20 SaaS Startup Ideas For New Entrepreneurs

20 SaaS Startup Ideas For New Entrepreneurs

It’s harder than you might imagine launching your own company, especially in the SaaS industry. It might be hard to start a business from scratch. However, if you are a driven entrepreneur, these challenges won’t deter you. You may have noticed that SaaS has consistently topped the rankings of the finest business models. SaaS businesses are at the height of their success for this reason. Large corporations like Adobe, Apple, Google, IBM, and smaller enterprises have adopted this concept. This article discusses the SaaS firm and potential SaaS business ideas based on already-proven services.

What Is A SaaS Business?

A web platform that offers software as a service gives consumers access to features, technical support, and other services via a subscription plan. SaaS solutions are typically available on mobile platforms and the web; however, mobile versions frequently have constrained capability because of the interface limitations of mobile apps. Businesses that offer software as a service (SaaS) are responsible for maintaining and managing all the databases, servers, and infrastructure needed to make their products function properly. A SaaS product must be regularly updated with new features and functionalities, and user behavior must be scrutinized to spot opportunities for efficiency benefits. As a result, a SaaS platform will be able to offer consistent value in exchange for the monthly or yearly fees that users pay. SaaS solutions are similarly expensive for this reason.

SaaS Market Overview

The value of the worldwide SaaS industry market exceeded $150 billion in 2021, and the growth rate is anticipated to accelerate by an additional $25 billion by 2022. Analysts predict that by 2023, the SaaS business ideas market will be worth $206 billion.

SaaS Companies Types

It’s crucial to prepare a SaaS business model along with picking a specialty for the development of your cloud-based apps. SaaS business models primarily fall into three categories.

SaaS Startup

A SaaS startup is a particular kind of company that typically offers business process automation for things like data management, team collaboration, and documentation management. These platforms are compact and concentrate on some useful business operations.

SaaS CRM Startups

Businesses may automate and manage communication for optimal efficiency with the help of SaaS CRM firms.

Micro-SaaS Startups

These are specialized SaaS firms that assist organizations with particular duties. This kind of SaaS business is ideal for novices. SEO tools that aid users in performing grammar checks and keyword analysis are available from micro-SaaS firms.

20 SaaS Startup Ideas For New Entrepreneurs

Though it may seem like the best SaaS concepts are up and running, the software industry is still far from flawless. You may always create something beneficial that becomes one of the best SaaS tools available. Consider the following startup concepts:

1. Social Media Marketing

Social media is an effective tool for branding, marketing, customer relations, and sales. Businesses must be active on all major platforms, publish consistently, and adjust their content to fit the tone and needs of each site to succeed. Maintaining posting schedules across several platforms while producing content continuously might be challenging. SMM SaaS systems are helpful in the following situations:

  • There is a need for SaaS applications that assist businesses in managing and organizing social media posts.
  • These platforms must incorporate social network APIs and an auto-scheduling function, which are uncommon in currently available systems.

Facebook management SaaS platforms ought to have strong analytics capabilities so that users can determine which platforms are most productive and which content resonates most with their target audiences.

2. Property Management

There are many players involved in property management, and many details to consider, including legal matters, transactions, and agreements between tenants and landlords. All these procedures will be simple for all parties involved if a SaaS platform is made available for property management. You can develop a SaaS platform and discover demand for commercial and non-commercial markets. Real estate investors must simultaneously:

  • Manage their portfolios of properties and interact with several property brokers.
  • Ought to maintain the legal papers on track.

They can use your SaaS application to maintain track of all property-related information while conducting financial transactions.

3. Workplace Productivity

The following project might take a little longer than other SaaS concepts, but if handled properly, it could produce excellent benefits. Simply combining all of the tools that employees utilize for their everyday projects will do the trick. The development of an all-inclusive platform for project management will be a very useful tool for all remote workers in the following ways:

  • It should increase team productivity and offer an intuitive user interface.
  • Integrating a built-in feature to monitor how much time employees spend using the platform would be fantastic.
  • In this approach, even from a distance, the company owners may learn about the team’s productivity.

4. Content Planning

Content planning is crucial in contemporary marketing. The marketing team can save a ton of time by using this software. Multiple teams working on the same content can leverage this SaaS business concept. It is beneficial for the following:

  • Creation
  • Planning
  • Production
  • Content analysis

Additionally, it may help publish the material at any moment on various social media accounts and alert members to any updates. To take your content planning to the next level and ensure that your content is optimized for search engines and for social media, partnering with a SaaS SEO expert can help you develop a strategy tailored to your business and target audience. By working with an expert in SEO, you can improve your content’s visibility and attract more traffic to your website, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates.

5. Freelance CRM

The rise of the freelance industry in 2020 and 2021 was unparalleled. Many people lost their employment during the pandemic and moved online in search of new activities and revenue sources. Many people enrolled in courses to sharpen or learn new skills relevant to working freelance employment. Freelancers may manage all of their job processes with Zoho in one location. Long-time independent contractors are aware that CRMs are necessary since they make it difficult to lose track of tasks with their high job volumes and ongoing client communications. Freelancers may perform the following functions with the use of CRMs:

  • Arrange their work schedules
  • Handle invoices and transactions
  • Keep track of all of their clients and orders

6. Roadmap Publishing Tool

Every successful product must have a roadmap. Before the team begins working on the project, each manager should have a well-thought-out plan. However, creating a good roadmap is not always simple and is frequently detested by project managers. You may create a roadmap publishing tool to support project managers in their struggles. To plan and complete the project as soon as possible, you can make it quick to use. For individuals who prefer to see every last element in front of them, you may add extra details and features to it. Regardless, it’s one of the best SaaS concepts for 2021.

7. Workforce Management

Even midsize organizations need to keep a record of employees and develop a system that will organize their work, scheduling, qualifications training, payroll, and other aspects of their employment. Managing people has always been a challenge for major corporations. Since a significant portion of workers began working from home because of the pandemic, workforce management has become even more challenging.

8. OKR Tracker

Objectives and Keys outcomes tracker aids in classifying and allocating corporate goals to each individual. OKR trackers are very beneficial for businesses of all sizes. They’ve been involved in the trend for the previous few years because of this. The biggest issue with current OKR trackers is the lack of free package features or the exorbitant cost of additional functions. Create an intuitive user interface with useful and necessary features to be successful. The most crucial thing to consider is that it is the highest-demand SaaS business idea. The following are some benefits that result in the benefit of your company:

  • Keeping costs low
  • Focusing on user interaction

9. Time Management Tool

There are thousands of different workloads that employees must complete on time across hundreds of different sectors. The issue is that very few utilize general time management software; instead, they manually schedule each task. They would receive reminders from this management software when it was time to eat, rest, or do other tasks particular to their line of work. Due to improved automation, users wouldn’t have to schedule the projects manually, which would make it very helpful.

10.   Brand Development Tool

The texts for a brand, such as goals, target audiences, missions, competitive advantages, and so forth, are typically overwritten by marketing departments or business owners. The goal is to develop an AI-powered application that generates pertinent marketing statements based on input data. The system will also use open data from the internet while performing the analysis. Several brand statement generators are already available online, however, they are only targeted upon the following specific brand statements:

  • Mission
  • Privacy policy
  • Terms of use

The quality is also below par. Business owners desire knowledgeable assistance so they may focus on running their companies and receive quality content management support. Ultimately, it is what drives their revenue.

11. Blockchain Invoicing

Although there are already a few solutions of this type, you have a chance to be the market leader since blockchain-based SaaS products haven’t yet gained widespread acceptance. Blockchain technology is already being used by businesses across all industries, and the blockchain market is expanding quickly, so blockchain will soon be a part of most firms. Blockchain-based SaaS tools will aid enterprises and people in managing their cryptocurrency integration and blockchain transactions.

12. Automating Sales And Marketing

Any program that successfully aids other companies in boosting their sales will be successful. To help firms create an easy-to-maintain and support framework around their sales and marketing, sales and marketing automation software accomplish that. Automating sales and marketing SaaS technologies make it possible for companies to do things like:

  • Combining sales and marketing
  • Evaluating statistics
  • Starting marketing campaigns
  • Testing out new ideas
  • Segmenting target markets

The majority of profitable and well-liked SaaS companies fall into this group. With major players like Salesforce, Mailchimp, Hubspot, and Everhour, there is also increasing rivalry.

13. Telemedicine

Telemedicine First developed in mobile-first nations with limited access to healthcare, telemedicine. People in faraway locations can receive online consultations, access their medical records, and learn about diseases and their treatments thanks to mobile technology. Telemedicine is now well-liked on a global scale. Online prescription renewal, remote assistance, and avoiding crowded clinics are ways that people are avoiding the pandemic. On the other hand, clinics and hospitals can employ telemedicine to:

  • Assist patients who are unable to see doctors in person
  • Increase their clientele by offering online consultations

Hospitals, clinics, and independent practitioners all need SaaS telemedicine applications. The three most often used telehealth programs are MDLive, PlushCare, and LiveHealth.

14. Video Editing And Rendering

In 2021, the video will dominate all other content types in social media, marketing, education, and advertising. This platform is currently one of the best concepts for a SaaS product performing the following functions:

  • Makeup target audience by social media influencers, video editors, designers, and marketers who want flawlessly rendered videos
  • Add presets to simplify the process since video rendering requires time and effort.
  • Save time and enables the creation of stunning, high-quality videos by anyone, regardless of experience.

While demand for video rendering solutions is at an all-time high, the market is not yet fully developed.

15. Accounting

According to some analysts, the need for accountants may become obsolete over the next 15 to 20 years as the work would be largely automated by technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. As a result, accounting is one of the top SaaS ideas. You can provide an accounting SaaS platform to companies of all sizes, from sole proprietorships to little businesses that must accurately calculate their taxes. There are currently many SaaS platforms available for accounting, indicating the significant need. In 2026, the market for accounting software will be worth $20,000 million, predicts Fortune Business Insights.

16. Procrastination Tool

Delaying or postponing tasks till the last minute is known as procrastination. It might significantly affect your work, company, and personal life. You may make a straightforward project management tool that charges the user for each work that isn’t completed. Businesses might use this to permanently put an end to employee procrastination. RescueTime is one of the existing SaaS firms that aims to combat procrastination, although none of them use the incentive model mentioned above. There are many Google searches on procrastination among employees, it is a frequent issue, and there will always be a need for services that may help to address it.

17. Corporate Communication

Companies are searching for practical and efficient strategies to maintain smooth team communication regardless of location since the trend toward remote work is set to stay. Companies of all sizes place a high value on corporate communication tools. However, your product must have several features if you want to remain a competitive SaaS business platform for team collaboration. It must contain threaded conversations, group calls, file sharing, text, audio, and video chats, as well as many more features. The following are the three major competitors in the business communication industry today:

  • Zoom
  • Slack
  • Skype

Some businesses want specialized systems that offer better privacy and security.

18. Social Media Analytics Platform

Around 3.8 billion individuals in the world’s population, use social media. Because of this, it is impossible to conceive current marketing without the use of social media marketing. The freedom and opportunity to reach your potential clients are immense on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Everyone’s top priority should be to incorporate them into their marketing plan. It is crucial to have a platform that can help you assess the statistical performance of each of your posts. This business idea will undoubtedly appeal to marketing professionals, so keep an eye on it.

19. Interview Tracking System

HRs find the hiring process to be challenging and draining. It’s incredibly difficult to keep track of every applicant, schedule meetings with them, make notes about them, and hire new workers. Additionally, the vast majority of recruiting managers favor conducting online interviews due to remote working and epidemic conditions. The development of a platform that allows them to bring all of these challenging processes together in one location could thereby save lives. An efficient interview tracking system involves the following:

  • Writing job descriptions
  • Speaking with candidates
  • Keeping notes

20. Employee Engagement

The level of dedication and enthusiasm employees have for the business is referred to as employee engagement. It is a key factor in every employee’s motivation. High-engagement teams are 21% more lucrative, according to Gallup. Every business owner should consider how important a solid employee engagement platform may be. Making such SaaS apps will allow you to participate in it. The development of a fun work environment and the promotion of employee appreciation as a factor in increasing productivity should be supported by employee engagement platforms.


The SaaS industry seems to be particularly appealing to start-up businesses since it is simple to get started, offers flexible pricing, and has excellent accessibility. Users prefer web-based services and tools to traditional software for these reasons. You can begin developing your SaaS project if you’re interested in implementing one of the aforementioned SaaS business concepts. You can save time and create your own SaaS app using our no-code platform without the assistance of qualified developers.

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