5 Tips On Throwing A Budget-Friendly Farewell Party

Editorial Team

Budget-Friendly Farewell Party

Even if you have a close-knit team at work, one of you will eventually move on to find greener pastures. People need to grow and become better individuals, even if that means leaving a great workplace. However, bidding farewell to a fantastic friend and teammate at work doesn’t have to be depressing.

You can show your support for your colleague by throwing a memorable farewell party. It doesn’t have to be extravagant; everybody can contribute a small amount. After all, it’s the thought that counts. Your colleague will surely appreciate the effort and the time you spent preparing for the intimate event.

So, if there’s someone at work set to begin a new chapter of their life, the following tips can help you create a decent farewell party for them without breaking the bank:    

1. Send Invites Via Email

Since you’re not expected to throw a grand party, you don’t necessarily need to put the extra effort into creating custom invitations. A simple invite via email will do just fine. You can send the invitation through the company email or the chat app you use for work. Ensure you don’t send them through the channels where work-related topics are discussed.

Meanwhile, before sending email invites, you could first send private messages to colleagues, especially if you need more farewell party ideas for coworkers. Brainstorming is the key to a successful project, whether about work or leisure. Getting the team involved also helps make the party feel more personal for everyone, not just the one who’s leaving.

When you finally send the invitations, don’t forget to include an RSVP. You need to know who’s able to attend or not. The succeeding plans for the party will depend significantly on the final headcount. 

2. Stay On Location

Farewell parties don’t always have to be held in a restaurant or a rented events hall. You can set up your budget-friendly party in the communal area of your office building where most people hang out. You can deal with work in the morning and immediately jump into party mode after business hours.

This option lessens the need to use lavish decorations. To make table centerpieces, you can rearrange cheap décor from party stores and existing ornaments. You can also string up some affordable fairy lights around the party area to set the mood.

Meanwhile, instead of buying fancy new plates and utensils, opt for the ones you already have in your office pantry. Alternatively, you can get disposable paper plates and cups so no one will be on dishwashing duty afterward.

3. Order Affordable Yet Delicious Food

A party is no fun without some good food. You can still impress your colleague and the rest of your teammates by providing a delicious feast without spending every penny you have. Hence, it’s best to look for a caterer who can offer decent meals at an affordable price.

On the other hand, if your team is game for it, you can organize a potluck farewell party where everyone brings something different to the table. This way, you’ll have a variety of sumptuous yet filling finger foods. However, if all else fails, pizza is always a great choice. Pick bestsellers and vegan options for everyone to get a bite to eat.                       

4. Go Easy On The Drinks

Most parties involving grown adults will have different types of liquor served on the menu. But alcoholic drinks tend to blow a party organizer’s budget big time. When you have limited funds, opt for ‘signature’ drinks like one or two types of affordable wine. You can save the pricier hard liquor for another occasion.

However, if you want people to go home safely and sober after the party, why not choose a variety of sodas instead? Alternatively, there are also slightly fancier options, like sparkling water, juice, or ice-cold fruit punch. Non-alcoholic drinks are much cheaper and provide refreshments for everyone, especially for non-drinkers and designated drivers.

5. Curate A Playlist

Live bands and DJs amplify a party’s festive mood. But hiring an actual performer can cost hundreds of dollars. You’ll also need to feed the artists after their sets. However, if your budget is limited, you can fill the room with good music through a streaming app.

Music streaming apps like Spotify already have curated playlists to suit any event. You can pick one that’s appropriate for the party’s theme and let it play. You can even create your playlist featuring the songs your colleagues enjoy. They might either end up dancing all night or crying over the touching gesture. 


You don’t need to splurge extravagantly to hold a memorable farewell party. Simple preparations can still provide fun entertainment for everyone. More importantly, you can celebrate your colleague’s contributions to your company even with a limited budget.