Simple Ways to Increase Online Sales Through Social Media

Editorial Team

Increase Online Sales Through Social Media

We all know the difficult ways to increase sales through social media, aka, the method by which you slowly grow and improve your sales methods so that your conversion rates are somewhat reasonable when compared with the amount you are investing into the platform. The “Easy” methods are a little different because they rely on luck, bending the rules, or thinking outside the box. They also include spending more money than most people are prepared to invest into their social media marketing.

Buy a Popular Profile

You can go to a site like FameSwap, and buy the profile of somebody who has put lots of effort and work into building a solid following. Will this carry through the entirety of your online sales career? No it will not, but it gets you started and gives you an actual audience within which you may start selling and promoting. Plus, there is nothing stopping you from buying several profiles, and promoting directly to their followers and cross promoting so that your social media channels work off of each other to gain as many sales as possible.

Invest Heavily into Paid Promotions

As you may have guessed it, one of the easier ways to improve your sales is to create awesome and highly marketable posts, and then pay a lot of money to promote them. Each of the social media platforms has its own way of having you pay to promote your content. Be it buying coins from TikTok, to the promotion affiliate system with YouTube. Just make sure that your content is actually converting, otherwise you are throwing your money away. Just because your promotions are bringing in more likes, followers and viewers, it doesn’t mean you are getting good value for money if your sales numbers are not going up.

Have Influencers Shout Out To You

You can outright pay social media influencers to promote your stuff. You can have them show it off and then offer affiliate links to your website. Or, you can pay the influencer to mention your products without directly referencing the fact that it is a paid sponsorship or advert. You may have seen social media influencers say that their newest post is sponsored by this or that. When they say this, it is just another way of slipping an advert into their content. In most cases, the social media poster has to segway into some sort of mandatory chat or mention of the product. Paying influencers is expensive, but it is an “Easy” and “Simple” method for getting online sales through social media.

Use the Pre-Made Services

There are services that are linked up to things like Shopify, Etsy, and Google Shopping. The biggest example is YouTube, where they allow you to promote your own merchandise through their affiliate system. This allows you to select the items you already have listed on Google Shopping, and then have them appear under your videos or within your online videos (not downloaded ones), and people can click on them and buy them. It is not a super effective way of selling your products online, but it certainly is easy.

The final method is to simply post content after content that promotes and advertises your products. Again, this is not sophisticated and is not very effective, but it is simple and there is a small chance that it will increase your sales based on the idea that if you sling enough mud at a wall then some of it will stick. It probably won’t do your brand any good, but then it  doesn’t often do your brand any harm either since people are pretty used to companies smearing their content all over the social media networks, so you will probably still come out on top.