Top 20 Video Game Designer Interview Questions and Answers in 2024

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Video Game Designer Questions and Answers

It’s critical to prepare for the interview process if you’ve just applied for a job in game design. Hiring managers pose questions during interviews with game developers and designers that assist them to evaluate either soft skills or technical expertise, or both required for the position. As a result, it’s a good idea to go through some of the most common questions you’ll be asked during a game development interview.

We’ll go over a few of the basic and technical Top 20 Video Game Designer Questions & Answers in this article to help you prepare for your interview.

1.  Why Are You Interested In This Role?

This is a question that the interviewer will frequently ask at the outset of the interview to gauge your enthusiasm. What the interviewer is looking for in this question is the reason for your application and why you applied for this position.

Sample Answer:

“I used to enjoy playing games as a kid. When I used to play big games, I used to fantasize about how they would be built. I’ve always enjoyed making games, so I chose to pursue a career as a game designer. I enjoy not only making games but also playing and watching others play them. That’s why, when I saw your game design ad, I knew I had to apply right away.”

2.  What Are The Roles Of The Game Designer?

This is the second most critical question that the interviewer will ask. The objective of this question is to examine your knowledge and education, as well as to check if you are familiar with the responsibilities of the applied position.

Sample Answer:

“A game designer has a variety of responsibilities, but the most significant include developing avatars, environments, levels, art, and animation. They may also be required to write computer code in a variety of programming languages. They may also be in charge of managing projects and testing early editions of video games, based on their job responsibilities.”

3.  What Are The Qualities That A Game Designer Needs To Be Successful?

Every year, more individuals are turning to video games for enjoyment. To become a great game designer, one needs to possess a set of characteristics that distinguish him apart from the competition. What are these characteristics? This is how you can say it:

Sample Answer:

“The first and most crucial trait that a game designer should have is the ability to be creative and think outside of the box. He should be able to solve a complex problem using multiple lines of code and have a strong grasp of his subject, which means he should be able to create some fascinating scenarios and environments.”

4.  What Major Challenges Did You Face During Your Last Role? How Did You Manage Them?

This question will help the interviewer decide whether or not to hire you. He’s curious in your previous challenges and how you dealt with them.

Sample Answer:

“During my last roll, the biggest problem I had was that we had a very tiny team of game designers, and we had to produce a game for a client in a very short amount of time.  The problem was that the order had already been received, and our two team members had gone for personal reasons. As a result, we had to do a lot of work on their behalf, which caused problems in our personal and professional lives. I simply presented all of these difficulties to my employer, who somehow managed to comprehend them and hired fresh professionals to release the burden.”

5. Describe Your Daily Routine As A Game Designer?

The interviewer will inquire about details in order to determine how much knowledge you have about the position. Instead of telling him about your typical everyday routine, try telling him about your professional daily routine.

Sample Answer:

“There isn’t anything like it!  I can’t say I’ve ever had the same typical working day in my sixteen years in the gaming world, which is probably why I still enjoy it.

My daily tasks are determined by the product(s) that we’re engaged in. One day, I might be drawing up thoughts and feature ideas for prospective new games, collaborating with other team members to meet the product’s goal, or interacting with a customer to ensure that our objectives are clear and on track.

Another day might be spent fine-tuning game features like velocity, gravity, and other factors that control how objects move and respond while a game is played. Game creation necessitates a wide range of abilities, and you may be required to use all of them in a single day.”

6.  What Kind Of Strategies And Mindset Is Required For This Role?

There are a variety of ways to successfully design games, including storing templates and using them afterward to outsource the work. Whether you are fully aware of these packages or not, the interview was really informative.

Sample Answer:

“First and foremost, you should be familiar with all of the tools that are utilized in game development. There are a variety of tactics and shortcuts that might help you make your work more unique than ever before. To achieve deadlines, you need to know all the shortcut keys to save time and work diligently, as well as distribute your work to other team members according to the demand and need.”

7. Describe Briefly About Your Experience?

Despite the fact that your experience is listed on your CV, the interviewer will ask this question to better assess you. Try to describe your CV in a few sentences and include all of your relevant experience.

Sample Answer:

“For the past ten years, I’ve worked for NexGen Games in Los Angeles. I earned a bachelor’s degree in game design from Rochester University in the United States and have worked on hundreds of freelance projects. I am an expert game designer who understands each and every phase of the process.”

8.  What Is The Biggest Challenge That You Foresee In This Job

The interviewer will inquire about future challenges in order to learn what you consider to be a problem in the current organization. This allows the corporation to make pre-arrangements, understand its scope, and gain insight into the organization.

Sample Answer:

“When we build a game, we have a large crew that supports and helps each other out in times of need, such as when we need to fulfill deadlines and work on numerous environments. Because you are just getting started, your team is quite small. So the most difficult task would be to focus entirely on the projects and meet the deadlines.”

9. How Do You Stay Motivated In Your Work

Staying motivated is essential for any job to be carried out for an extended amount of time, which is why the interviewer would ask this question to learn what you do to stay motivated and continue working for a longer period of time.

Sample Answer:

“From the beginning, I was most interested in game design. So there isn’t much that can demotivate me or lower my enthusiasm. However, there are circumstances when you need to create something that is out of your skillset or challenging. It causes stress sometimes but love for the game designing brings me to the research at that point, and when I resolve that challenge, I become motivated.”

10. Describe A Time When You Failed In This Role And The Lesson You Learned

Failures are a necessary part of life. The main goal of this question is to determine how you respond to your failures and how much blame you place on yourself. The interviewer is interested in learning from your mistakes and how you deal with them.

Sample Answer:

“I recall that one day while working on a project for my firm, a friend of mine assigned me a minor assignment. I recall working on both projects, both of which took time and failing to reach the deadlines for both of them. My manager believed that I was incapable of doing my duties effectively. I knew I had done something wrong, so I informed my boss and apologized for the wrong thing and they gave me another chance. Following that, I consistently met every project’s deadline and improved communication with my boss and other team members, and did not repeat the mistake again.”

11. Why Do You Feel You Are The Most Suited For This Role

For this post, there are a lot of people waiting in line. The main goal of this question is to find out why you believe you are ideal for this role. Mention your abilities, strengths, and attributes that will help you separate out from other candidates in this section.

Sample Answer:

“Well, I have a bachelor’s degree in game design from a reputable university and over ten years of expertise in the field. Aside from that, my total portfolio, professional experience, and freelance projects qualify me as the ideal candidate for this role. Furthermore, I fully comply with the requirements and the eligibility criteria that you have mentioned in your job ad ”

12. Share With Us Your Greatest Achievement

Your success is defined by your accomplishments. To secure the existing seat of game design, try to discuss your accomplishments with complete confidence. This is the time when you can distinguish yourself from the rest of the candidates.

Sample Answer:

“My greatest accomplishment in this sector was designing a whole game in under 25 days, despite the fact that we were given roughly two months to do so. When we delivered this project over to our client, he was so pleased that he gave us a tip and expressed his gratitude on the dashboard in front of the entire staff.”

13. What Has Been Your Most Successful Approach Of Collaborating With Artists On The Visual Parts Of Your Designs?

The interviewer will most likely use questions like these to assess your capacity to communicate and interact with people in order to accomplish positive results. To illustrate your teamwork and communication skills, provide an example from your past to explain one approach you employ to work efficiently with others.

Sample Answer:

“Group communication was one way of collaboration used by my prior company. Our boss organized regular team meetings with clear goals for each topic. The team kept on pace to fulfill crucial design objectives thanks to this way of highlighting essential collaboration points.”

14. What Variables Would You Consider When Creating Quality Assurance Test Specifications?

This question can assist recruiters to get a better understanding of your ability to assess data, consider company and customer demands, and make decisions that will help your projects succeed. Give instances in your response that demonstrate your attention to the smallest details, rational reasoning, and analytical abilities. When assessing your ideas for quality, it’s equally crucial to include components of your decision-making process.

Sample Answer:

“The game’s specifications are the first thing I look at. In past roles, I was usually given a paper that outlined the plot, player descriptions, scenario ideas, and challenge element proposals. I also evaluate how the coding can support the graphic elements, based on the game genre, target recipient, and devices.”

15. How Would You Fix Game Lag If You Noticed It In A Current Design?

Your ability to recognize and resolve technical challenges can assist the recruiter in better understanding how you handle continual improvements that meet consumer requests. Discuss how you assess the functionality and performance of online gaming, as well as how you might solve performance difficulties.

Sample Answer:

“My first line of protection against game lag is to examine the performance settings. If I’m unable to reduce the performance output, I assess the hardware or device on which the game runs. Because obsolete hardware might cause game lag, I’ve incorporated pop-up warnings in games with a higher load when the performance speed hits a certain threshold, alerting users to upgrade their equipment to facilitate improved gameplay.”

16. What Measures Would You Employ To Ensure That Development And Production Teams Communicate Effectively?

This question may be asked by the interviewer to learn how you interact and collaborate with multiple teams to guarantee that the quality of a game fulfills design standards. Give instances of how you communicate complicated technical knowledge to teams participating in the design process and how you track progress made.

Sample Answer:

“I would assist my team in creating a flowchart to describe the placements of important graphic elements due to the intricacies of the scripting stages in game development. I’d review the visual characteristics the production team expects to include, utilizing this material as a guideline, to confirm that both the visual and backend features of the game are in line with the project specs.”

17. Can You Tell Me About An Instance When You Used Feedback To Improve The Structure Of Your Design?

The recruiter is likely to look for attributes like being open to feedback as well as using the input to improve your design quality. While answering these questions, give an example of feedback you received from past companies or clients, and how you have used the information to enhance your game design and development skills.

Sample Answer:

“I recently built an entirely new game design based on ideas from gamers who had previously played earlier game editions. I was able to construct a design that included more puzzle problems and improved the rewards system for the second installation thanks to user input. My designing team was able to develop a successful Smartphone game as a result of these modifications, which raised our company’s membership rate by 14 percent recent.”

18. What Aspects Of Your Profession Do You Enjoy The Most? What Exactly Is It That Irritates You?

If you are new to any work, things can be frustrating. The interviewer wants to know what irritates you and what makes you happy in this sector.

Sample Answer:

“I enjoy dealing with a diverse range of people. It keeps the job exciting, tough, and fresh. I really enjoy being a part of the process of taking a concept and turning it into something that huge numbers of people can experience and enjoy.

And as far as frustration is concerned, you always discover new and exciting things while developing games — in fact, our entire approach is designed to allow us to do so. But I constantly want to add more and more elements, and there comes a moment where you have to stop in order to finish the game on the schedule.”

19. What Programming Languages Have You Worked With Before?

Aside from game design software and tools, a game designer needs also be familiar with basic coding languages in order to create a flawless game. Game development necessitates the use of a variety of languages. Make an effort to mention all of them.

Sample Answer:

“C++ and Java remain at the top of my list, but there are plenty of additional options. I’ve also been making and developing games on Unity, so I’m quite familiar with C# when it comes to making and developing games. On my résumé, I have listed all of my qualifications and skills. You can still take a test before my joining.”

20. Do You Have An Idea For An Entertaining Game In Your Head? Do You Have A Project You Would Like Work On In Our Studio?

We are constantly open to new ideas. Furthermore, in other situations, the studio may have a large number of programmers but a shortage of ideas and individuals to advise the developers on what they should engage in. You may be asked this question in an interview. You should also have a thought in your head.

Sample Answer:

“Yes, I’ve come up with a plan to create a hyper-casual game involving the cube as a player along with numerous barriers. As the game progresses, the speed increases and the game becomes more appealing. If you give me a chance, I’ll gladly demonstrate my abilities.”


People enjoy playing video games. They actually play far too much. The trend, on the other hand, is here to stay, allowing thousands of game studios to prosper and earn hundreds of billions of dollars every year. You now have the choice of eating your portion of this luscious pie as well.

These were the top 20 Video Game Designer Interview Questions and Answers to assist you to get a seat and make your dreams come true.