Top 25 Sam’s Club Interview Questions and Answers in 2023

Sam's Club Interview Questions and Answers

Sam’s Club is a subsidiary of Walmart Inc. It was founded in 1963 as a membership-only retail warehouse entity named after Sam Walton, known for Walmart. It serves members who buy in bulk, giving them crazy discounts. It would be a good place to work if you are currently looking for a job. You will get a chance to advance in your career as this is a fast-paced environment, just like its mother company-Walmart. However, do you know what you need to secure a chance to work here? A proper interview score. We will help you in your quest by looking at some of the questions you should expect when you walk into Sam’s Club Interview panel. Take a look at the following:

1. Why Are You Interested In Working Here?

I would love to be part of this establishment since I feel that you offer excellent services to your clientele. This is also a fast-paced environment that will help me grow in my career. I am currently looking for new challenges that I will easily find in this establishment. I am ready to exhaust all the skills I have acquired in my retail experience to better this organization.

2. Why Should We Consider Your Application?

I am a hardworking and highly motivated individual; qualities that are needed in such establishments. I have worked in several fast-paced and highly engaging stores and know what to expect around here. I am also a good team worker, an excellent customer handler, and an exceptional communicator. Lastly, my experience working at Walmart will also come in handy as I’ll easily meet your expectations, given that this is a Walmart subsidiary.

3. What Do You Know About Us?

I made sure to find out as much information about this establishment before submitting my application. I discovered that you are a Walmart subsidiary that works on a membership-only basis, allowing your clientele to buy goods in bulk at relatively lower prices. You are named after Walmart’s founder, Sam Walton. You have close to 700 clubs in the United States and Puerto Rico.

4. Do You Have Any Previous Work History?

Yes. I have been in the retail industry for seven years and have had a chance to work for several stores all over the United States. However, before joining the retail industry, I worked in several fast-food chain stores that taught me about customer service and cash handling. I then joined 7-Eleven when I decided to try the retail sector. My last job was at Walmart, which I discovered is your mother company. I believe that everything I learned at Walmart is relevant in this establishment and will help me become a good employee if given a chance.

5. We Deal With A membership-only Clientele. How Do You Intend To Make Them Feel Valued?

I have worked in membership clubs before and have first-hand experience of what happens in such settings. Your customers should feel loved, seen, and valued, which I am willing to do. I will be friendly to them, offer all the needed assistance without appearing intrusive, and go above and beyond to ensure that they are satisfied when they leave the store.

6. How Long Should We Expect You To Be With Us If You Are Given This Chance?

I am looking for a long-term engagement. Therefore, you can be sure that I will be with you for a long period. I have always wanted to work at Walmart or any of its subsidiaries and would be at peace if I get this chance. I understand the resources that go into training and integration there, and it would be unfair to leave after a few months. I will put my best foot forward and be of help in the workplace to ensure that I stay for a longer duration.

7. How Has Technology Helped You On Your Job?

Technology has played an immense role in my job. It has simplified different processes and allows me to attend well to customers. I don’t have to move from office to office looking for specific things as I can use my pager to call for help relay messages. I also use several software to organize my work, allowing me to stay on schedule. I am glad that technology keeps advancing day in and day out.

8. What Is The Main Challenge You Foresee In This Job?

This will be my first time working in a membership-only club, and therefore, I do not know what goes around such establishments in detail. I fear that I may have a culture shock when I get this job. However, I can adapt quickly to change, making it easy to handle such an occurrence. I am also a fast learner and will therefore have an easy time getting used to your operations and means of doing things.

9. We Can See That You Have A Rich Retail Experience. How Do You Normally Handle Upset Clients?

Excellent customer service is all about responding to the needs of all clients, however nagging or demanding they are. Whenever I encounter an upset client, I give them time to vent out as I listen and show empathy. I will then heartily apologize without blaming anyone before finding solutions to what trouble them. I also have the manager’s office on speed dial and may request them to come if I cannot help the customer adequately. I am glad that most upset customers I interact with leaves the entity feeling relieved.

10. Mention A Time That You Failed In This Role And The Lesson You Learned

While working as a cashier in my former company, I was so engrossed in thoughts that I didn’t realize that I had given a customer excess change. I gave him back the amount he had given me as his balance and only realized that the accounts didn’t balance at the end of the day. I had to sacrifice my day’s wage, which inconvenienced a few things in my life. However, this experience taught me always to be thorough and involved when dealing with customers. I learned to shut down any external interference during work.

11. How Do You Normally Stay Motivated In This Role?

Most of the places I have worked in have targets that must be met at the end of the month or week. Therefore, most of my motivation came from my desire to meet and exceed those set targets. I once exceeded a target by 70%, which earned me the best employee of the month. I also know my role in team settings, which pushes me to give my best and stay motivated at all times.

12. What Relevant Skills Do You Possess?

I have several skills that this entity will benefit from. I am an excellent timekeeper, a quality needed in such a fast-paced environment. I can easily multitask without compromising on quality, which allows me to stay on schedule. I also have extensive customer service and organization skills that come in handy in such workplaces. Lastly, I am a fast learner, a quality that has helped me adapt quickly to new environments. I am confident that I will succeed given a chance.

13. You Applied For A Management Position. Can You Please Tell Us Your Management Style?

I love a management style that focuses on leadership rather than bossing people around. Instead of barking orders and using threats, I prefer rallying people towards a common target and goal. I normally lead by example and make my subordinates feel respected. I have also learned that people are always willing to explore their potential if they feel valued and heard, which my management style focuses on. Lastly, I prefer proper delegation of duties based on skills and experiences.

14. What Would You Do If You Caught An Employee Stealing From The Company?

I believe in maintaining high levels of integrity, both at work and in my personal life. It’s a fact that theft goes against personal integrity and should not be condoned. Like Walmart, I am sure that this entity has its policies, which every employee should respect. I would report the incident and let management deal with it according to the store’s policies. I would also tip off security to stop the activity if it is theft in progress. I am glad that I have been part of disciplined teams and haven’t had to deal with such incidences in my career.

15. We Need Our Employees To Always Be Focused. How Will You Ensure That?

I also believe that a good employee should always focus during working hours to avoid simple mistakes and attend to the customers well. The best way to ensure this is by maintaining a proper work-life balance, making it easy to block out external interference during work. I also meditate, which helps me improve my attention and focus. Lastly, I have first-hand experiences of what lack of focus can do to an individual, an experience I wouldn’t wish to relive. I won’t, therefore, struggle with focus.

16. What Other Skills Do You Possess?

Even though I am applying for an accountant position as it aligns with what I studied in school, I worked in a warehouse shortly after finishing school and acquired inventory management skills. I know how to use different inventory management software, take and asses stock, and attend to other related processes. I believe that these skills will come in handy in this workplace, given that this is a membership-only warehouse. I am ready to apply them where needed.

17. Have You Ever Disagreed With An Employee? Tell Us About It

While working at a warehouse, I disagreed with an employee who constantly disregarded the required safety measures and put himself and others at risk. Other employees had tried talking to him, but their please fell on deaf ears. Even though I was relatively new to the workplace, I knew something had to be done. He got defensive when I approached him, and on noticing that he wasn’t willing to change, I threatened to report to the manager. On sensing that I was serious, he changed.

18. What Would You Do If One Of Our Customers Demanded To See The Manager? 

I understand that customers can get angry and demand to see the manager. However, I will try to offer all the available help before calling the manager. I will politely find out what’s troubling them, apologize and work on finding a solution as fast as possible. I believe that every situation can be rectified if people are more understanding. However, if they insist, I will call the manager and let them sort out the issue. All in all, I will show commitment by helping the customer first before the matter escalates.

19. What Would Your Former Manager Say About You?

My former manager would describe me as a disciplined and reliable employee. I was never late to work and completed all my tasks at the required time. I didn’t appear before any disciplinary committee or get reported by customers. I was committed to my job and ensuring that customers were well attended to. I also stepped in for other employees whenever I could and worked hard to meet targets. I left my former workplace while on good terms with everyone I ever interacted with.

20. What Would You Do If A Customer Dropped Their Purse By The Driveway?

As captured in my CV, I am a person of high integrity. I am honest, trustworthy, and believe in working for my share. Also, as part of excellent customer service, taking from the customer is not a good idea. I will inform the customer if they are still in the vicinity and even pick up the purse. However, if the customer is long gone, I will take the purse to the reception or help desk so that the customer can be contacted. Such an environment offers exclusive membership, and therefore tracking such customers will be easy.

21. How Would You Handle An Unhappy Client?

The main aim of customer service should be to ensure that everyone walks out of the establishment happy. Therefore, an unhappy Client would be my greatest concern. I will find out what’s wrong with them, apologize and offer the needed assistance. If the client can’t find a particular product, I will help them find it instead of pointing it in a general direction. I am willing to go above and beyond to ensure that every customer walks out of the establishment with a smile. I wouldn’t, therefore, disappoint if given a chance.

22. Where Do You See Yourself In The Next Five Years?

I expect to have advanced in my career and be qualified for a managerial position if possible. I believe in career advancement, which is why I am currently looking for a new job. I will focus more on gaining all the requisite skills and experiences to earn such a chance if I get this job. I expect to be in a far better place than where I am today if I don’t. I will put in whatever work that is required.

23. What Is Your Availability?

I have to clear from my former workplace fast. I handed in my two-week notice last week, so I still have a few days left. However, I will be free afterward and ready to start working soon. I will also be available for work over the weekends and during holidays if called upon. I should add that I wouldn’t mind the shift, whether day or night, given that I have experience. I am looking forward to a chance to prove myself.

24. Why Did You Leave Your Former Job?

My last workplace was amazing as it gave me a chance to learn more about this field. I met a team of dedicated workmates, and we toiled together for the company’s betterment. I, therefore, cherished every moment. However, I felt that I needed to step out of my comfort zone and grow in my career. I set out to meet new challenges and interact with a new working environment, giving someone else a chance to grow through my former post. I am still on good terms with all the managers and colleagues who understood why I was leaving.

25. What Is Your Preferred Work Environment?

I cherish that I have been part of different organizations and therefore had a chance to witness several working environments. I prefer working in places that emphasize teamwork and general employee collaboration. I also love working in places where employees feel more involved and valued. Lastly, I am fond of organizations with a rich culture that can be easily instilled into and respected by employees. I am glad that you tick all the boxes. I am sure that I will deliver given a chance.


These 25 questions should help you get an employment contract from Sam’s Club. Ensure that you rehearse them and settle on the best answers. Do not forget to groom yourself well to give a good first impression. We wish you all the best in your upcoming interview.

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