5 Data-Driven Ways To Increase Your Care Home Enquiries

Increase Your Care Home Enquiries

Boosting your enquiries is one of the key fundamentals for success when it comes to your care home marketing efforts, yet it can sometimes prove quite complicated to achieve.

However, it need not be with call tracking software.

Read on to learn our top five ways that call tracking software UK can increase your enquiries with data-driven methods.

1.   Visibility on your prospect journeys

Call tracking software can give you full visibility on your prospect’s journeys, so you can see exactly where your enquiries are coming from, and where you can increase them.

Each time you receive a call, you can trace the exact touchpoints the prospect visited before, during, and after they called. This can reveal which marketing campaigns are most effective at driving enquiries.

On top of that, the software can combine data from both your online and offline campaigns, to give a more complete picture of your marketing performance.

With a clearer idea of where your enquiries are coming from, you can make more informed decisions on how best to increase them.

2.   Optimising your paid ads

Another way to increase your care home enquiries is to optimise your paid ads.

Call tracking can show you the number of leads being generated from each of your pay-per-click (PPC) ads, and how many prospects go on to convert after visiting specific ads.

This can allow you to direct further resources towards the PPC ads delivering the most leads, and further improve their effectiveness – such as by re-structuring the content, for example.

This can result in increased enquiries from your more accurately tailored PPC ads.

3.   Making use of keyword searches

Call tracking can reveal extensive analytics with every caller. This includes the specific keywords they searched to reach your website.

These keywords can highlight certain issues or questions prospects might have.

You can then adapt the content on your website to align with these keywords, so you have a better position on search engines and drive increased organic traffic.

With more traffic coming to your care home, you can see an improvement in the number of enquiries from prospects.

4.   More effective budget allocation

You can also allocate your budget more effectively to both increase enquiries and avoid wasted spend.

The software can identify which of your marketing activities are delivering the highest number of enquiries. For instance, this could be a link on your Facebook page that prospects are clicking and following to your website, before making an enquiry.

You can then direct more of your budget towards these specific areas of your marketing, as they’re proving most successful at driving leads.

This can result in lower cost per lead for your marketing, avoiding wasted spend whilst helping to increase your enquiries.

5.   Increased flexibility with strategies

When creating any strategies, it’s important to monitor how prospect behaviours are evolving so you can reflect this in your marketing.

With call tracking, you can constantly analyse and review how prospects are interacting with your campaigns, as well as things like the most common keyword searches in different seasons, for example.

This way, you can continuously adapt your marketing to target the current needs of your prospects, so enquiries remain as high as they change.

Be sure to incorporate call tracking software from an expert provider, so you can boost enquiries for your own care home with data-driven processes.

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