Spring Cleaning: 5 Areas of Life to Re-Evaluate

Editorial Team

5 Areas of Life to Re-Evaluate

Springtime brings warmer weather and, for some, intense urges to organize and scrub everything in sight. Tidying your home is a worthy goal, but why stop there? If you’re like most people, you probably have other aspects of your life that also need deep cleaning. Here are five areas of your life that you may want to re-evaluate and improve this spring.

1. Your Mental Health

Your mental health can impact how you view yourself and how you treat others. It can also affect your ability to work, maintain quality relationships, and enjoy a high quality of life. This spring, be honest and introspective about your mental health. Are you plagued by common problems like anxiety or depression? If you aren’t happy with your mental state, there are medications available to help you find greater happiness in life.

Some people may be wary about seeing a doctor for mental health issues due to scheduling difficulties. The good news is that you can skip the long wait times and order medications online. Just complete an evaluation and a medical provider will give you a prescription for your online mental health treatment if deemed appropriate. Once prescribed, the medication will be delivered to your door, so you can benefit from it as soon as possible. 

2. Your Relationships

The winter season can be hard on relationships, especially if you live in a climate with severe weather. People tend to feel trapped indoors when the weather is coldest, and that can lead to frustration and strained interactions. By the time spring comes, some people can’t wait to get out of the house and soak up some sunshine. This can be a great time for mending tense relationships and building them up even stronger.

This spring, make it a priority to spring clean your relationships just as you do the rooms in your house. Mend hurts, apologize for any wrongs, and let the important people in your life know what they mean to you. Spring is the perfect season to enjoy the outdoors and soak up more vitamin D with the people you love. As the saying goes, be a family that plays together if you want to stay together.

3. Your Self-Talk

Have you ever stopped to consider how you talk to yourself? The next time you look in the mirror, pay attention to the words that come to mind. Too many people constantly engage in negative self-talk. They may criticize their weight, hairline, or other physical aspects of their body. Or, they may reserve their most scathing words of self-loathing for specific personality traits or emotional failures.

The way you talk to yourself matters. Negativity can damage your mental health, skewer your self-confidence, and lead you to believe things that simply aren’t true. It can also steal your happiness by making it impossible for you to focus on good things in your life. This spring, make it a personal goal to modify your self-talk. Sweep away the negative words you use to describe yourself and replace them with positive mantras that uplift and encourage.

4. Your Social Media Commitments

The average person spends approximately 147 minutes on social media every day. If you’re wondering what’s wrong with that, the answer may surprise you. Studies suggest that people who spend a lot of time on social media tend to feel less happy than those who don’t. This may be partially due to the way people portray themselves online. Most people only post snapshots of their best moments, which can lead others to mistakenly believe their lives are perfect.

It’s natural to feel depressed when you’re constantly comparing your life to the highly edited images you see online. If scrolling through your social media feeds is making you feel sad, anxious, or dissatisfied with your life, make a change. As part of your spring cleaning routine, work to reprioritize your time. Consider spending less of it on social media and more of it with the people who make life worth living. As you do, you may start to realize that your life is actually pretty great.  

5. Your Diet

Many people gain a few pounds during the winter months. It’s natural to become more sedentary when the weather is cold and dreary. Winter is also a time of holiday celebrations, which often revolve around mouth-watering comfort foods and sugary treats. If your clothes fit a lot more snuggly by the time spring rolls around, know that you’re in good company.

As part of your spring cleaning efforts, re-evaluate the things you put into your body. It’s fun to indulge in treats every now and then. But your diet should primarily consist of healthy foods that can nourish and energize your body. Prioritize your health by committing to a healthier way of eating that helps you look and feel your best.

It’s natural to want to clean and organize every inch of your house during the spring cleaning season. But this spring, aim to tidy up any messiness in your personal life as well. Though transformative changes typically take more time than cleaning untidy rooms, they’re well worth the effort.