Top 20 Human Resources Generalist Interview Questions & Answers 2024

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It is crucial to be fully prepared before going for a job interview. In this article, we will look at the top 20 interview questions and answers that could be used when interviewing for a human resources generalist position.

1.    What Piques Your Interest In This Job?

The interviewers are curious about candidates’ enthusiasm for the position.

Tip #1: Emphasis your interest in the position offered

Tip #2: Focus on what opportunities you see with the new job

Sample Answer:

I am interested to become part of the human resources due to the variety of the tasks revolving around this job. The job scopes of a human resource generalist range from supporting the workforce, recruiting, assisting, and even working on information systems. It involves every important aspect that exists within a workforce. I love challenges and working on different tasks. I believe this job could benefit my interest and career growth.

2.    What Makes You Qualify For This Job?

To tackle this question, candidates are expected to provide their qualities which may seem fit for the role.

Tip #1: Align your qualities with what the company is seeking

Tip #2: Be confident and clear

Sample Answer:

I possess a high interpersonal skill and has been assigned as the mediator between employer and employees during my previous position. I have always enjoyed being a support to people around me. I am capable of approaching people professionally and suitably to their situations. That aside, I am capable of performing a variety of tasks and is experienced in human resource management knowledge.

3.    What Do You Know About The Position As A Human Resources Generalist?

This is to test candidates’ knowledge about the job scopes.

Tip #1: State the roles of human resource generalist

Tip #2: Be concise and confident

Sample Answer:

The human resources generalist is the person responsible to administer new employees who are recruited into the company. They are also the person who need to manage the talents and training for the employees as well as processing their needs and complaints. They are the person in charge of the employees’ welfare and being the mediator between higher-ups with them.

4.    Share Your Experience On Employees’ Safety And Welfare Matters

If this is your new job, try to come up with a plan to handle employees’ welfare

Tip #1: Share a genuine or your plan if you are new to this

Tip #2: Do not contemplate your answer

Sample Answer:

I was a human resources generalist for a chemical company before. I made sure to evaluate the statistics of the previous cases and issues faced by the employees. Doing so provides me the necessary insights on what particulars to be improved on. We also provided several training and safety courses to regularly remind employees to conduct extra precautions.

5.    Which Elements Do You Consider The Most Important When Creating Human Resources Policies?

This is a question to test candidates’ familiarity with policies

Tip #1: Provide several elements and elaborate

Tip #2: Be concise and convincing

Sample Answer:

I will consider the most beneficial element for the company and employees. One of them is by prioritising training. I will look into existing training systems and see what best could be done to improve them. The other important element that I will consider the most is equal opportunities. The company should avoid discrimination at all costs.

6.    In Your Past Position, What Attributes Did You Look For In A Potential Employee While Interviewing?

Provide what attributes you seek for in employees.

Tip #1: Name several traits important for employees

Tip #2: Try to be specific in the example of job

Sample Answer:

I will first learn about the particular position offered and identify what skills or qualities needed to be effective in the work field. Next, I will meticulously conduct screening to evaluate the candidates in terms of their education, qualities, as well as experience in the related field. However, I will often remind myself to provide equal chances for fresh graduates with zero working experience.

7.    How Did You Manage Any Harassment Claims In Your Previous Job?

Provide a genuine experience, but if you never face this issue, provide what you would do in the situation.

Tip #1: Provide the steps you would do clearly

Tip #2: Handle this question with caution as it is a sensitive issue

Sample Answer:

Any kind of harassment in the workplace is a serious issue and should be addressed with ample care. I will carefully collect information from both sides. I always taught myself not to listen to and trust one party only. There were cases where the person who reported was the one who initiated the harassment first. I also handled the issue confidentially to protect the privacy of the person involved and only discussed the issue within the company.

8.    What Is Your Procedure For Terminating An Employee?

A human resource should be familiar with multiple employee-related procedures.

Tip #1: State the procedures you would do

Tip #2: Be familiar with the proper ethics of terminating employment

Sample Answer:

Terminating employment is a heavy topic and should be handled well. I will discuss and inform the person of the termination privately. I will clearly state the reasons and answer any questions from their part to avoid any misunderstandings. Mishandling an employment termination may lead to danger and risk to the person involved as well as the company reputation as a whole.

9.    Why Do You Feel 360-Degree Assessments Are A Better Option For Improving A Worker’s Performance Levels?

Be familiar with the key components of common assessments if you never heard about 360-degree assessment.

Tip #1: State why employee assessment is important

Tip #2: Be concise and confident

Sample Answer:

360-degree is a great development tool. It provides a broad perspective from all directions about employees. A 360-degree tool allows an employee to be assessed individually from certain particulars that could be set to fit his or her position in the company. It is also feasible and easily conducted compared to any other lengthy assessments that may take a long time and budget.

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10. How Do You Imagine A Typical Day At Work?

This is to see what you anticipate as a human resources generalist

Tip #1: Provide some examples of mundane tasks

Tip #2: Emphasis your productivity

Sample Answer:

It is quite difficult to describe a typical day for a human resource generalist due to the various tasks that they may have to attend daily. Some of the most common tasks are training recruits, and managing records. During the hiring season, the human resource generalist will be in charge of interviewing, processing employment and managing new employees.

11. Have You Ever Interviewed Anyone For A Job? What Questions Did You Use In The Interview?

Try to be as specific as possible for this question.

Tip #1: Provide a genuine experience

Tip #2: Try to mention some common specific questions to be asked

Sample Answer:

I have never interviewed anyone for a job before. However, if I were to conduct an interview, I will first study the positions offered to see what are the fundamental skills and knowledge needed to become effective in that position. I will ask them behavioural questions, asking their experience in a certain situation or how they will address a certain issue.

12. How Important Do You Consider Collecting Data And Creating Reports On Staff Performance?

This is another technical skills and knowledge that human resources should be familiar with.

Tip #1: State your opinion and the importance of reporting

Tip #2: Name a few examples of reporting methods

Sample Answer:

Collecting data and doing reports on employees’ performance is very substantial as they provide data-driven judgement, which is more reliable than mere observation. There are several ways to collect data such as performing a 360-degree assessment. I am also looking forward to learn more ways to conduct performances evaluation.  

13. If You Were Advertising A Job Offer, What Would You Emphasize On The Offer?

Preparing a job offer is one of the tasks done by human resources. Be familiar with the important components in a job offer.

Tip #1: State a few key points to be included

Tip #2: Name how you could attract people to apply

Sample Answer:

Aside from mentioning the qualities and skills needed for a certain position, it is equally important to advertise effectively to attract more applicants. I may survey other competitors’ advertisements to create a more appealing poster. I may include information on our company which revolves around the benefits that they may acquire from working here, such as career growth, the culture here, and so forth.

14. What Is The Biggest Challenge That You Foresee In This Job?

Interviewers are interested to see what candidates have anticipated for the position.

Tip #1: Name one challenge you think would happen

Tip #2: State how to handle it

Sample Answer:

One of the biggest challenges of a human resources is complying with laws and regulations. There are labour laws that must be abode whether at local, state, or even federal levels. These regulations are applied to all aspects of the workplace. Aside from knowing themselves, they should also be able to convey the information on laws to employees to prevent any misunderstanding and dissatisfaction from their behalf. 

15. How Do You Stay Motivated At Work?

Provide a personal but professional way to keep your interest in your job.

Tip #1: Share one way to maintain your motivation

Tip #2: It may be as simple as a daily routine

Sample Answer:

I have always been motivated greatly whenever my advice helps other people. As a human resource, advising and coaching are two of our most common jobs. I find pleasure helping other people, in terms of work-related or even emotionally. Hence, if the employees were able to improve their performance with my help, that would motivate me to enjoy my profession more.

16.        What Kind Of Strategies And Mindset Is Required For This Role?

Interviewers want to know candidates’ level of readiness for the job

Tip #1: List a few strategies substantial as a human resources generalist

Tip #2: Provide examples of scenarios

Sample Answer:

My strategy to become a successful human resource generalist is by keeping improving my skills. Improvement needs hard work hence I will always aim to take a leap in any of the skills that I need such as leadership, public speaking, analytical, and many more. The other mindset is that I have to ready myself to become a multi-tasker and could work under pressure regardless of the size of the company.

17. What Are The Skills That Human Resources Generalist Should Possess To Be Effective?

This question may display how familiar candidates are with the job.

Tip #1: State some skills needed in human resources

Tip #2: Mention what would happen if lacking the skills

Sample Answer:

The most important skills needed by human resources generalist would be communication skills. This is because human resources have to interact with many. The other skills include administrating, advising, training, and reporting. Aside from interacting with people, a human resource needs to possess good reporting and analytical skills especially involving data from the Human Resource Information System.

18. What Would You Do In A Situation Where A Staff Suddenly Decided To Leave The Company?

This is to test candidates’ problem-solving skills.

Tip #1: Be professional and calm

Tip #2: Try to avoid mentioning emotional response and judgement

Sample Answer:

I would investigate to find out what are the reasons for the sudden retirement. This could provide insights on what shortcomings that ought to be addressed in the company. Sudden retirement could cause a toll on the employee as well as the company hence this issue should be prevented. After gaining information on the reasons, I will conduct surveys to see if other employees also face the same issue. Improvements ought to be done where necessary.

19. How To Ensure Employees’ Satisfaction With Their Positions?

This is another question to test what candidates would do as a human resource

Tip #1: State a few things that may be needed by employees

Tip #2: Share what you strive to provide for employees

Sample Answer:

I will regularly check on employees’ performance. Some employees’ performance tends to drop whenever they are facing problems or losing interest. I will reach out to employees to know what issues they are facing and if it is within the company, I will try my best to address the issue professionally. Approaching employees may help them to feel connected to the company and increase their satisfaction with their position.

20. How Do You Ensure Accuracy In Your Record-Keeping?

Record keeping is one of the tasks of human resources hence it is important to be familiar with this.

Tip #1: State some ways to ensure accuracy

Tip #2: Be concise and avoid mulling your answers

Sample Answer:

I will work on and finish one department at a time. This will ensure that I provide consistent data for each department. The other way is by working on records in alphabetical manners. I always make sure to double-check everything before proceeding with another person’s data. That aside, I also utilize software to ease the task as well as to minimize errors. There are some examples of human resources software that I am familiar with.

This article provides 20 probable interview questions and the answers if you intend to apply for a human resources generalist. This article can be referred by employee and candidate.