Are Water Bottles An Effective Promotional Tool?

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Are Water Bottles An Effective Promotional Tool

Water. It’s a life-sustaining liquid that all of us need to survive. Human beings are predominantly made of water, it’s in all of our food, you cook with it, and it’s part of what makes the world go round. Staying hydrated is important. The average person needs to drink at least glasses of water per day to stay healthy. Water helps with losing weight, staying in shape, and feeling good. The last thing anybody wants to do is get dehydrated! So, it makes sense that water bottles would make for a fantastic promotional opportunity. Whether you decide to sell them at a discounted rate to advertise your business or use them as giveaways, a water bottle can be beneficial to your marketing strategy. Here’s how.

Why Water Bottles

Water bottles are one of the most versatile promotional items you can offer at a company. They’re inexpensive to produce and you can buy them in bulk, making them something that can double as a sales / promotion item depending on your business needs. Customers also like to keep them for a long time when they receive them (often for a year or more). That’s because water bottles are incredibly useful to have around regardless of their volume and design. Although you might give a water bottle out as a promotional gift, the customer can then pass it along to somebody else which can increase your brand awareness. They make great branded giveaways due to how highly visible they can be, how good they are for the environment, and how well they promote healthy living. In a world where health is one of the premier items on our minds these days, it makes sense to reinforce positive and healthy behavior like drinking water.

Types of Water Bottles

If you’re thinking about promoting with water bottles, you should know and understand the pros/cons of the different types. Reusable water bottles will most likely come as plastic, glass, and metal containers. Each has their own pros and cons. Plastic bottles are durable and can be highly portable. Metal bottles (especially stainless steel) are versatile but can be a bit pricey sometimes. Glass bottles are ideal for a clean, delicious beverage but can shatter easily. Water bottles can be insulated, feature built-in filters, and have a variety of different lids people can use. Some water bottles can have carabiners or straps attached to them to make them easier to carry. To get the most out of your marketing efforts, ensure the high quality of your water bottles and be sure to go with BPA-free materials in their construction.

Customizable Marketing

Any good marketing plan hinges on being customizable, measurable, and effective. You should be able to accurately measure how well your marketing plan is doing as well as understand your return on investment. Part of setting a great marketing plan emotion is customizing some of your marketing materials. To do this, you’re going to want to carefully decide what to put on your water bottles and find ways to implement it effectively. By placing your brand logo and business information prominently on any promotional water bottles you sell/hand out, you can create a unique form of passive marketing that constantly keeps your brand on top of people’s minds when they look at your bottle or use it. That’s what makes custom water bottles such an effective marketing tool! Simply sell or give away these custom logo water bottles and watch as you start building engagement and generating interest in your business quickly and efficiently.

Flexible Pricing

When it comes to budgeting your promotion, cost flexibility is extremely important. People can often find deals on reusable water bottles, or even get them for free! That’s where your business comes in: handing out free custom water bottles to drive interest in your business. Whether you’re giving them as part of a trade show, promotion, or a freebie to drive business, they can help you make more money. You aren’t going to have to pay as much for a bulk water bottle order and can then use them as a loss leader or low-cost sale item. Their flexible cost is part of their appeal. Plus, by using a reusable water bottle, your customers are helping reduce waste and keeping harmful plastics out of landfills and oceans. That’s a net positive for the environment and makes it clear to customers that your business cares (which can only be a good thing).

Promotional Ideas

Now that you’ve committed to using water bottles as promotional items, here are a few ideas to integrate them into your overall marketing strategy. Put them in gift baskets. Sell them for a deep discount with other items. Offer them for free when somebody signs up for your mailing list. Use them as a social media contest price. Consider giving a few away to a local sports team, to charity, or raising money for a good cost. That way you can leverage The promotional aspect of your bottles to your advantage from a marketing perspective. There are plenty of ideas out there to get the most out of promoting your water bottles, so be sure to get creative with it and don’t forget to have a little bit of fun!