Top 25 AutoCAD Interview Questions and Answers in 2024

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AutoCAD Interview Questions & Answers

Nowadays, AutoCAD is widely used to draw one’s thoughts. It could be considered as the replacement for pens and pencils which in the past, were heavily used to illustrate ideas and thoughts. It is undeniable that AutoCAD has been a great supplant since it could bring concepts to life considerably more quickly and effectively with digital designs. Due to the rising usage of AutoCAD, the demand for AutoCAD will be simultaneously increased as well. Hence, one might be interested to pursue in this profession.

In this article, we will provide 25 interview questions along with the answers if you are aiming for AutoCAD-related jobs. Let’s have a look at the 25 questions now.

1. Why Are You Interested In This Role?

I am interested in this job because I believe I have the type of knowledge required to thrive in this position as well as in the company. I believe I am well-equipped with the knowledge I have obtained during my past years of studying and working in this field. That aside, I am particularly attracted to the company culture here where the employees are encouraged to innovation and it is very well aligned with what I sought in my career path as well. I am sure I will be able to make use of my skills and contribute to this growing company.

2. What Are The Main Roles Of An AutoCAD Drafter?

AutoCAD drafter is responsible to create CAD models to be presented to the clients. They are also in charge of meeting up with clients, which include engineers or architects, in order to discuss the design concepts of the CAD models they are working on. They will also be responsible to modify and edit the designs accordingly to the clients’ requests. In short, the main roles of an AutoCAD drafter are to fulfill clients’ requests by discussing the concept, building them, and modifying necessarily.

3. What Do You Think Are The Qualities Needed By An AutoCAD Designer To Be Effective?

One of the most crucial qualities needed by an AutoCAD designer is interpersonal and communication skills. These skills are important since they need to handle meetings with clients in order to find out the CAD designs model they want. Aside from communication skills, they have to be detail-oriented and have high analytical and precision. These are important to fulfill the clients’ requests at their max. This will ensure the job will be delivered successfully.

4. What Major Challenges Did You Have During Your Previous Role? How Did You Handle It?

In my early days in this profession, my biggest challenge was to adapt and remember the command tools and the shortcut keys to hasten my work. The adapting phase took me a while but I gradually learned the tricks thanks to my helpful colleagues. I think if I were to experience the same situation again, I will be able to overcome this better than I was the first time. I also strive to be able to help our new recruits to overcome this challenge if they were to face the same thing.

5. Briefly Explain What You Know About AutoCAD.

AutoCAD, introduced by Autodesk, is a computer-aided design program that enables us to create and edit digital 2D and 3D designs faster. It also eases the process way more compared to illustrating manually using hand. Since it is digital-based, the data could be stored on a digital platform and be accessible anytime and anywhere. This program is very helpful as it allows the designer to put their numerous concepts into action and represent them to suppliers or clients.

6. What Are The Benefits Of Using AutoCAD?

There are plenty of benefits of AutoCAD, most of them are related to the nature of it being a digital-based software. In contrast with manual illustration, the process of editing and modifying designs will be a whole lot easier with AutoCAD. Besides that, there will be features where the designers could recycle the older drafts rather than beginning from scratch, as heavily displayed whenever done manually. Aside from these, using a digital platform will also negate the probability of making any minimal error in terms of fractions or smaller sizes designs. These are some of the benefits of using AutoCAD compared to being done manually.

7. Share With Us What Are The File Format Used In AutoCAD.

There are several file formats known to be used in AutoCAD. The most exclusive native file format s DWG. It is used for storing and describing 2D and 3D design data and also metadata. Another notable file format is DXF which is known as Drawing Exchange Format. The function is for the export of data into different software. The other file format is DWT, for the purpose of AutoCAD Template files. DWF or Drawing Web Format is for file sharing which could be viewed online or via DWF viewer.

8. Explain The Steps In Creating A User Interface In AutoCAD.

The first step is to research and plan. The interface should be able to meet the needs of the user and fits the criteria that may be related to the intended use of the interface. It is good to be able to compare with existing or competitors’ to be able to maximize and provide the lacking components. Next is to find out the list of tasks to be included in the interface and start to plan the structure. The steps should then be followed with building the prototype before proceeding with the final productions once approved by related stakeholders.

9. What Are Your Tips In Creating An Interface In AutoCAD?

When creating a user interface in AutoCAD, it is advisable to keep it simple. Too many details and element will make the interface looks crowded and may reduce its viewability of it. Next is to be strategic in the choice of color and layout. Another important aspect when creating an interface is to be strategic with the layout as well as the placement of the items. I also highly recommend providing user-friendly default which may ease the process for users.

10. What Are Some Of The CAD Software That You Are Familiar With?

I am most familiar with AutoCAD since I have been using it since my study years, approximately ten years. The other software that I have been using is TinkerCAD and Fusion 360°. Besides this mentioned software, I have explored several other software to compare the features equipped in them. I am also willing to learn and utilize other software if required by the company I will be working for.

11. What Are The System Requirements To Run AutoCAD?

The most needed requirement is for the computer system to be able to run graphic controllers. The recommended memory needed is 16GB but 8GB would be sufficient too. The recommended processor is a 3+ GHz processor while the recommended display card is 4GB GPU with 106 GB/s Bandwidth and DirectX 12 compliant. These are some of the recommended system requirements to be able to run well in Windows.

12. Share With Us What You Know About Variants In AutoCAD.

AutoCAD has a variety of variants. Some of them allow us to construct an application or to reduce the number of programs that are released. Another use of variants is to expand the number of variants of the program used. The variants in AutoCAD also aid in the construction, visualization, and rendering of 3D models and printing, other than employing multiple execution functionality of application depending on the requirements.

13. What Is The Purpose Of Vertical Integration?

Vertical integration is employed to spruce up the 3D object’s architectural design. 3D objects can contain walls and other items that are associated with data that has intelligence and can be associated with simple objects including lines and circles.

14. What Are Some Examples Of Vertical Programs For Enhancement Purposes?

Some of the most known vertical integration programs are AutoCAD Plant 3D, AutoCAD Electrical, Advance Steel, Autodesk Civil 3D, AutoCAD Map 3D, AutoCAD Architecture.

15. What Are The Examples Of Features That Could Be Corrected By AutoCAD?

AutoCAD recognizes issues and corrects them by eliminating the drawing elements that are corrupted. It also adds vertices to the poly-lines using the provided option of adding new vertices. Finding the exact location of the poly-line with 0 vertices might be used to repair or ignore the error. When an object is deemed to be no longer needed in the system, it could be erased or eliminated.

16. Which Field Do You Think Will Heavily Use AutoCAD Software?

AutoCAD could be used in various fields. It is very widely used by architects, engineers, and constructors in order to mount their construction layouts. It is very helpful for these people since they need a lot of visualizing and designing materials and AutoCAD fits their needs. Aside from engineering and electrical fields, manufacturing, plumbing designers and even medical-related positions could utilize AutoCAD.

17. What Can You Do To Get Rid Of Aberration Caused By Empty Layers?

There are numerous methods for removing empty layers. They could be deleted, for example, by employing all of the objects at the same time in one location. Besides, you can also delete the references to the layers or freeze them against this backdrop. When it comes to deleting layers, the expert command is particularly important. The result could be saved in a DXF file after the empty layer has been eliminated.

18. Describe A Time You Failed In This Role And The Lesson You Learned.

In my previous position, we were allowed to choose our working group. I decided to work together with the person I was most comfortable with although I was aware of her poor working performance. In my mind, I think I would be able to pull her along. The plan backfired since I was the one who had to perform most of the tasks. From there, I learned to be more careful with my working partner and to be able to step out of my comfort zone.

19. What Is The Biggest Challenge That You Foresee In This Position?

I think juggling several projects at the same time while ensuring the best outcome for all tasks will be one of the challenges in this job. I have always worked multiple jobs at the same time. While being accustomed to it, it is undeniable that it takes huge effort in ensuring all tasks are delivered successfully without any errors or missing deadlines. Even in this next job, I strive to be able to meet the expectations to the fullest.

20. Can You Handle Conflict In Your Working Group?

I have never faced any conflict in my working group before so I can’t say if I were able to handle it when the time comes. However, I did have several acquaintances who faced several conflicts and they asked for my advice and suggestions. I could say, I was able to visualize myself in their positions and came up with several ways to resolve the issues. The acquaintances also heeded my suggestions and said they were able to accept their clashing opinions.

21. How Will You Organize Your Tasks If You Are Working On Multiple Tasks At The Same Time?

The first thing I would do is plan ahead before starting with any of the tasks. I will segregate and prioritize the tasks according to their importance, which includes the deadlines and the complexity. If possible, I will even discuss and delegate the tasks among my working group fairly. Besides, I also opt to use project management software to be able to track my progress more evidently. This will help me to be more alert with the cruciality of the tasks I am working on.

22. What Are The Steps To Duplicate Dimension Styles From One Drawing To The Next?

To duplicate measurement styles, you must first set up the measuring style in question. Another document must be created to duplicate this measurement style. This archive will be saved in the form of a sketch after it is completed. the new drawing format archive will be served as the new resource which will display all the available options. By using the design center, AutoCAD instruments can be used to copy measurement styles from one drawing to the next.

23. What Are The Purposes Of The Setvar Command In AutoCAD?

The Setvar command or Set Variable is one of AutoCAD’s most fundamental commands. It is mostly used to change the values of system variables. Hence, it is deemed as one of the most important with special meaning in the context of design. Setvar is the component where various types of output-type commands such as DISPLAY, EXECUTE, and PRINT is done. It could be run from the command line, from a Sequel script, from a CL program, or from within other commands.

24. What Would You Do If You Have To Work With Someone With Different Opinions?

Working with different types of people is inevitable and I could foresee working with people who are not on the same page as me. When the time comes, it is the best step to take the matter professionally and does not involve personal feelings. I will try to discuss the matters and different opinions thoroughly with the person in question. However, if we can’t come to a consensus, I think it is helpful to seek help or consultation from a mediator who will be able to assist us in making our tasks.

25. What Would You Do If Your Client Is Someone Who Has Almost Zero Knowledge About AutoCAD?

I will first explain to them the basic knowledge of AutoCAD using simple terms. I will try to avoid using jargon to prevent them from getting confused. I will then tell them what are the functions of AutoCAD and how AutoCAD will assist in easing the works some more. I may even demonstrate how AutoCAD works by showing them hands-on designs on the spot to help them to understand more. Aside from sharing knowledge with them, it may also strengthen their trust to work with us.


That concludes the 25 interview questions along with the answers if you are applying for AutoCAD-related positions. These could be used are references for both the interviewer as well as the interviewee. Due to its user-friendly features and functionality, AutoCAD has been widely used to replace manual illustrating tools. Hence the demand for AutoCAD experts has been rising these recent years. You might be one of the AutoCAD operators sought by the company. We wish you the best of luck in the upcoming interviews for your dream job.