Top 25 Snapchat Interview Questions And Answers in 2024

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Snapchat Interview Questions And Answers

You must have heard of or used Snapchat at one point. This messaging application is owned by Snap Inc, a social media and camera company founded by Evan Spiegel and headquartered in Santa Monica. Even though most people only use Snapchat to converse with friends, share memories, or send videos, it is a much more powerful application that can be used for more official duties such as marketing. 

Do not act surprised if an interviewer asks a Snapchat-related question out of the blue. Here are some common Snapchat interview questions, complete with answers to guide you in giving the best responses. 

1. What Is Snapchat? 

Snapchat is a popular messaging application that allows users to exchange pictures and videos that disappear once they are viewed. It is owned by Snap Inc, an American social media and camera company based in Santa Montana. Snapchat allows users to take pictures or videos and add filters and a range of other effects before sharing them with friends. 

2. Walk Us Through How Snapchat Works? 

Like any other social media application, you must have an account to connect with friends through Snapchat. Therefore, once you have the app, the first step is to sign up by keying in your name, email address and date of birth. You can then choose your most preferred handle, which will be used as your identification and add friends by uploading your contacts or looking up the people you know. The application also allows users to automatically add people by scanning their snap code, which is unique for everyone. All you need to do to start a conversation is to tap on the camera, take a snap, customize it if you want and send it to those in your friend list. 

3. Does Snapchat Have Any Age Restrictions? If Yes, Why Do You Think So? 

Yes. Snapchat has an age restriction, which explains why one must enter their date of birth before signing up. Like most social media applications, the minimum age is capped at 13. The minimum age requirement protects young consumers from the risks of internet usage, such as predators, pornography and other threats. Teenagers are also considered more psychologically advanced than the rest of the populace before 18 years. 

4. What Are Your Favorite Snapchat Features? 

Snapchat has many interesting features, making picking a favorite quote difficult. However, I am particularly intrigued by the geo-filter or the location-specific elements that remain unlocked until someone visits a particular location, world lenses or the augmented reality elements that look like the photo when added to snaps and memories. This feature allows users to store the snaps to be sent later, so they don’t disappear. 

5. We Are Convinced That You Know What Snapchat Is. Can You Now Tell Us How Snapchat Can Be Used To Drive Traffic? 

When used correctly, Snapchat can help brands and establishments meet their marketing goals by driving traffic. This social media app allows users to snap photos and share them with their contacts. However, their short lifespan creates a sense of urgency as they cannot be retrieved after time lapses. All a brand or organization has to do is use this feature to highlight special offers and capture fun events and start driving their traffic up. 

6. Do You Have Any Social Media Experience, Especially Snapchat? 

I have been an active social media user for over a decade. I have vast experience creating and managing professional and personal accounts. In my last job, I managed a Snapchat account for a $5 million clothing startup and developed effective content strategies that boosted sales by up to 20%. I also know how to analyze metrics to measure success, which will come in handy in this job. 

7. How Do You Generally Measure The Success Of A Snapchat Campaign? 

I have learnt that the best way to measure the success of a Snapchat Campaign is to track specific metrics such as engagements, views and click-through rates. Under engagement, I normally track swipes, opens and screenshots. Apart from tracking metrics, I also consider the overall reach of the specific Snapchat Campaign and whether the goals set at the campaign’s onset have been met. Lastly, I usually ask what the audience thinks or wants and tailor future campaigns to meet their needs. Most of my Snapchat campaigns have been successful so far because of listening to the audience’s needs and adjusting my being flexible enough to adjust my strategies. 

8. Is It True That Brands Can Use Snapchat To Build Brand Awareness? 

Yes. Snapchat has a number of features such as stories, filters and ads that can help brands reach a huge audience. Some brands that have benefitted from these features include Barcadi, Taco Bell and Subway. Taco Bell got over 200 million views a day through the Cinco de Mayo Lens that, made a huge Taco shell of users’ heads. Bacardi managed to reach an audience of 2.5 million in a lens experience that was part of a 10-week campaign. Lastly, Subway promoted their new sandwich by including animated emojis in their stories, increasing their watch by 25% 

9.  How Do You Normally Ensure You Are Updated On The Latest Social Media Industry Trends? 

I love social media owing to its limitless potential; therefore, it’s almost impossible for a new feature, trend or development to escape me. I generally check for new features and updates on my personal and professional social media accounts to stay ahead. I also follow social media gurus and high-ranking social media officials who are always keen to update users on new developments. Lastly, most of my friends are heavy social media users, too; therefore, we constantly update each other on any developments. 

10. How Would You Create Creative And Engaging Content For Our Brand’s Snapchat Account? 

From experience, I would first research your audience to understand their preferences and interests before tailoring my content based on them. I would also draw from other brands’ Snapchat accounts to ensure that you are not left behind and think out of the box to brainstorm engaging and unique content that grabs the audience’s attention. Lastly, staying updated on the latest Snapchat trends and developments would come in handy in creating creative and engaging content. 

11. Can You Create Immersive And Engaging Content Using Snapchat’s AR Features? 

Yes. I have used Snapchat’s AR features to create immersive and engaging content several times thanks to features such as 3D lenses, filters and lenses. When used right, these features can help make the content look outstanding and align with a brand’s message and values. I can do the same here if given a chance to help you achieve your marketing goals. 

12. How Does Analytics Inform Your Snapchat Strategy?

Checking metrics such as engagement, views and click-through rates normally helps me to identify the best strategy for pushing content. I also get to understand the customers’ preferences and interests by analyzing their demographics and behavior to help me come up with the best strategy. In short, analytics play a big role in content strategy refining, allowing me to tailor my campaigns and make data-driven decisions capable of improving them. 

13. Walk Us Through How You Would Use Snapchat’s Features For Content Enhancement And Achieving A Wider Reach? 

Snapchat has a number of important features, such as lenses, filters and geo-filters, that I would use to enhance a brand’s content, allowing it to reach a wider audience. I would also use the platform’s ‘Discover’ Feature to target new users and contribute to the brand’s audience reach. Lastly, using the snap map’ feature, I would target users based on their locations. I have used all the features I mentioned and understand how they work. 

14. How Can A Brand Benefit From Snapchat? 

Brands can use Snapchat’s features for marketing their content or products. Some benefits they stand to gain with the right use include increased traffic, a chance to influence purchases and improved trust, given that Snapchat allows brands to make their customers feel special through personal responses. Other advantages include attracting new followers, connecting with a young consumer base, and improving brand awareness. 

15. Walk Us Through How You Would Create A Snapchat Account For A Business

Businesses must create a Snapchat business account to enjoy the platform’s marketing prowess and features, such as the Snapchat Ads Manager for advertising and location-targeting and age-targeting features for tailored marketing. To open a Snapchat business account, I would first download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store, depending on the device and enter all the relevant information, such as the phone number, date of birth and preferred username. The next step would be to access the Snapchat Business Manager feature in the app and log in with the username and password created in the first step. The final step is to enter the relevant names and choose the right country and currency. 

16. Mention The Features Of The Snapchat Business Manager

The Snapchat Business Manager has several exciting features that businesses can use to market their products easily. They include instant and advanced create features used to create ads depending on the depth of the campaign, events manager that allows cross-channel effectiveness tracking of ads, lens web builder tool for creating custom AR lenses, catalogues for uploading inventories directly to the application, audience insights for obtaining customer and analytics and creator marketplace that connects businesses with top Snapchat creators for future campaign collaborations. 

17. How Would You Ensure That Our Brand Fully Benefits From Snapchat? 

I’d first inform your audience of your Snapchat presence using effective techniques such as cross-promoting the username on other social media platforms, e.g. Facebook and Twitter. I would then share the account’s unique profile link to let customers connect to us by navigating to the profile, clicking on ‘Snapcode’, then ‘Share My Profile Link’ and then copying it. Once copied, I would share the link to the other social media accounts. Lastly, I’d consider creating a unique snap code to allow Snapchat users to find us easily and quickly for added recognition. 

18. What Are Some Of The Metrics A Business Should Track When Suing Snapchat? 

Every business should track three main metrics for a better Snapchat business strategy. They include views which refer to the number of story views it gets within a given period; demographic location, which refers to the characteristics of the audience such as age, location, interests and lifestyle and lastly, reach, which is the number of people the posted content reach in a given duration, mostly a month. It’s also important to the story view percentage and average view time when tracking the reach. 

19. What Are The Best Ways To Maintain A Presence On Snapchat? 

Unlike other applications, Snapchat has a split-screen design separating posts from friends, brands, or content creators. To maintain a presence, it’s important to view the snaps and stories created by other users, collaborate with other brands and creators, follow other Snapchat users, view the received snaps and respond to snaps and instant messages. It is also important for businesses to regularly create and post content after understanding their target audience’s behavior and preferences. 

20. Do You Know How To Create A Sponsored AR Lens On Snapchat? 

Yes. Snapchat has artificial reality (AR) lenses that alter how users experience the world thanks to the added graphics, animations and digital effects that can emulate real-life motion. These lenses are created through Lens Studio, which is free software. I normally create sponsored AR lenses by using 2D or 3D software to design the artwork before transferring it to Lens Studio. I would then use Lens Studio’s effects to animate the artwork and then give Snapchat time to review it before publishing and promoting the lens. 

21. Walk Us Through How You Would Create A Branded Filter 

Snapchat allows businesses and brands to use the existing filters or create theirs. I would create a branded Filter by logging into the application’s Create Your Own feature. I’d then create and tailor the filter to meet my needs, upload the final design and choose the sticker’s availability duration. The last steps include selecting a particular location and submitting the request to Snapchat, which approves these filters within three hours. 

22. Mention Some Of The Latest Snapchat Business Features

Some of the latest Snapchat features include AR shopping lenses which allow users to buy products directly from brand snaps; Snaps in 3D, which gives snaps an additional dimension, custom landmarks which allow users to build location-based lenses and Bitmoji branded outfits which allow brand bitmojis to wear clothes from different recognized brands. 

23. What Do You Understand By Snapchat Business Manager? 

Snapchat Business Manager is a feature that allows businesses to create, launch, monitor and optimize Snapchat business accounts. It has several in-built management tools, such as product catalogues, custom targeting and analytics. 

24. How Would You Create An Effective Snapchat Marketing Strategy? 

To create an effective Snapchat marketing strategy, I would research the brand’s competitors, outline the brand’s objectives, come up with a content calendar to know when to post and ensure that the tone used is consistent with that of the brand. 

25. How Do You Normally Make Outstanding Content On Snapchat? 

I normally use the different Snapchat features to make outstanding content. They include Snapchat filters, lenses, caption, and background music. I also normally add information such as date, location, time and temperature and use polling where necessary. 


These 25 recommendations are some of the most common questions in Snapchat-related interviews. Ensure that you are conversant with different Snapchat functions and features before attending a social media marketing or a Snap-chat-related interview.