Top 25 Qualcomm Interview Questions And Answers in 2024

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Qualcomm Interview Questions And Answers

Qualcomm is a leading American company in the semiconductor and telecommunications industries, crafting and providing innovative wireless products and services for customers worldwide. It is one of the largest chipmakers in the world, with products found in smartphones, tablets, smart cars, and other electronic devices. Qualcomm is a leader in developing 5G technology, and its Snapdragon mobile platform is used in many leading mobile devices. The company is also dedicating significant resources to researching and developing artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.

1. Briefly Tell Us About Yourself.

My name is Kate, and I am a recent graduate from ABC University with a software degree. I am a highly motivated and hardworking individual with excellent communication and organizational skills. I am passionate about learning and seeking new challenges and growth opportunities. I am confident that the knowledge and skills acquired from my education, work experience, and other extracurricular activities will make me an asset to your organization.

2. What Are Qualcomm Mission And Values?

Qualcomm’s mission is to invent mobile technology breakthroughs that empower people, businesses, and society.

Qualcomm’s values are:

  • Integrity: We do the right thing, even when no one is looking.
  • Innovation: We deliver unique solutions to the world’s toughest problems.
  • Performance: We deliver on our commitments, exceed expectations, and take pride in our work.
  • Respect: We treat each other with trust and respect.
  • Collaboration: We work together to achieve collective success.

3. Why Do You Want To Work At Qualcomm?

I am passionate about Qualcomm’s work advancing the mobile industry and developing cutting-edge technologies. I am excited by the opportunities that Qualcomm offers to work on ambitious products that have the potential to impact millions of people. I also believe that Qualcomm is a great place to grow professionally, with its strong culture of innovation and collaboration. My technical background and knowledge of the mobile industry make me a great fit for Qualcomm, and I hope to contribute positively to the team.

4. What Is The Purpose Of Qualcomm?

Qualcomm is a global leader in mobile technology, providing innovative products and services across a broad range of markets, including wireless technology, mobile computing, consumer electronics, automotive, and more. Qualcomm’s mission is to invent and deliver breakthrough technologies that enable people, businesses, and society to thrive in a connected world.

5. What Is A Snapdragon Processor?

A Snapdragon processor is a system-on-chip (SoC) designed and manufactured by Qualcomm. It is an integrated circuit that contains multiple computing cores and is used in smartphones and tablets. Snapdragon processors are designed to deliver high performance, low power consumption, and reliable connectivity.

6. What Is 4G LTE Technology?

4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) is a wireless communication standard that supports data speeds up to 100 Mbps. It is the successor to 3G technology and is designed to provide faster data speeds and more reliable connections. Most mobile operators in the United States currently use 4G LTE networks.

7. What Is Qualcomm Quickcharge Technology?

The Qualcomm QuickCharge technology is a fast-charging solution for mobile devices that can charge up to four times faster than conventional charging methods. The technology is based on Qualcomm’s patented power management and charging technologies, which allow the device to charge quickly and efficiently.

8. What Is The Qualcomm Hexagon DSP?

The Qualcomm Hexagon DSP is a digital signal processor (DSP) designed and manufactured by Qualcomm. It is used in smartphones and tablets to provide high-performance audio, image, and video processing. The Hexagon DSP is also used in voice recognition, digital audio, and video encoding, and machine learning applications.

9. What Is The Purpose Of The Qualcomm Snapdragon Sense ID Fingerprint Technology?

The Qualcomm Snapdragon Sense ID fingerprint technology is designed to secure mobile device authentication. It uses ultrasonic technology to capture a 3D image of a fingerprint and match it with a stored image. The technology is designed to provide a secure, accurate, and fast authentication method.

10. What Is The Qualcomm Spectra Camera ISP?

The Qualcomm Spectra camera ISP is an image signal processor (ISP) designed to improve the performance of mobile device cameras. It can capture higher-quality images and videos and is used in smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

11. What Is The Qualcomm Qfe2350 5g NR Test Chip?

The Qualcomm QFE2350 5G NR Test Chip is a radio frequency integrated circuit (RFIC) designed to enable the testing of 5G NR performance in wireless devices. It is the industry’s first 5G NR chip to support non-standalone (NSA) and standalone (SA) modes of 5G NR operation. This chip supports 5G mmWave and sub-6GHz spectrum bands, as well as 4G LTE and 5G NR carrier aggregation. It also supports multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) technology, enabling higher data throughput and better coverage. The QFE2350 is designed to provide the highest performance and energy efficiency to support 5G NR testing and commercial product development. With its advanced features, it is expected to become the industry standard for 5G NR testing and device integration.

12. What Is The Qualcomm Computer Vision SDK?

The Qualcomm Computer Vision SDK is a set of software tools developed by Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. that provides developers with advanced computer vision capabilities. It enables developers to quickly and easily create innovative computer vision applications and solutions that can be used in various industries, such as automotive, security, industrial, augmented reality, and medical. The SDK is built on a comprehensive library of computer vision algorithms, including powerful object detection, tracking, recognition, 3D reconstruction, and image classification. It also supports advanced hardware accelerators to maximize performance. With the Qualcomm Computer Vision SDK, developers can create sophisticated applications optimized for real-time computer vision and image processing.

13. Why Should We Hire You?

I am the perfect fit for Qualcomm because I have the experience, passion, and drive necessary to excel in this role. I have a strong educational background in electrical engineering and have worked in a similar role for the past three years. My experience in the field has given me a deep understanding of the technology, and I am up to date on all the latest trends and developments in the industry. Additionally, I am a motivated self-starter with a track record of effectively collaborating with different teams to reach goals. Lastly, I am highly responsive to feedback, open to new challenges, and eager to learn more.

14. What Is The Qualcomm Snapdragon Neural Processing Engine?

The Qualcomm Snapdragon Neural Processing Engine (NPE) is a software development kit developed by Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. It is designed to enable developers to create AI-based applications for mobile devices powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon processors. The NPE can be used to implement deep learning algorithms for computer vision, natural language processing, and image processing. It provides developers with an efficient way to leverage the power of AI on mobile devices. The NPE also includes various tools and libraries to simplify the development of AI applications. It supports many popular deep learning frameworks such as TensorFlow, Caffe, PyTorch, and several open-source machine learning libraries. The NPE is designed to work with the Snapdragon processor family and is optimized for low-power mobile platforms. The NPE is an important tool for developers to create optimized AI applications for mobile devices.

15. What Is The Qualcomm Aqstic Audio Codec?

The Qualcomm Aqstic Audio Codec is a new audio codec developed by Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. It is designed to offer superior sound quality and a wide range of features for the most demanding audio applications. The Aqstic codec supports up to 24-bit/192kHz audio and is designed to reduce power consumption and improve sound quality for voice and music applications. The Aqstic audio codec provides a range of features such as low latency audio, wide dynamic range, and high signal-to-noise ratio. It also has advanced audio tuning capabilities and supports multiple audio profiles, allowing for a personalized audio experience.

Additionally, the Aqstic codec supports multiple interfaces, including USB Type-C, Bluetooth, and HDMI. The Aqstic audio codec is designed for various devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and headphones. It provides an exceptional audio experience for users, allowing them to enjoy their music with high-fidelity sound. The codec is also designed to be easy to integrate, with a flexible architecture and low power consumption. The Qualcomm Aqstic Audio Codec is an exciting addition to the audio industry, offering users a superior audio experience. It is perfectly designed to meet the needs of the most demanding audio applications and can deliver a wide range of features. With its advanced audio tuning capabilities and support for multiple interfaces, the codec is sure to be a great choice for many audio applications.

16. What Are Your Professional Strengths And Weaknesses (Regarding Qualcomm)?

Below are my strengths and weaknesses.


  • Experienced in working with Qualcomm products.
  • Proven track record in developing and implementing innovative solutions for customers.
  • Excellent understanding of Qualcomm’s technology, processes, and systems.
  • Strong knowledge of software development processes and technologies.
  • Ability to think analytically and work well in teams.
  • Excellent problem-solving, communication, and leadership skills.
  • Proficient in C/C++, Python, Java, and other programming languages.


  • Limited experience working with other mobile development platforms.
  • Inability to quickly adapt to new technologies.
  • Limited experience in developing and deploying software for Qualcomm products.
  • Can be overly detail-oriented at times, resulting in slower development times.

17. What Is The Qualcomm Trusted Execution Environment?

The Qualcomm Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) is a secure environment that protects sensitive information and data on mobile devices. It is designed to provide a secure environment to store and process sensitive data and to help protect against malicious attacks.

18. What Is Qualcomm All-Ways Aware Technology?

The Qualcomm All-Ways Aware technology is a sensing platform designed to enable context awareness in mobile devices. It is designed to provide real-time information about the environment, such as location, motion, and sound, and can be used to improve device performance and user experience.

19. What Is The Qualcomm 5g Ran Platform?

The Qualcomm 5G RAN Platform is a comprehensive, multi-mode 5G radio access network (RAN) solution designed to enable mobile operators to build high-performance 5G networks that deliver the highest performance and reliability.

20. What Is The Snapdragon Automotive Platform?

The Snapdragon Automotive Platform is designed to enable the development of connected car services. It is designed to provide high performance, low power consumption, and reliable connectivity for connected car services.

21. What Is The Qualcomm Snapdragon Profiler?

The Qualcomm Snapdragon Profiler is a tool designed to help developers analyze and optimize the performance of mobile applications on Qualcomm Snapdragon mobile platforms. It is designed to provide developers with insights into application performance, power consumption, and more.

22. Briefly Discuss Qualcomm Snapdragon Mobile Platform.

Qualcomm Snapdragon is a great mobile platform developed by Qualcomm Technologies Inc. The same is a combination of software, hardware, and technologies working together to provide a better mobile experience. Moreover, the platform consists of a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, Qualcomm Hexagon processor, Qualcomm Adreno graphics processor, and Qualcomm Kryo CPU. Platform widely provides users with advanced connectivity and powerful performance. Moreover, it also provides exceptional battery life for the most demanding mobile applications. It supports various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Features such as 5G connectivity, AI-enabled capabilities, and advanced camera and imaging capabilities enable devices to perform at their peak. Qualcomm Snapdragon is designed to deliver an immersive experience on mobile devices, allowing for faster response times and improved overall performance. It also provides improved security features, allowing for better protection of data and privacy. Qualcomm Snapdragon is a revolutionary mobile platform designed to make the mobile experience better for everyone.

23. Do You Have Any Information Regarding The Qualcomm Allplay Smart Audio Platform?

Qualcomm AllPlay is a smart audio platform that allows users to stream music, radio, and other audio content on multiple devices connected to the same network. It lets users stream music from one device to another and control audio playback with a mobile app. The platform supports multiple wireless standards, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Airplay, allowing for a wide range of compatible devices. The Allplay platform also features a range of audio enhancements, such as multi-room audio, multi-channel audio, and audio processing technology. These features provide users with an immersive listening experience. Additionally, the platform is open source, allowing hardware and software developers to create compatible products. Qualcomm Allplay is an innovative platform enabling users to stream and control audio content on multiple connected devices.

24. What Is The Qualcomm Snapdragon Flight Platform?

Qualcomm Snapdragon Flight is a platform for commercial drone development. Its feature-rich platform utilizes Qualcomm’s proprietary Snapdragon Flight processor, providing users with advanced navigation, communication, and guidance capabilities. This platform also offers flight time optimization, proactive obstacle avoidance, and a comprehensive software development kit for developers. Its powerful combination of hardware and software makes it a powerful platform that can be used to develop a wide range of commercial drones.

25. Do You Have Any Questions For Us?

Yes. I have a few of them to ask.

  • How is Qualcomm leveraging 5G technology to improve user experiences?
  • What are the most significant challenges Qualcomm faces in the development of 5G products?
  • What strategies is Qualcomm using to stay ahead in the 5G market?
  • What role does artificial intelligence (AI) play in Qualcomm’s 5G strategy?
  • What are the biggest opportunities Qualcomm sees in the 5G space?


Qualcomm is a leader in the world of mobile technology and communications. The company’s products and services have revolutionized the way that people communicate, from the development of the first commercial CDMA phone to the introduction of 5G technology. Qualcomm’s commitment to innovation, excellence, and reliability has established the company as a leader in the mobile industry. With a wide range of technology solutions, Qualcomm is well-positioned to continue its success in the ever-changing world of mobile technology.

To succeed in an interview with Qualcomm, it is important to research the company and its products and any open positions. It is also important to clearly articulate your strengths and how they align with the role and prepare questions that demonstrate your interest in the company and the position. Additionally, it is helpful to practice examples of past projects or professional accomplishments to draw on during the interview. Finally, it is important to make a strong impression by maintaining a positive attitude, being professional and engaging, and demonstrating enthusiasm for the opportunity. With preparation and practice, you can be confident and successful in your interview with Qualcomm. The questions and answers mentioned above might help you in this regard. You can review them and get a quick overview of the same.