Top 25 Sonic Interview Questions and Answers in 2024

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Sonic Interview Questions and Answers

Sonic, fully known as Sonic Drive-in, is one of the most successful drive-in fast-food restaurants in the United States. It is owned by Inspire brands and has birthed Arby’s and Buffalo Wild Wings. This would be a great place to work if you are looking for a job or a means to supplement your income.

We intend to help you increase your chances of landing a job at SONIC, and therefore, this article will focus on some of the commonly asked questions in SONIC interviews. Take a look at the following:

1. What Do You Know About Us?

You are one of the most successful drive-ins, with over 3500 eateries in different locations. You were founded by Troy N. Smith Sr. in 1953 as Top Hat Drive-in and have grown over the years to give rise to two companies, Arby’s and Buffalo Wild Wings. You deal in several items, including chili dogs, hamburgers, and soft drinks. Lastly, customers order through an intercom speaker system before a carhop delivers the food.

2. Why Do You Want To Work Here?

Despite having the skills and experience required in the restaurant and generally hospitality industry, I have never had the chance to work in a drive-in. As your regular customer, I would love to have my first drive-in experience here. I can work well under pressure, which is highly needed in a drive-in. You can stay assured that I will do an excellent job if you give me a chance.

3. Why Should We Give You This Position?

I have all the qualities and skills needed for this job. I have worked in a fast-paced environment before and therefore know what it takes to succeed in a place like Sonic. I am pretty fast and can multitask without making mistakes, which will come in handy in sorting orders. I am also a good team player who can work well under pressure, which I believe is appreciated here.

4. Mention Any Relevant Experience That You Have

Even though I haven’t worked in a drive-in before, I have been a cashier in different fast-paced establishments such as KFC. I, therefore, understand what it means to work under pressure. I have also worked in a few hotels, dealing directly with customers, and obtaining many customer service skills that I am willing to showcase here. Lastly, I have been in different teams that have equipped me with extensive team working experience. I am positive that I will thrive in this role.

5. Do You Have Any Cash Handling Experience?

Yes. Even though I applied for a carhop position as it was the only available slot, I have worked as a cashier in several restaurants. I know how to handle cash, give balances and perform various cash-handling techniques. I am also accurate and exercise a degree of care when handling cash. You can stay assured that I will not make any unnecessary errors when receiving payments. I am looking forward to a successful interaction.

6. How Do You Normally React To Feedback?

Customer feedback is necessary, especially when working in such an establishment. I am glad that I have significantly improved how I handle feedback. Before, I would be demoralized by negative feedback to the point of demotivation. However, I have since learned not to take negative observations personally but use them as a stepping stone to success by making the right improvements. I also don’t let positive feedback get to my head. After saying thanks, I get back to upholding high customer service and professionalism levels. I can confidently say that the feedback I have obtained in this field, whether negative or positive, has helped me get better at my job.

7. How Will You Ensure That Our Customers Experience Excellent Service?

Excellent Customer service is mandatory in the hospitality industry, given that apart from the quality of the food, a customer’s decision to come back t the eatery will be influenced by the service they received. I intend to make your customers experience excellent customer service by ensuring they don’t wait in line for too long. I am also ready and willing to offer any help needed when ordering food or during delivery. My experience working in different restaurants and drive-ins will definitely come in handy in such instances.

8. Can You Work Well Under Pressure?

I have worked in many fast-paced environments and obtained significant lessons and techniques for working well under pressure. I can remain composed and focused during such situations, allowing me to think clearly. I also know how to multitask, an important skill that comes in handy when faced with many workplace challenges. Also, successful collaboration with others can help relieve some pressure off someone’s back. I am confident I will fit in well here and contribute to customer satisfaction and overall performance thanks to my ability to work well under pressure.

9. Do You Know Our Core Products?

You deal in several products, including hamburgers and soft drinks. However, your core products, which have helped you build a name over the years, include the Chili Cheese Coney, Master Shakes, Wacky Pack Kids Meal, Sova Blasts, and the Sonic Cheeseburger Combo. I am glad I have had all these and can attest to how good they are. Your breakfast menu is equally good.

10. Walk Us Through Your Resume

I first worked as a cashier at KFC during my college days as a supplement to my college fund. It opened my eyes to the retail industry, teaching me how to thrive in team settings and succeed in fast-paced environments. Upon graduating, I became an accountant in one of the uptown restaurants, managing all their accounts and invoices. I have since worked for many restaurants and hotels and in different positions, as indicated in the work experience section of my CV. I am confident that my experience will help me thrive in this field.

11. Why Us?

There are several reasons why I would like to work here. I love your amazing range of delicious products and would love to help others experience them. I am particularly awed by your Sonic Cheeseburger Combo, which I term addictive. You have managed to sell delicious and well-prepared food over the years, serving millions of customers. Apart from the food, I love how you deliver your services. You are famous for using carhops on roller skates for delivery, which I will enjoy as a professional skater. I am also looking forward to your annual carhop skating competitions.

12. Which One Of The Most Important: Excellent Customer Service Or Food Quality?

After spending over four years in the hospitality industry, I have discovered that customer service and food quality are important. Customers must be assured of good food and excellent service to return to the restaurant since they can get both in many restaurants. Therefore, one must prioritize both to survive in the restaurant business. I assure you that I will offer excellent customer service to your customers to ensure their return.

13. How Do You Normally Weed Out All Distractions When Going About Your Work?

It is important to stay focused by avoiding all distractions when going about workplace duties. I normally focus on what I intend to achieve at the end of the day, which gives me the motivation and focus I need while working. I have also discovered the importance of maintaining a proper work-life balance in weeding off distractions. When not at work, allocating time to deal with personal issues keeps them from creeping in when it is time to stay productive.

14. Tell Us About Your Availability

I am still in college and may not be available round the clock. I have day classes, which makes me free in the evening, at night or during the weekend. I can therefore work evening and night shifts during the week and any weekend shift. I would also like to point out that I can work on holidays as I don’t have any commitments. Lastly, if necessary, I don’t mind stepping on for someone over the weekends. I am hopeful that we will come up with an excellent working schedule.

15. Are You Reliable?

Yes. I am confident in my reliability, a trait that I take great pride in. In my former workplace, my supervisor could always count on me in various situations. I would fill in for other employees, come to work during the weekends or holidays if I had no engagement, and adhere to all the workplace policies. I was the first to get to work during my shift, a record I managed to maintain flawlessly. I am sure that you will find me reliable during our interaction.

16. Have You Ever Gone Above And Beyond For A Customer?

Yes. I have gone above and beyond for customers, given that I believe in and practice excellent customer service. At one point, a client’s date stood them up, and seeing how devastated she was; I asked if she needed anything. She asked for a little company to ease the awkwardness, and since it wasn’t a busy afternoon, I sat with her for a while, having a conversation. I managed to lighten up her mood, and she left the eatery feeling much better. I am ready to go above and beyond for your customers.

17. How Will You Keep Your Environment Clean?

I am passionate about keeping the environment clean and habitable, which explains my involvement in several environmental conservation projects. In my last job, I ensured that the surfaces were well cleaned and sanitized, which I will definitely do here. I also intend to keep the counters and kitchen organized at all times since I love being in organized spaces. Additionally, I will ensure that litter is well displaced and things, be it utensils or packaging items, are not lying around carelessly. My love for hygiene and clean places will help me keep my surroundings clean.

18. Where Do You See Yourself In The Next Five Years?

I have long- and short-term goals that I am working hard to achieve. I am still in school and intend to finish my degree program and maybe begin my Master’s degree in the next five years. If not, I would be happy to apply for another role here after my graduation and, if possible, steadily rise in ranks over the course of the five-year duration. I also intend to gain more experience in this industry that would make it easy for me to advance in both my career and personal life. At the moment, I am interested in making my time here worthwhile and contributing to the success of this establishment.

19. How Would You Handle An Upset Customer?

Every customer deserves respect and excellent service regardless of their state, temperament or mood. I normally treat customers equally and strive to satisfy them at the end of our interaction. In this case, I would find out what’s bothering the customer and give them a chance to express what they feel while listening keenly. I would then apologize and get down to the matter or find someone who could help them. All in all, I will go above and beyond to ensure that their issue is sorted.

20. Are You Okay Putting On Our Uniforms?

I would love to put on your uniform. In fact, I would wear it with pride if and when I got the chance. I would fancy having something that shows I am part of this establishment. Additionally, your staff mostly wear polo shirts, which I adore. As someone interested in fashion, I have always found polo shirts amazing. Your uniform is, therefore, fashionable and classy, and I can’t wait to put it on.

21. How Will You Ensure That You Get Along With Other Employees?

I have never had a problem getting along with other workers whenever I join a new workplace, which I owe to my excellent interpersonal and teamworking skills. I know how to get along with different people with diverse personalities. I also study my colleagues and avoid crossing boundaries, which is a major cause of disagreements in a team setting. Lastly, I will do my part necessary for the success of the team and offer help where necessary. I am confident that I will not have an issue blending in with the existing team.

22. What Would You Do If You Caught Your Colleague Stealing?

As someone who takes great pride in integrity and workplace honesty, I strongly condemn any form of theft in the workplace. I believe that theft affects other workers and the establishment both directly and indirectly. Therefore, I would blow the whistle without any second thought if I caught my colleagues stealing from the eatery. I believe this establishment has policies for dealing with such cases that should be upheld. I would even inform security of a theft in progress.

23. What Other Skills Will You Bring To This Workplace?

I have invested my time and effort into acquiring skills, both related and unrelated to this field. I recently completed a first aid course and therefore obtained several safety and CPR skills that I believe will come in handy here in case of accidents or emergencies. I am confident that I can help save a life before medical help comes. I also have excellent conflict resolution and mediation skills that will definitely help in solving disagreements, which are quite common in such a setting. I am confident I will be a good addition to your current workforce.

24. How Do You Intend To Stay Motivated At All Times?

I understand the importance of motivation. It directly reflects on results given its impact on productivity. I am always keen to ensure that I am motivated at all times by keeping my eyes on the target and thinking about my goals, be they daily or monthly. I also developed several positive habits, such as meditation, that have helped me build and maintain my focus and motivation when doing my job. I am glad I won’t struggle to maintain high motivation levels in the workplace.

25. How Do You Normally Resolve Workplace Conflict?

There are several ways of resolving workplace conflicts. I am particularly glad that I have managed to bring an end to several disagreements in the workplace. First, I believe in the quick resolution of conflicts to prevent any negative impacts on productivity and teamworking. Depending on the situation, I may also rely on mediation which has proved to be helpful from time immemorial. All in all, I never let any workplace conflict go unresolved.


These are some of the most common questions in SONIC interviews. Make sure you go through them and come up with well-thought-out answers that convince the interviewer that you will perform if given a chance. Do not also forget to groom well and create an excellent first impression. We wish you all the best in your upcoming interview and hope you will get this chance.