Top 20 Information Technology (IT) Manager Interview Questions & Answers

Information Technology (IT) Manager Interview Questions and Answers

You should prepare well before stepping into an interview room to avoid getting ambushed. This article equips you with 20 frequently asked questions when interviewing for the Information Technology (IT) manager position.

1.    Why Are You Interested in This Role?

You should take the chance to sell yourself. The interviewer will use this opportunity to assess whether you a promising prospect.

Tip 1: Never mention money as your motivating factor.

Tip 2: Include a few things that will make you resourceful to the organization.

Sample Answer

I am passionate about Information Technology and even more fascinated with using ever-evolving technology to relay or even store information. I believe I am equipped with the leadership skills to handle the IT manager’s position to steer this organization to new and unexplored areas for better success.

2.    What Are the Roles of An Information Technology Manager?

You should know what role an IT manager plays in an organization.

Tip 1: It would be best to stick to the roles listed in the job description.

Tip 2: If there is no provided job description, mention the general roles.

Sample Answer

An IT manager runs regular checks on the organization’s network and data security, finds ways of improving the software systems and keeping them updated, develops an IT policy to guide the organization, and offers training for the employees.

3.    What Are the Qualities That an IT Manager Should Possess to be Effective?

Here, the interviewer expects you to tell them the unique traits that a qualified IT manager should have to succeed.

Tip 1: Ensure that the qualities you mention are related to the role being offered.

Tip 2: Avoid giving general qualities and mention the ones likely to impact and influence an IT manager’s tasks.

Sample Answer

An IT manager should be a strategic thinker and desire to learn due to the technology world’s continually evolving nature. He/she should also be able to pay attention to detail and have strong communication skills.

4.    What Major Challenges Did You Face During Your Last Role? How Did You Handle It?

You can be sure that the organization is looking for a problem solver and not an added liability. It would be best to show the interviewer that you can handle difficult situations thrown your way.

Tip 1: Ensure that the challenge you mention does not put your skills to question.

Tip 2: Focus more on how you handled the situation to prove your competence.

Sample Answer

My first time working in the IT world was in a start-up organization. Most of our ideas ended up in our competitors’ hands. After investigating the issue, we found the weak link to be in our IT department. I helped develop a firm IT policy that protected our organization’s interests since then.

5.    Describe Your Daily Routine as An IT Manager?

Describe how your typical day at work would look like. Research beforehand to help you determine what IT managers spend their day doing.

Tip 1: Base your answer on the activities of the organization.

Tip 2: Ensure that the answer paints a productive day to avoid looking lazy.

Sample Answer

My daily routine as an IT manager would involve updating the software system, finding ways of improving the systems for better efficiency, and ensuring that all the organization’s data is backed up and secure. I may also organize training for the staff depending on any changes done to the systems.

6.     Describe Briefly About Your Information Technology Experience

Do not answer this question using your expertise or what you trained for. Let your CV do that. The interviewer wants to hear the things you have achieved and areas you are good at.

Tip 1: Show your capabilities and sell yourself.

Tip 2: Do not leave out any relevant information.

Sample Answer

I have learned how to constantly think on my feet as technology keeps changing every minute, to always keep reading and researching to stay relevant to the field. With experience, I appreciate the need to constantly back up every piece of information as you can never entirely rely on systems.

7.    What Kind of Strategies and Mindset is Required for This Role? Explain with Example

You must prove to the interviewer beyond any doubt that you are the perfect fit for the role. Therefore, prove that you have a strategic plan to get the job done.

Tip 1: Be specific by relating the strategy and mindset to the job at hand

Tip 2: The plan should be realistic, and mindset prove that you are reliable.

Sample Answer

An IT manager should be a great team player since it takes a whole team to ensure the organization’s software systems are running smoothly. An excellent communications system in place would be crucial in providing all runs well. A focused mindset is vital to be able to pay attention to details.

8.    What is the Biggest Challenge that You Foresee in This Job?

Here, prove to the interviewer that you are visionary and have a plan for the future should you get the opportunity to work with them.

Tip 1: Ensure that the challenge you mention does not paint as you being incompetent.

Tip 2: If you can think of any solution, hint it out to the interviewer.

Sample Answer

I must mention that I admire the employee culture in this organization and find it impeccable. In my former workplace, we had a problem with some of the organization’s ideas leaked to our competitors. I find that the IT policy here has a few loopholes that could jeopardize the organization if anyone took advantage. We will need to find a way of dealing with the loopholes and making the policy airtight.

9.    How Do You Stay Motivated at Work?

Despite all the challenges that you may face as an IT manager, the interviewer would like to know what keeps you going at the workplace. Your answer may help create a conducive environment for you.

Tip 1: Avoid mentioning anything materialistic things as this will make you look greedy.

Tip 2: Have a well-thought-out answer but be natural.

Sample Answer

Seeing that I am up to date with my work brings me pure joy and keeps me going. Knowing that I positively impact and bring change to the organization when my work is well done also satisfies me.

10. Describe a Time You Failed in this Role and the Lesson You Learned

It would be best to prove that you are a responsible and accountable person and own up to some of the past mistakes and failures you have had.

Tip 1: Do not place the blame on others.

Tip 2: The lesson should be related to the mistake.

Sample Answer

In my first role in the IT department, I used to wait and back up everything once a project was done. One time, there was a system failure, and the whole project was erased. It cost the organization a great deal. Ever since I learned that software systems could not be relied upon 100% as they may also fail from time to time, I ensure that information is backed up at the end of every task to avoid similar mistakes.

11. How Will You Keep the Organization’s Data Secure?

Security is paramount to any organization, and here, the interviewer wants to ensure that you can deal with any security threats that may come along.

Tip 1: Provide details on how you are going to ensure security to the organization’s data.

Tip 2: Explain how internal data and external data will be separated

Sample Answer

Data is susceptible, and a small error can be the downfall of the entire organization. Therefore, I will ensure that backups are done, and client and customer data is protected. Internal data and external data will also be separated to avoid any mix-up.

12. What Resources Will You Require to Operate Smoothly?

The interviewer would like to establish if the IT department is lacking since organizations heavily rely on IT. Be honest as your answer could help equip you better for the job.

Tip 1: Be honest.

Tip 2: Avoid sounding like you are making too many demands.

Sample Answer

With the research that I have done, this organization has done a commendable job equipping the IT department. However, as the IT manager, it would be resourceful to have regular training with the staff to ensure we are all on the same page and up to date with the systems and how they function.

13. Briefly Describe Your Management Style

Here, the interviewer would like to feel how you relate to other employees, and also determine whether you are a team player or you get things done solo.

Tip 1: Show that you are concerned with creating a happy work environment.

Tip 2: Express that you can work well with a team as well as in solo projects

Sample Answer

I believe that I am a mix of hands-on and hands-off kind of manager. I like to be involved in the team’s work to ensure progress, but I also love seeing them learn on their own and growing.

14. What is Your Favorite Platform and How Will it be Beneficial to the organization?

Prove to the interviewer that you are up to date with the ever-evolving technology landscape. As a manager, you must be familiar with the touchpoint areas.

Tip 1: Do your research beforehand and find a gap in the organization.

Tip 2: Be specific

Sample Answer

I have familiarized myself with Twitter and all the good it can do as a social media platform. It will be a great way to reach new prospective clients and keep everyone updated with what the organization is doing.

15. Where Do You See Yourself in The Next 2 Years?

The interviewer wants to assess how determined you are to grow in your career path.

Tip 1: Do not be over-ambitious.

Tip 2:  Avoid sounding like a threat or competition to the interviewer.

Sample Answer

Hopefully, I will have built a very secure software system for the organization and enhanced the IT policy for better security.

16. How Do You Determine the Best Software System for The Organization?

You should show your ability to research and work with different types of software systems.

Tip 1: Do proper research.

Tip 2:  Express willingness to learn.

Sample Answer

I have had the privilege of working with various software systems in my previous workplaces. This has given me insight into which ones will suit the organization best.

17. Have You made Improvements to IT Infrastructure before?

This is to test your troubleshooting abilities.

Tip 1: Give real examples

Tip 2:  Sell yourself

Sample Answer

At my last place of work, we realized that the system was very slow and would at times hand and cause delays. Together with my team, we worked on updating the system, which solved all our problems.

18. How Do You Deal with an Underperforming Team Member?

This is to test your managerial skills.

Tip 1: Show that you are a team player.

Tip 2: Show that you can motivate other employees.

Sample Answer

As an IT manager, it would be my joy to see everyone in the department grow and horn their skills. I would find ways of motivating the employee and including them while closely monitoring them for improvement.

19. How Do You Stay Relevant in The IT field?

The interviewer would like to pick your interest in continuing to learn on the job.

Tip 1: Don’t sound sleek.

Tip 2: Be willing to learn.

Sample Answer

Since the IT world is constantly developing, I will ensure that I am up to date with the latest trends to learn which one works best for the organization.

20. Do You Think You Are the Best Fit for This Organization?

Here, your confidence is being put to the test.

Tip 1: Tell what you have to offer that is unique.

Tip 2:  Be confident but not rude.

Sample Answer

I believe that I have a lot of experience and knowledge that will benefit this organization with all the years of experience I have gained working in this field.


With adequate preparation, you can easily land your dream job. These questions will be insightful for your next interview.

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