Top 22 Best Paying Jobs in Business Services in 2024

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Best Paying Jobs in Business Services

Business service refers to general services that aid and support a business without producing a tangible product or commodity. Every company or organization hires several associates that provide business services to the organization on different levels. There are a plethora of specialties available in the field of business services, ranging from finance management to analyzing the business.

As there is a sea full of categories available in the business services sector, each service is paid for and regarded according to its own needs and demands. Depending upon the rank and position of the job, the requirements for a business service career may vary from one another.

What Does It Take To Pursue A Path In Business Service?

A Bachelor’s degree is necessary for a top-flight career in business service. On the other hand, principal skills like effective communication, creativity, innovation, and passion are equivocally important for pursuing an effective path in business services. 

In addition to that, you can apply for an advanced degree in any program you like to get higher education and skills that can be sold as a service to any business or organization. For example, a Master’s degree in Finance, MBA, etc.

Now that we have scoured through the basic principles of business service and the pathway to follow to pursue this career, let’s dive right into the top 22 best-paying jobs in the world.

Best Paying Business Service Jobs For You In 2022

An organization is formed of many people selling their services to that specific organization through the basic codes of business. Resultantly, these services are paid well as they are crucially important for the smooth workflow of the business. Some services may be paid more than others, but it doesn’t mean that it makes the service anywhere close to easy.

The following is a compilation of jobs in the business service sector that can illuminate your future by proving to be a promising career path.

1. Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur is the fundamental pillar of any organization or business. They are the owners as well as operators of that business. As a result, they are not paid a fixed salary in most cases because they are the ones investing their mental, physical and financial capabilities into their business to make their start-up skyrocket.

Moreover, they are in charge of all the major financial and strategic decisions within their organizations. In fact, even the CEO is answerable to the entrepreneur. Although a four-year degree is needed to qualify for employment, most entrepreneurs never pass through college.

As explained earlier, an entrepreneur works for the betterment of the business rather than working to earn a fixed salary. However, the average salary of an entrepreneur ranges from around 10,000$ to 10 million $ annually.

2. Chief Executive Officer

CEOs are the public face of an organization. In a nutshell, they are the highest-ranking executives at a firm who work for the health and success of the organization. They are primarily responsible for all day-to-day management of the company. They implement strategic plans within an organization to guide them toward the path of success and expansion.

An extensive level of experience and leadership skills are required to become a CEO of an organization. If it’s not your own business or start-up, you must have a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree in order to be operational at this post.

There are millions of businesses on this planet, and every business or organization has a CEO, so the average salary of a CEO varies from the range of 94,000$ to 200,000$ annually.

3. Marketing Managers

Marketing managers under the supervision of the head of marketing are responsible for making and implementing a strategic plan to market the supply of an organization in order to meet the required demand. They must be aware of the recent market fluctuations, competitors, and their clients so they can devise a plan to grow their company and increase revenue.

Marketing managers are a crucial part of an organization because if your product isn’t marketed and catered to well, it won’t be seen and regarded by the world. Therefore, it is one of the highest-paying services in the business sector, with an average salary ranging from 85,000$ to 160,000$ a year.

Marketing managers are required to have an advanced degree in marketing along with extensive experience before they can be given the reigns to manage the whole marketing department.

4. Business Analyst

As the name suggests, business analysts provide qualitative services to the organization by analyzing the business. A company hires a business analyst to observe and make sure that they are on the right path of growth. As a result, a business analyst analyzes a number of aspects of the business and also helps in devising a suitable way to achieve sustainability and growth.

A business analyst should have a certain grasp of communication skills and a strong understanding of various business practices to help an organization secure future growth. Keeping that in mind, the mean salary of a business analyst is around 85,000$ annually.

A business analyst needs to have a bachelor’s degree in accounting or business majors. However, specialization is much more preferred in this field.

5. Human Resources Personnel

Every organization or firm has a Human Resources department that makes sure that all the employees and subordinates in the organization are not facing any problems related to their work. Moreover, they are responsible for acquisitions, staffing, and legal compliance of an organization.

HR personnel is needed to improve job satisfaction levels in any organization, leading to employee loyalty which is of great importance to the organization. Therefore, in addition to a bachelor’s degree, meticulous attention to detail, superb communication skills, and a friendly yet professional attitude is required in the Human Resources department.

The average pay for this business service varies from 134,000$ to 160,000$ annually, making it one of the highest-paid business services in the business sector.

6. Business Affairs Manager

A business affair manager works closely with the legal department to ensure that all the company’s legal problems are dealt with accordingly. They make sure that the business is running within the industry’s regulations and are not violating any legal principles.

The business affairs manager works with different departments to make sure that every department is on the same page regarding legal issues. As a result, the average pay varies from 72,000$ to 187,000$ yearly.

As a business affairs manager, you need to have a clear mind of the industry’s regulations and a lot of experience in your chosen industries. Education requirements may differ, but most people in this service have a legal degree.

7. Supply Chain Manager

Every product and service-related company needs a supply chain manager to make sure that their product or service has the potential to meet the total demand, whether it be national or international. On the other hand, a firm can have a supply chain manager to ensure they are receiving the right product from the right companies.

Supply chain managers have an average annual salary of about 110,000$, and they are expected to travel a lot on their job because they can’t afford any interruption in the supply chain.

You need a Bachelors’s or Masters’s degree in economics or finance and extensive experience to be appointed as a manager for the supply chain in an organization.

8. Tax Manager

Tax managers make sure that their company or organization is working within the tax laws provided by the federal government, states, and the country. This means that the organization is paying taxes justly through proper channels, and all of the calculations and regulations are supervised by the tax manager of an organization.

The requirements for being able to provide this service are a bit hefty. It will be convincing if you have a Master’s degree in finance, economics, or taxation, as well as a Certified Public Accountant license, in order to be appointed as a Tax manager in an organization.

The average pay varies from 83,000$ to 160,000$ annually. Making it a well-compensated and regarded job in this career pathway.

9. System Administrator

The system administrator is the highest post of IT available in the organization. They are accountable for running and upholding the complete infrastructure of the technology available in the organization. Their team also provides technical support and makes sure that the systems are always up to date.

System administrators are required to have a degree in computing, preferably Masters’s in IT or CS. Resultantly, they are paid, on average, around 80,000$ yearly.

10. Controller

The controller of an organization is in charge of budgeting. They regulate a budget for the upcoming fiscal year, ensure all the departments follow the budget, and stay within the financial boundaries of their project and products.

An advanced degree in accounting and the basic principles of business, along with an extensive level of experience, are needed to be appointed as the controller of an organization and take the financial reigns into your hands.

The average salary of a controller is around 101,000$ yearly.

11. Investment Banker

Companies and businesses hire investment bankers to maintain their financial portfolios. Almost 90 percent of the businesses in this world are searching for more funds and earning more capital. An investment banker, through a bank or investors, helps the company raise funds and capital and also helps in identifying the overspending areas in the business.

Investment bankers should be able to recognize market trends and invest the capital of their company into potential investment opportunities. So, they need a Master’s degree in finance and economics and extensive knowledge of market trends.

12. Financial Advisor

Financial advisors assist organizations as well as people to help budget their money. They analyze the assets and capital to provide a long-term strategy for budgeting their client’s money. Moreover, they can also be responsible for estate planning, budget management, and taxation for their respective client or organization.

The annual average salary for a fixed financial advisor is around 70,000$. However, gathering the necessary experience can increase your demand and make your salary easily reach a six-digit benchmark.

13. Research Analyst

Just like a business analyst, a research analyst analyzes market trends to generate financial reports. These financial reports help a person in measuring a product’s profitability in the required market. Research analysts work closely in correspondence with the marketing team to keep track of sales records.

Research analysts are in great demand and, therefore, are also paid well for their specialties and experiences. An average salary of a research analyst ranges from 65,000$ to 160,000$, making their tedious job well worth it.

14. Talent Acquisition Manager

As a talent acquisition manager, you are responsible for making sure that each one of your departments in an organization is acquiring top-flight and qualified individuals for the job. Every company has talent acquisition managers in their human resources department who are on a hunt for getting the most qualified person on board for the job.

Talent acquisition managers have a pretty heft job. They need to take every department into consideration and have to keep their job success rate into account. They need superb communication skills, a positive attitude, and a number of contacts in the market to get an interview with the right fit for the job.

The pay of a talent acquisition manager ranges from 100,000$ to 180,000$, making it one of the highest-paid professions in the business sector.

15. Chief Strategy Officer

Being a CSO, your responsibilities revolve around developing and communicating the company’s long-term objectives. You have to strategize the moves of your company to make sure that each step your company takes is in the right direction of sustainability and growth. It is, in fact, one of the top executive jobs in an organization.

As a CSO, you communicate with the CEO, board of directors, and senior management team and assist them in developing a short-term as well as a long-term strategy for the company. Being an executive post in a company, a CSO is paid in the bracket lying from 90,000$ to 170,000$.

16. Chief Sales Officer

A chief sales officer is essentially the head of the sales and marketing department in any organization. Under the CSO’s supervision, the team is responsible for manifesting strategies and the costs associated with them. The CSO is responsible for reading new market trends and catering to the supply and demand chain in a favorable way for the company.

A CSO is a company’s top executive associated with sales and marketing. So, they are paid in the bracket ranging from 60,000$ to 150,000$ depending upon the experience level of the individual and the capability of an organization.

17. Product Marketer

A product marketer is responsible for marketing their respective products into the market. Excellent marketing strategies lead to exquisite sales of the product and, in turn, more revenue generation by the company. A product marketer may be responsible for marketing a single or an array of products referring to that department.

A product marketer is one of the highest-paid professions in the business service. They are paid, on average, around 120,000$ annually and are always in demand because of the increasing means of marketing nowadays.

18. HSE Advisor

HSE stands for Health Safety and Environment safety advisors that make sure that the business is being conducted in a safe and perfect environment without any hazardous conditions. This is done for the safety of the workforce and to make the work flow smoothly and safely.

An HSE advisor’s pay varies from 60,000$ to 172,000$. Moreover, they are always in demand because they are employed in the government as well as the private sector as a necessity.

19. Accountant

An accountant oversees the financial situation of a business or an organization. They make sure that every financial status of a company is completely accounted for and recorded in the form of financial records or ledgers. These records are essential for taxation and investment departments to work according to the given situation.

A bachelor’s or a Master’s degree in accounting or economics is needed to pursue this career pathway in the business sector.

An accountant is roughly paid 70,000$ on average yearly in the world. However, certain experience gains can cause the compensation of an accountant to skyrocket to 170,000$

20. Paralegal

Every company needs a legal department in which they have paralegals who are readily available in an office to give legal advice to the executives and the departments in the organization. 

Every low-level legal situation does not demand a lawyer to be contacted. That’s why paralegals come in handy to make sure that anything a company does or plans to do are in accordance with the laws.

Paralegals are mostly associates and are paid around 50,000$ annually. However, most paralegals work as consultants and, as a result, are not bound by any annual fixed pay.

21. Customer Service Advisor

 A customer service advisor works for the excellence of the customer care and support service provided by the company. A company’s reputation lies in the quality of customer support they provide. Therefore, an advisor who can guarantee that the customer support team can satisfy their customer through anything and help them in the call of distress is highly crucial for a business.

As an advisor, a CSA should have a positive attitude and flawless communication skills because they are also responsible for training the new acquisitions in the customer support department. They have an average pay of around 120,000$ annually, and a Bachelor’s degree is necessary for this service.

22. Operations Manager

The responsibilities of the operations manager will be to manage the activities of the team, manage employees, increase productivity, and reduce and control costs. In addition, they oversee hiring, training, and implementation process change.

Operations managers around the world have an average salary of around 90,000$ annually, and they are highly in demand in public as well as private sector businesses.


Different business services add up to make a company or an organization that undergoes various tasks as one team. Some defend, some attack, whereas some manage this team.

Every business service is renowned and respected and paid in its own manner. Therefore, if you are looking towards entering this profession, we hope that this article has shed some light on the path you have to follow.