Top 20 Walmart Interview Questions & Answers in 2024

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Walmart Interview Questions & Answers

With an employee count of over 2 million, Walmart is one of the biggest employers worldwide. Its doors are still open to new people who would like to  fill different positions. If you want to be a cashier, loss prevention worker, manager, or even a door greeter at Walmart, this is the best article for you. Let’s take a look at some of the interview questions you should expect:

1. Why Are You Interested in Working For Us?

This is a standard opening question in interviews. It is generally asked by the interviewer to determine your motive. There are many things you can talk about, especially if you are a regular shopper at Walmart. You can mention the store’s prices, job creation, or anything that excites you about Walmart.

Sample Answer

I have grown up shopping at Walmart. I love that your prices are lower than most departmental stores and you don’t compromise on customer service. You have also created lots of jobs, reduced inflation, and still, continue serving families. I, therefore, believe that my expertise will be better used here.

2. What Do You Know about Walmart?

This is yet another opening question whose answer you should have at your fingertips. Make sure that you conduct extensive research on your potential employer before showing up for an interview. It reveals your enthusiasm for the particular job. You can talk about the range of goods Walmart deals in, its year of formation, or any valuable information you can remember.

Sample Answer

Founded by Sam Walton, you have steadily risen to become the largest store in the world dealing in a range of everyday goods. All your stores have pharmacies alongside photo and vision centers. Customers can shop online and even get a credit card for their purchases. You also sell quality but affordable clothing by the name George.

3. What Hours Can You Work?

It would be best to have in mind that Walmart is a 24-hour store. You should therefore be as flexible as possible to increase your chances of landing the job. Employers are always willing to give employees who can work on weekends and even holidays a chance. However, be honest. Do not make a promise you will not live up to.

Sample Answer

I am pretty flexible and can manage more working hours than an ordinary worker. I have taken 12-hour shifts in the past and wouldn’t mind doing it here. I also prefer working at night when I am most productive and cab also work during the weekends or holidays when called upon.

4. We Pride Ourself in Great Customer Service Here at Walmart. How Do You Define Excellent Customer Service?

One of the reasons Walmart has stood the test of time and become one of the largest retail stores in the world is its excellent customer service. Therefore, you must convince the interviewer that you understand excellent customer service and can uphold it in the workplace. Answer this question from a customer’s perspective.

Sample Answer

Excellent customer service is maintaining friendly interactions with the customers and helping them find whatever they need. It also entails saving the customers’ time by not keeping them in the queue for a considerably longer duration. A happy customer is a satisfied customer.

5. You Will Come Across Upset Customers While Working For Us. How Do You Plan to Handle Them?

The interviewer is testing your customer handling skills. It is common to encounter such customers, especially if you work as a customer service representative or attendant. Knowing how to stay professional and help the customer out will help you land this job. You can even draw from your past experiences.

Sample Answer

I would first find out why the customer is upset. If it is because of an item that they had already bought, I will ask for the receipt and forward their complaint to the customer service department for a refund or replacement. Most customers also get upset when they cannot find whatever they are looking for. In such a case, I will help them by guiding them to the product they are looking for.

6. Why Should We Hire You?

This is another common question in all Walmart interviews. Whether you are applying to be a pharmacy technician, department manager, or attendant, you should be ready to answer it. We advise you to look at the job description once more and mention some of your skills that match it. Sell yourself in your answer.

Sample Answer

I have excellent people skills and enjoy meeting new people, which will help me uphold excellent customer service. I have mastered the art of quickly performing tasks without compromising on quality, which is greatly needed here. I am also a quick learner who is comfortable with change and will contribute positively if given a chance.

7. What Will Keep You Motivated When Working For Us?

This is a chance to tell the interviewer what will keep you going despite the challenges this job may throw your way. There are lots of answers you can give. However, avoid mentioning material things such as money or employee discounts since no one wants a materialistic employee.

Sample Answer

I am usually motivated by meeting deadlines, targets, and goals. I take great pride in my work, and achieving any milestone gives me the strength to keep on pushing harder. I also love learning about new things and developing creative ideas that improve my job. Lastly, working as part of a team will also give me the needed motivation.

8. Have You Ever Gone Above and Beyond For a Customer? Share With Us Your Experience

Employers love it when you go above and beyond for customers since it creates a network of loyal customers, generating more business. You should therefore think of a time you did something extra to ensure that a customer was comfortable. It doesn’t have to be part of your job description.

Sample Answer

While working at a restaurant, I noticed that a senior citizen did not move even after finishing and paying for the meal. I later found out that she was worried about the rain since she did not have an umbrella. I took mine and walked her to the car. She became a loyal customer thereafter.

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9. Working at Walmart Can Be Quite Stressful. How Will You Handle Stress?

It is normal to get stressed at work, especially in such a large retail store. You will meet different people and have a lot on your plate, which may leave you feeling stressed at the end of the day. You should therefore have some coping mechanisms and stress handling techniques that you can explore.

Sample Answer

I have learned to step back and take a deep breath before prioritizing work whenever I have a lot of things to do. I can also successfully turn stress into a motivator. I always get the most satisfaction by successfully handling a stressful day. ( You can also mention other practices such as yoga or meditation, which are known to help in managing stress)

10. How Long Do You Plan to Stay at Walmart if You Get This Job?

The hiring process is normally costly and time-intensive. Nobody wants an employee who will quit two months after landing the job, thus taking the entity a step back. You must be ready to stay longer at your job, or your chances of getting it will significantly reduce.

Sample Answer

As a student, I plan to stay here for as long as I am in university or college, which I feel will be long. ( Or you can tell the interviewer that you will stay as long as there is career growth which you believe is achievable)

11. Can You Market Our Walmart Credit Cards?

This is a role that is usually set aside for the cashiers. They normally interact last with customers and are therefore in a better position to market these cards. You should check out the benefits of the  Walmart credit card, which will help you sell it well.

Sample Answer

I took a marketing class in college, which will come in handy in marketing your credit card. Being a cardholder, it will be pretty exciting to tell the customers about the card’s perks.

12. Can You Work Fast Without Compromising on the Quality of Your Work?

You should be ready for a fast-paced environment when you get a Walmart job. There are tight deadlines and demanding conditions. However, the employer will still expect quality work at the end of the day. Therefore, convince the hiring manager that you can manage to be fast and accurate.

Sample Answer

I can. I have found out that working methodically and strategically whenever I have tight deadlines helps me work fast and maintain high-quality standards. I usually stick to the standard procedures and, if possible, cluster small tasks to create a logical flow. I am also attentive to details, which helps me avoid making mistakes.

13. What Would You Do if You Caught a Coworker Stealing from the Cash Register?

This is a situational question testing your integrity. Remember, even the largest stores in the world are affected by theft since they add up, causing shrinkage. This question is prevalent if you are applying for a cashier job with Walmart. Make sure that you get it right.

Sample Answer

I believe that theft is a serious issue that must be addressed. It does not only go against the workplace policy but is also a crime. I would report the theft to the relevant department or authority as guided by Walmart’s corporate procedures

14. How Do You Feel in Your Daily Job?

How you feel in your daily job tells the interviewer whether you will be productive or not. Nobody needs a tired employee who will always request for breaks. You must be energetic and ready to take the bull by the horns at all times. Assure the interviewer that you do not mind physical work or require frequent breaks. Also, remember that working in Walmart can be pretty difficult.

Sample Answer

I am always psyched up when attending to my daily roles. I have lots of energy and enjoy the time spent with my colleagues and interactions with customers. Time, therefore, flies by fast whenever I am at work.

15. Do You Have Anything That May Restrain You in This Job?

This is not a trap, as many people would love to think. The interviewer may be asking you for any allergies or physical limitations that may inhibit you from performing given tasks. You should therefore be honest with the hiring manager to avoid future problems. Make it known if you have a physical or mental limitation since it will still come up later in your work.

Sample Answer

I have read the job description extensively and can confirm that nothing can limit me from attending to the roles mentioned. I am in a proper physical and mental state, and therefore ready to take care of all my duties. ( You can also say that you are allergic to dust if that’s true so that the interviewer can organize for you a dust-free section when you land the job. Do not lie to look competent and then jeopardize your health)

16. What Would You Do if You Realized that You Have a Difficult Time With a Colleague?

Teamwork is not as rosy as many would want to portray. There are lots of disagreements and repulsions that may occur when working with others. However, you should not let these challenges affect your work. Convince the interviewer that you can work well with your colleagues and solve any issue that comes up in your interaction.

Sample Answer

I know that this is possible from my experience in group settings. I will try to understand the colleague’s perspective and why we have a difficult time. I will then request a sit-down where we can solve the issue. However, if it happens to be serious, I will suggest that we consult our supervisor or the store manager.

17. Why are You Quitting Your Job?

The employer will always want to know why you are leaving your previous job. Nobody wants an incompetent employee who can’t stand some heat. While answering this question, try to avoid speaking negatively about your last job since no employer wants to be badmouthed by an employee in the future. Here is a good answer:

Sample Answer

I have been in this job for quite some time and enjoyed every bit of it. However, I feel that it is time to give someone else an opportunity and look for new challenges, which I will find here. I would also love to develop professionally, which I cannot possibly achieve in my previous company.

18. What are Your Expectations in this New Position?

This is yet another common question in interviews. What do you expect of the workplace,  your colleagues, or the general work environment? There are two valid ways of approaching this question. You can either say what you expect from your workmates or mention that you only expect a lot from one person only-you. All in all, make your expectations known.

Sample Answer

I expect an accommodative workplace. I love working closely with others and therefore hope that I will witness a collaborative spirit here. I also hope to have a good time working as an attendant and helping customers with their purchases.

19. What are Your Strengths and Weaknesses?

This is a general question that employers love to ask. The first part is often easy since you only need to sell and talk highly of yourself. Most people have a problem with the second part as it can threaten your chances of landing the job if not handled well. We advise that you avoid mentioning weaknesses that touch on your job description.

Sample Answer

I have lots of strengths that will positively impact Walmart. I am a person of high integrity. I am also disciplined and attentive to detail. Lastly, I put my customer first, a quality that I believe makes me better at this job. As for my weaknesses, I am a perfectionist and also worry a lot about what people perceive of me. However, I am learning to deal with it. It will soon cease to be a problem.

20. What Would You Do if a Manager Asks You to Do a Job You Have Never Done Before?

The interviewer wants to know if you are highly motivated to handle new challenges. Show him/her that you are competent.

Sample Answer

I am a highly motivated person with a deep appreciation for challenges. I will find a way to complete the task and deliver quality results. It will also offer me a chance to better myself by learning something new.


These are some of the questions you can be asked in a Walmart interview regardless of the position. Make sure that you answer them correctly.