager should know how to evaluate the cleaning needs of a building and get the right people to attend to them. I therefore normally confirm whether the potential company can handle all the cleaning needs of the building or apartment before they are given the go-ahead. They should also be flexible and thorough with their cleaning, given my love for hygiene. Lastly, a cleaning company should be well-staffed and coordinated.

17. Can You Coordinate And Keep Track Of Different Maintenance Activities?

Yes. A building manager should know how to handle all their tasks well and track different maintenance activities. I normally have a planner to note down everything that needs doing around the workplace. It helps me know which ones to attend to first and the ones to come to later. Having a planner also means that I can plan out my work in advance, giving me the level of flexibility and control I need. I also normally work closely with the workers to ensure proper coordination and track-keeping of different activities.

18. What Is Your Preferred Management Style As A Building Manager?

I have tried different management styles throughout my career but believe that nothing beats teamwork and delegating responsibilities. Working closely with a team whose members understand their roles and fit into the organization is crucial. It encourages dependency on one another. I also believe in real-time feedback, which creates an open work environment. I’d love my subordinates and other team members to be confident enough to say whatever they feel. Therefore, my management style brings people close and gives them an environment to air their views.

19. Have You Done Anything To Better Yourself In This Position In The Last 5 Years?

I have done quite a number of things to better my career and improve my management style. First, I took a course in building regulations to understand all the codes that buildings should adhere to. I know how to inspect the buildings to ensure adherence. I have also attended over twenty seminars on building management in the last two years, which have always come in handy.

20. Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?

My last job was awesome. I was surrounded by amazing people and therefore enjoyed every moment spent at the establishment. However, after working there for close to three years, I felt that giving someone else a chance and step back was necessary. I have learned quite a lot of handy information in my career, which someone else also deserved. I also needed new challenges and continued growth, which this job will offer me. I am willing to do everything possible to prosper in this new job if given a chance.

21. Describe A Conflict You Had With A Tenant?

I once had a bad experience with a tenant who refused to decrease his music volume and was causing chaos in the whole building. I went to ask him to turn down his music, but he came guns blazing. I had to involve security to deal with him since he threatened to cause violence. The owner was notified, and he was evicted. Even though this is not one of my best moments as a property manager, I believe that no one should threaten the peace of others.

22. What’s Your Take On Evicting A Client?

I believe that a building manager should be firm and not let emotions get into his way of work. My work as a building manager is to find paying customers since the owner also expects rent at the end of the month. Even though I do not particularly enjoy evicting tenants, I am always pushed to do it several times. However, I normally offer a warning first. With the authority of the owner or management company, I may give them some time to pay. All in all, I would like to stay that I don’t fear making such decisions when needed.

23. Part Of Your Work Includes Maintaining The Records Of Incomes And Expenses. How Will  You Do That?

I always strive to maintain a clear system in my work, which has helped me reach this far. I normally use Microsoft Excel and a range of other amazing management software to maintain the records of Incomes and Expenses. I am also thorough in my work and track everything, including the ‘negligible’ expenses. I will also ensure that every expense is assigned to a specific tenant for effective record keeping and management.

24. How Would You Handle A Good Tenant Who Is Late Iwth Their Payment For Two Consecutive Weeks?

Finding good tenants can be quite difficult, and therefore, I normally prefer keeping them whenever I get one. I will visit the tenant and inquire more about their situation in such a case. I would also politely ask about any problem they are experiencing, causing delays, and be empathetic enough to understand their situation. I will then find the right course of action, which may be giving the tenant a deadline, a warning, or a different payment schedule depending on their situation.

25. How Would You Pick The Right Repair And Maintenance Company For An Organization?

I love competence and delivery. I would therefore only contract a company that can deliver exceedingly well and meets all our repair and maintenance needs. I also work with people with a good track record and meet the necessary timelines. At times, I also work with referrals, especially when we urgently need help and relevant services. All in all, I am positive that I will do a good job sourcing for the right companies to help in performing repairs and maintenance.


These are some common questions someone can be asked in a building manager interview question. Ensure that you are well versed in property management before you set foot into the interview room to increase your chances of landing the job. We wish you all the best.