What Could A Downturn Mean For My QA Strategy?

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What Could A Downturn Mean For My QA Strategy

In the field of QA, the role of automation has been steadily increasing in recent years. In order to avoid a decline in the quality control strategy, at the stage of requirements analysis, managers examine trial samples of software. It helps to expand the technical capabilities significantly.

In this article, we will tell you about the influence of a downturn on your QA strategy. However, our QA automation course can provide you with more detailed information on this topic.

Boost Core Services

Regardless of the testing methods that the company chooses, the ultimate goal is to provide customers with a perfect product. The established QA process allows you to reduce development costs and improve the quality of software.

To optimize the testing processes, it is necessary to carry them out constantly. It will help to identify the most suitable test options for your project. Choose tools that will help you conduct frequent testing in order to identify problems with the implementation of the project. The perfect automation solution will allow you to achieve quality with minimal manual software verification.

Lead QA managers who have responsibility for automation, recommend using build management servers that perceive tests better than other CI/CD solutions. They effectively integrate with testing tools and mark unstable samples.

The ability to configure process automation and use custom fields for their intended purpose will allow you to adapt testing tools to business needs.

Love Existing Clients

According to statistics, attracting a new client will cost the company several times more than retaining an existing one. Therefore, it is necessary to invest more resources in retention than in attraction.

The following strategy allows you to retain existing customers:

• lead QA managers advise sharing the results of their work with clients, and show how the introduction of automation has affected the development of various business projects;
• clients will continue to cooperate if you can prove that the investment of material resources is profitable for business;
• it is important to establish a system of reports on indicators that matter to customers.
Testers should focus only on positive experiences. If a product fails or ceases to function for some reason, specialists should respond quickly to the appearance of a problem.

Rethink International
You need to be able to rethink the existing experience of other companies, including international ones, for successfully automating software. It will help to avoid various shortcomings in the work and achieve quick results. The development of analytics and various modern technologies help testers to turn to international experience.
The use of modern automation testing tools will allow you to track key processes. These include release cycles and bug tracking. Detailed statistics can be obtained on startup processes. The tasters will allow you to track defects in a timely manner and compile reports for QA teams.

Keep Building

The work of QA specialists is not only to identify errors in the product with the help of properly selected testing, but also to save business resources. Therefore, even if there are negative results in automated websites, work should be carried out to eliminate the identified shortcomings.
The crucial role is played by the fact at which stage the specialist will start testing. The earlier a leading QA engineer who has responsibility for automation is involved in the work, the cheaper it will cost the company to correct defects in tasters. If the bug is not detected at the testing stage, then it will be much more difficult to fix it. The main thing is not to make a mistake in choosing a candidate. You need to study the resume in advance for it.

Hire Redundant Talent

Foreign companies that have succeeded in automated websites appreciate their talented specialists. They continue to invest in employee development and professional development. A promising engineer with a good resume should have advanced soft skills. It will help them to be competitive in the QA market. Even if we assume that someday automation will completely replace people, the leading engineers in this field will always be able to go into the management of business processes or engage in the development of new projects.

Use Shorter Contracts

Recently, the management of many IT companies are ready to sign a contract for the provision of product testing services for a certain short period. There is always a chance that a better offer will appear. And, as you know, short contracts provide great flexibility.
Short-term contracts always pay off well. They can prescribe a certain number of services that will be provided. As a result, the QA team reserves the opportunity to sign a long-term deal on more favorable terms.

Cut Spending

If a business competently manages its expenses, the company’s profitability grows. In addition, its importance in the market will increase. You need to conduct an in-depth analysis that helps you make the right decisions for understanding what costs can be taken under control.
To optimize costs, you need to follow these recommendations:

• collecting all business expenses;
• distribution of expenses by groups;
• separation of expenses into variables and constants;
• analysis of the largest items of expenditure;
• assessment of the remaining groups.

If you use this method at least from time to time, the company’s expense management can be made more transparent. It will allow you to understand exactly what material resources are spent on, where you can save money, and what you should invest a larger amount in to get a result.