The Law and How to Deal With Pest Control at Work

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How to Deal With Pest Control at Work

Usually, businesses only concern themselves with pest control after an outbreak or when it comes to your attention. However, dealing with a pest infestation after the fact can be too late.

Pests can cause significant damage and cause serious health concerns. Not only that, but if word gets out that your business has a vermin issue, it could harm your reputation. 

It’s best practice to plan to handle pests and actively work to keep them at bay before an infestation takes hold. There are also laws around managing pests. You’ll want to read on if you’re a business owner curious about managing pests or experiencing problems. 

How Can I Manage Pests? 

You can implement different methods to control pest issues in the workplace. The most common route is through hiring a professional extermination company. 

Hiring an exterminator is a great way to manage an issue while also preventing problems from happening in the future. You may have set up traps and decided to use chemicals yourself first, but certain vermin require specific eradication methods. For instance, you may not know how to tell if rat poison is working without the advice of a professional. 

You can also take responsibility for hygiene in the workplace. Here are some proactive methods to keep pests at bay that you can tackle without needing a professional. 

Cleaning Procedures

Maintain a tight routine cleaning schedule both inside and outside the property. 

Avoid Accessible Waste

Vermin and insects love garbage. At the end of the working day, you should take all trash to an external dumpster with a secure lid. 

Share Information With Employees

Ensure your employees are up to date with the cleaning practices you implement. You may need to create specific policies, such as prohibiting staff from keeping food waste at their desks. 

External Areas

The outside of your premises is just as important as the outside. Even fallen branches, rotting logs, and the like provide a haven for insects and pests. 

Am I Legally Required to Handle Pests at My Business? 

You are not legally required to have a pest control contract as such in place. However, your legal requirement is to handle infestations and maintain a safe workplace. Safety becomes an issue when the pest infestation impacts neighboring establishments. If you have a business with a rat or pest problem, it is a legal requirement to handle the issue, whether inside or outside the property. 

The Pest Act of 1949 protects communities against infestations. Say a member of your staff or the public reported an infestation relating to your business property; the local authority then has the right to enforce action because of the protective act. 

They can enter your property, and because you’re legally obligated to keep the business vermin free, a failure to do so could result in fines and business closure. 

Defense and Action

Be proactive in keeping pests at bay, and you can lower your chances of dealing with an infestation.