Top Universities for Business and Economics 2022

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Top Universities for Business and Economics

Deciding on what you’ll ultimately study is anxiety-inducing, especially in today’s economy. According to Education Data, US college enrollment rates dropped by 4.3% in 2020 due to the global pandemic, but are now slowly on the rise again.

With 19% of all college students graduating from business-related studies across the US in 2021, it’s easy to see how popular business and economics are for future academics. What are some of the best reasons to pursue one of these majors?

  • Wide range of career opportunities
  • Gain entrepreneurial skills and knowledge
  • Understand finance, spending, and budgeting better
  • Open the door for lucrative post-graduate programs

Here are some of the top universities you should explore in terms of studying business and economics in 2022 so that you can have a better idea of how to prepare your application papers and budget for your tuition.

University of Chicago

The University of Chicago features a dedicated Bachelor’s course in Economics, enabling its students to learn about the basic tools and principles of the modern economy. As a student, you’ll learn about markets, how goods and services are traded, as well as what goes into income calculations, market pricing levels, etc.

This is a very reputable university that will enable you to pursue further studies in economics or look for professional employment or internship opportunities shortly after you’ve graduated.

University of Pennsylvania

University of Pennsylvania sports a very commendable Business course that will enable you to become quite knowledgeable about business and economics as a whole. You’ll learn about entrepreneurship, finance, analytics, and work on gaining a global perspective on how businesses are managed and how the economy works.

You’ll be able to use the essay writer helper whenever you’re in a pinch and need to write your assignments quickly to submit them before the deadline. The University of Pennsylvania is an amazing choice for anyone looking for ways to specialize in business-related niches after graduation.

University of Michigan

The University of Michigan and its Business course places a high emphasis on practical experiences gained during your studies. By enrolling in the University of Michigan, you’ll gain not only valuable courses on business and economics but also be able to do internships with major global brands looking for business and economy professionals.

Brands like Google, Target, Microsoft, and many others are closely collaborating with the university to offer students like yourself meaningful learning experiences. Thanks to that, you’ll easily be able to put your name out there and find stable employment once you’ve graduated if you’re keen on it.

Duke University

Located in North Carolina, Duke University has a Business school with a wide range of majors to pursue. You’ll be able to take up business analytics, business administration, quantitative management, and a plethora of other courses focused directly on business and economics.

The university features both Bachelor’s and Master’s programs, so you can specialize even further if you choose to stay at Duke a bit longer once you’ve graduated. While you’ll face some competition when applying for a major due to its popularity, you won’t regret your time at Duke University if you’re passionate about business and economics.

Yale University

Yale University takes a very hands-on approach to educating its students about business and economics. The university features a comprehensive network of over 30 business schools from various countries and regions. This means that you’ll have plenty of courses and majors to choose from, whether you’re interested in business management or want to adopt a more analytical approach.

The university also prides itself on developing industry leaders, offering a rich assortment of extracurricular courses and seminars for you to develop entrepreneurial skills. If you’re looking for a great all-around business and economics university which will shape you into a competent businessperson, Yale University is a great place to be.

Choosing your Business and Economics University

Whether you choose to pursue a business and economics major locally or abroad, you’ll soon come to realize what these studies entail. You’ll need to become intimately familiar with finance, business development, and analytics to start with.

Likewise, writing is important no matter which university you choose because you’ll inherently commit to writing assignments, papers, and articles for the duration of your studies. Compare these universities’ requirements and tuition fees to your available resources.

Look for paid tuition and ways for you to supplement your expenses with different funds assigned to prospective students each year. Ultimately, choose the university that will make you happy, despite what anyone else might say. That way, you’ll enjoy every minute of your academic journey, no matter how hard it might get sometimes.

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