Top 20 Security Guard Interview Questions and Answers 2023

A security guard is one of the positions offered in many workplaces. While it is a typical job offered, it is vital to hire the most competent candidate, and this will be displayed during interviews. This article presents 20 interview questions along with the answers for the security guard position.

1.    Why Are You Interested In This Position?

A good candidate should have clear goals and reasons for applying for the position.

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Tip #1: Be concise and clear

Tip #2: Provide convincing reasons

Sample Answer:

I have five years of experience as a security guard. I am very passionate about safety. I enjoy working as someone who helps to secure a safe environment for other people be it at school, shopping premises, or even companies. That aside, I want to be able to contribute my skills and knowledge to further improve the safety of this company.

2.    What Are The Roles Of A Security Guard?

Being familiar and aware of the roles is a crucial trait sought in the candidate.

Tip #1: State the specific roles

Tip #2: Avoid mulling your answer

Sample Answer:

A security guard’s primary role is to patrol and secure premises. Our main task is to monitor surveillance as well as inspect. Security guard is crucial as they will be the ones responsible for preventing any trespassers or violators. They are an essential position that will provide a secure and safe environment for the other staff.

3.    What Are The Qualities That A Security Guard Should Possess To Be Effective?

A good candidate should be able to match the qualities of the position offered

Tip #1: Check the qualities sought by the company

Tip #2: Align the qualities with the nature of the job offered

Sample Answer:

A security guard must possess quick reflexes and preparedness. This is because they are the ones who should detect and act if there are signs of trespassing or an emergency. That aside, high rational and strong team player is also needed although it is commonly known that security guard works individually. High communication skill is another quality that should be possessed by a security guard.

4.    What Major Challenges Did You Face During Your Last Role? How Did You Handle It?

Being experienced and capable of facing a challenge may increase the likability of being hired.

Tip #1: State relevant challenge

Tip #2: Share how you overcome the challenge

Sample Answer:

The biggest challenge I faced in my last position was working long shifts. My previous workplace was a small company, and there were very few security guards hence we ought to work for long hours. That was challenging as exhaustion may cloud our judgment and reflexes. However, we managed to reschedule our working shifts so that none of us would be too exhausted to prevent any unnecessary problems.

5.    Describe Your Daily Routine As A Security Guard?

This question may display the candidate’s productivity in the job offered

Tip #1: Be familiar with the job

Tip #2: Be realistic, do not provide too many tasks for one day

Sample Answer:

On my typical day as a security guard was monitoring and inspecting the premises. I kept track of all entrance and departure of employees carefully to prevent any trespassers. We were also assigned to inspect to see any signs of thefts or intrusion and will immediately report if any of the properties shows signs of damage.

6.    Describe Briefly Your Experience?

This question will display the depth of the candidate’s experience in the job.

Tip #1: Be confident

Tip #2: Share your contribution

Sample Answer:

I worked as a security guard at an apartment for three years. Aside from keeping track of residents’ access, I was in charge of patrolling the property. There was a theft case once when I was working there. However, with everyone’s quick response to the emergency, we managed to catch the culprit and secure the stolen property without any damage done.

7.    What Kind Of Strategies And Mindset Is Required For This Role?

A good candidate has to be well-prepared with strategies to show how serious they are about being hired.

Tip #1: Be concise

Tip #2: Be relevant to the job offered

Sample Answer:

My strategy as a new security guard is to familiarise myself with the security service KPIs. I always remind myself that different places may adopt different policies hence it is very crucial to adapt quickly. With that in mind, my mindset is to stay focused and alert at all times although the workplace is known to be peaceful.

8.    What Is The Biggest Challenge That You Foresee In This Job?

Being well-prepared for the challenges that may happen is another criterion in differentiating how competent the candidate is compared to others.

Tip #1: Provide specific instances

Tip #2: Share what you would do to face the challenge

Sample Answer:

The challenge that I foresee in this field is the lack of trust from other parties. There were cases where the guards were suspected or punished for cases that occurred in the workplace. Hence, I need to ensure all surveillance equipment works appropriately so that all signs of intrusion can be detected and caught on camera. These will serve as proof of competency on the guards’ behalf.

9.    How Do You Stay Motivated At Work?

A good candidate should be able to stay motivated in the workplace.

Tip #1: Provide professional examples

Tip #2: Share what you did in the past

Sample Answer:

Working as a security guard requires very high motivation. One of my ways to motivate myself on typical days is by interacting and engaging with other people. I always find myself enjoying interacting with other staff or even regular customers. Aside from boosting my motivation, it could also bring others to know and trust me more.

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10. Describe A Time You Failed In This Role And The Lesson You Learned.

A good worker must be able to learn from their mistakes to avoid repeating them.

Tip #1: Admit your mistake humbly

Tip #2: State what you learned from the failure

Sample Answer:

The failure and incompetency that I made were during my first posting as a security guard at a small company. When I was patrolling, I detected a malfunction in one of the cameras, but I did not report it immediately. There was a delay in repairing it. When it was repaired, it was reported that one of the properties there went missing. I found myself very disheartened by the case and learned to quickly report even the minimal signs of damages.

11.        Can You Handle Guns Or Firearms?

Another considerable responsibility of a security guard is carrying guns. This question will display how the candidate views this task.

Tip #1: Avoid displaying that you like shooting unnecessarily

Tip #2: Display that you are aware of protocols in handling firearms

Sample Answer:

I have had shooting training experience in the past hence I am confident with my skills. However, I always remind myself not to resort to shooting. I would not use my gun unless it is a very dire situation. With that in mind, I am alert of the importance of carrying a pistol with me while working, so I am okay with carrying one if permitted.

12.        Describe Your Physical Condition?

An effective guard should have a healthy and fit physique

Tip #1: Share your condition truthfully

Tip #2: Provide how you keep yourself fit

Sample Answer:

I describe myself as a fit person. I always jog at least 3 kilometers during the weekend with my sons to keep myself fit. My household also prioritizes healthy eating habits, and all of my family members are fit and healthy. That aside, since my son is very interested in martial arts, I recently learned martial arts to boost my reflexes.

13.        What Is Your Strongest Point As A Security Guard?

This question may differentiate the candidate’s most vital point compared to others.

Tip #1: Be relevant to the position

Tip #2: You may provide an exceptional example but keep on track with the position

Sample Answer:

I think my most vital point as a security guard is my approachable presence. I often heard that people are afraid to report anything to the security guard because of their threatening presence. Hence, I think being approachable is a crucial criterion needed to gain others’ trust in me. However, I could also be stern during times so that people will be alert of my authority as a guard.

14.        Briefly Share What Is The Needed Quality For A Good Security Team?

A good worker should be able to work individually or even in groups depending on the situation.

Tip #1: Provide concise examples

Tip #2: Share why the qualities are important

Sample Answer:

One of the needed qualities is communication. It is crucial to be able to know your team well to play as an effective team player. Working together is crucial to building a strong security team hence it is important to train regularly to improve our cooperativeness. Effective leadership is also fundamental so that everyone can heed to the most suitable command in times of emergency.

15.        What Do You Think Is The Best Way To Improve Employees’ Sense Of Danger?

Aside from being alert themselves, being able to encourage awareness among other employees is also encouraged.

Tip #1: Share a feasible opinion

Tip #2: State why it is important

Sample Answer:

In my opinion, it is crucial to conduct emergency drills regularly. Doing this will make employees aware of what to do in times of emergency. Learning by books may be more feasible, but it is more effective to conduct practical exercises as well. This will help employees to act accordingly and could minimize damage and fatality at all costs.

16.        How Do You Assess Danger In People’s Appearance?

A security guard should be the one to detect a potential threat from people. Having quick judgment of people is a bonus trait needed for a security guard.

Tip #1: Avoid jumping to conclusions but be observant

Tip #2: State precisely how you would deal with the people

Sample Answer:

I have strong observation skills and instincts. I could always deduct if the person possesses any potential threat to others. However, I would not jump to conclusions unnecessarily. I will maintain a safe distance and observe them carefully so that if the person shows any signs of danger, I can immediately act. All of these could be done by meticulously reading their body language and non-verbal expressions.

17.        How Do You Deal With Trespasser?

Interviewers want to know the candidate’s reflexes and decision-making skills.

Tip #1: Share your experiences, if any

Tip #2: Show that you are familiar with the protocol

Sample Answer:

I will act according to the protocol established by the workplace. In everyday situations, I will approach the person and ask them to leave quietly without threatening them. However, if the person remains stubborn, I may have to call for reinforcements or support from local authorities, especially if the person shows the intention of harming other people or properties.

18.        What Would You Do If Your Colleague Is Not Taking His Job Seriously?

This question displays the candidate’s communication skills.

Tip #1: Be aware of your position

Tip #2: Do not be afraid of involving other proper authorities

Sample Answer:

Sometimes, people look for ways to remove their boredom. I may not mind my colleague playing around but to a certain extent. If his behavior may disrupt the safety of our workplace, I will remind them politely. However, if the behavior still persists, I may have to ask the management team to intervene.

19.        How Do You Stay Alert At Work Especially During The Night Shift?

A security guard may work long shifts even at night hence it is crucial to plan ahead on ways to stay alert.

Tip #1: Share how to keep your alert

Tip #2: Share several ways for you have worked in the past

Sample Answer:

Before working my shift, I will make sure to obtain an ample amount of rest. I also drink coffee to keep myself awake. Another measure that I often take whenever my body becomes sore is by doing light stretching. Ensuring the smooth flow of blood circulation in our body is one of the solutions to help me stay fresh during my working hours.

20.        Have You Ever Dealt With Aggressive People Before?

This question also tests the candidate’s decision-making skills.

Tip #1: Share your experience, if any

Tip #2: Display that you could remain calm and quick

Sample Answer:

Yes, I had. At that time, that customer was irate and on the verge of losing his reasons. I had to maintain my composure and avoid actions that may provoke him. When he was about to strike another person in the same vicinity, I quickly pounced and locked his movements using the techniques I was trained with. The problem was solved, and nobody was harmed.

These 20 questions could be asked if you are interviewing for the security guard position. As for the candidates, you may refer to the answers as well to prepare for your interview. We wish you the best of luck in your upcoming interview.

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